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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Civil War Analogy as to Why Trump Will Win..

Since last summer, A&G has openly stated that we prefer Trump over all other candidates (we do like Bernie Sanders too but its not looking too good in that corrupt Dem primary)

We made it a point to be as transparent on this as possible.   You may agree with our logic or think we're total idiots but at least no reader ever has to guess or wonder where we stand

We're sick and tired of Establishment Elitism and Wall Street controlling things and we want an economy that sincerely benefits and improves the lives of more than the 1%

So as stated ad nauseum, we support Donald Trump
But if we were objective on this, we still can see this becoming a November victory for the Donald and the perfect analogy to explain is to use the Civil War

By early 1864, every Union General that Confederate General Robert E Lee faced was some combination of coward, over-cautious or incompetent with some being all three.

Time and time again, Lee would outfox and outsmart his opponent, and even when he lost a battle such as Antietam or Gettysburg, it was more to do with his mistakes than anything impressive Lee's opponents conjured on the battlefield
And as Lee's reputation grew in mythic stature, it made the Union Army more and more cautious and respectful..

Much like those two complete failures in John McCain and Mitt Romney who were so overly respectful of Obama as not to be called 'racist', they allowed that black bastard to destroy them in the last two elections..

And if there's one thing Republicans hate more than a loser it is a loser who makes no effort to fight

Donald Trump reminds us of Ulysses S Grant
In early 1864, Grant was selected to lead the Union forces in Virginia vs Lee with the goal of getting his army between Lee's and Richmond, the Confederate capital which would force a surrender and end the war...

In early May, Grant's first effort in what was known as the Battle of the Wilderness was militarily a failure but unlike his predecessors, Grant did not retreat.

His army was to always be marching south.. always attacking..

If it lost an engagement or a battle, it would simply flank left or right as need be and keep going..  keep attacking.. never give Lee a day's rest
Ultimately this led to a a lot of blood spilled and ultimately 9 month siege of Richmond and nearby Petersburg, VA where the armies were stuck in trenches, much like what the WWI soldiers dealt with in 1914-18

But no matter the situation or circumstance, Grant always attacked, never backed down and even though at times it looked like his strategy was insane, the men loved him because they could see that proverbial 'light' at the end of the tunnel

Trump is going to do this to Hillary..
Hillary will be attacked so often on so many fronts with so many of her and Bill's political and personal faults, they won't have the energy or ability to combat them all..

And as Trump attacks, it will energize and invigorate not only all his supporters but even Republicans who at this point are saying they won't support him..

People can say what they want in public but people like to support and back winners, and in the privacy of the voting booth, they're not going to be choosing the Libertarian candidate.
Trump is more Teflon than even Reagan was; nothing sticks

Hillary is vulnerable; she's corrupt and unethical and unlikable and most people who will be voting for her don't even sincerely like her; they're just loyal to their Party.

Women can see she is a pretend Feminist who stayed in a loveless marriage for decades while her hubby raped, assaulted and sexually harassed women (not counting all those who voluntarily went to his bedroom) out of political necessity

No real woman especially a Feminist would have tolerated this Tammy Wynette 'Stand By Your Man' bullshit..
So as Trump is starting up the attacks on Bill's sexual life and even bringing up the suicide (or possible murder) of Vince Foster (one time Deputy White House Counsel and friend of Hillary), it is clear to us that for this moment, for this election, Trump is 'da man

Just as Grant was probably the only General capable of fighting Lee in that manner and having the ability to stick with that strategy to the very end of the War, Trump is the perfect person and probably only person to bring Hillary down in a general election...
So Trump is Grant and Hillary is Lee with one exception..

Lee is forever admired, respected and revered; Hillary is not and nor will she ever in the future be