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Friday, May 13, 2016

If Hitler were a Democrat & Hillary's lack of Conviction

~  "We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions"  -- Hitler

Now if that was ever a Democrat quote..

Here is another quote.. guess which media celebrity said the following the other day:

“What I think about Hillary Clinton is, you know … I imagine [her] to be a very bright woman … without the courage of her convictions — ‘cause I’m not even sure what they are,”

A)  Bill O'Reilly
B)  Rush Limbaugh
C)  Sean Hannity
D)  Jon Stewart
Well obviously the way the choices were presented i.e. three conservatives and one ultra-liberal that you had to go with choice D, and you'd be correct

And of course the Jewish smug asshole comedian is still going to vote for her as he would Hitler himself if he was alive and a card-carrying member of the Democrat Party vs those 'evil' Republican..

It would be pretty funny to see Democrat pollsters and spin doctors go on all the cable talk shows and try to create a narrative that Hitler was a better candidate than Trump..
~ "Look, Hitler wrote his autobiography years ago and has since retracted his statements while Trump is currently saying he wants to close the borders to Mexico.."

~ "The things Mr Hitler said about the Jews were not something we'd prefer or support but he did apologize which should put that matter to rest and Trump's comments on Muslims are far worse..."

~ "We as Democrats believe when it comes to issues like gun control, abortion & euthanasia, the need to protect social security and welfare (which was created in Hitler's Germany before the US adopted it) and a strong military, Hitler would do a far better job than Trump who is far more xenophobic and divisive..."

And of course people behind the scenes would have Hitler dress in softer colors since brown shirts or military uniforms while running for office definitely are not 'In'..
Do not think for a second the Democrats would not conduct themselves in that matter if Satan him or herself ran for President though in a way she already is..

To a liberal's narrow mind, as long as the devil protects the right to kill babies, take guns away from law abiding citizens, allow gays to marry and transgenders to use whatever bathrooms they wish, that's preferable to a Republican who believes in God.

Most sound, rational people of some intelligence know Hillary is a vile, corrupt, power-hungry despicable cunt in a loveless sham marriage for political expediency and is a complete embarrassment to what true Feminism is..

But she has that 'D' next to her name and within her Party, she seems to know where the bodies are buried, as the expression goes..
So that as much as anything else explains so much support for such a rotten creature who has done so little in her life besides collect political titles and stand by her philandering man again and again while a woman with dignity and self pride would have filed for divorce...

The only conviction Hillary possesses is the determination to be Queen and if she could pull a Lady MacBeth to take the crown, she would without blinking.

Let us hope her political life permanently ends this November if not sooner care of an indictment in which all those millions of "loyal" Democrats will move their support to the next person their Party superiors Tell them to support..

Maybe in retirement as a geriatric grandmother, Hillary can finally learn what it is to be a human being who thinks beyond herself