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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Flyin' Ain't Fun

I was watching a viral video this morning of people waiting in a massively long line at Chicago's Midway and O'Hare Airports that stretched beyond all reasonable sanity and one thought popped repeatedly in my mind..

I am glad I stopped flying.

The last time I was on a plane was right after New Years, 2002 which was 4 months after 9/11

Stewardesses were still friendly and TSA had yet to become the pains in the ass to all travelers that they've now become; I remember the inconvenience and annoyance of having to take off my shoes for inspection and turn in my luggage without locks for any worker to stick his or her inside and rummage & steal at will..
I also remember back then military personnel with automatic weapons standing all about, pretending to look calm but ready to shoot and kill anything if only given the opportunity

It was probably the last time flights served food and beverages for free, and admittedly thanks to all the post-9/11 fears, the Christmas Evening 2001 flight to my holiday destination in was the best I ever had

Honestly, 4/5ths of the airplane was void of passengers and those remaining we're offered to sit up in first class since those seats were pretty much empty.

I happily accepted the invite.
Of course now I would never fly..  Not anywhere..   Not unless it was one of those emergency situations where a person Must suffer through

I just don't want to be one of the millions upon millions who reward an airline industry that received a $10 billion post 9/11 bailout by paying exorbitant prices for more crowded planes, smaller seats, longer flight times, being nickel & dime'd for every piece of luggage and peanut..

And then of course the TSA.. making us all 'safer'

Here's a simpler, quicker and cheaper way to keep us all safe..  Anyone with a Muslim or Arabic name or who looks Middle Eastern, you pull aside, pat down and inspect every orifice from mouth to vagina to anus for explosives
Leave the millions upon millions of Caucasian, Black, Hispanic, Indian and Asian people alone to go about their business.

And IF someone other than a Middle Eastern Arab Muslim commits an act of terror in the skies, Then you look at that group closer..

All the tens of millions of flights..  billions of flights in all the airports throughout the 1940s up until September 10 and how many US planes were hijacked on US soil?


And then in a fingersnap we're all supposed to be thankful to have our privacy invaded, our bodies felt up by strangers and be inconvenienced for hours every time we want to fly under the guise of our protection..
Funny, no one goes through all this nonsense taking a train..

Guess the government figures its not necessary to protect lives of those who take that form of transportation

Of course all these rules and regulations are not in place to save or protect lives; it is to save and protect the airline industry.

I don't expect it to happen in my lifetime but I sincerely look forward to the day that Star Trek technology becomes everyday reality, and instead of flying great distances to visit loved ones or sight see, one is simply transported

To be 'beamed' from one nation to another in a span of seconds..
t No doubt this will not occur until there are those to greatly profit off the technology and we can still see in the year 2200, TSA make everyone wait for hours in order to experience a 10 second transport to another continent..

I have not flown in an airplane in over 14 years..

And I don't feel I am missing a thing..