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Friday, May 6, 2016

If You're Left, you're Right; If You're Right, you're Unemployed

Yesterday I was reading an article about how ESPN, soon after firing Curt Schilling for expressing opinions in support of North Carolina's bathroom law, hired former Women's Soccer star Amy Wambach who happens to be not just a lesbian but a LGBT activist.

How lovely..

That is the en vogue thing right now just like if you are cool with gay marriage, feel free to express yourself on ESPN to your heart's content.  If against, well.. there's the door..
And it didn't matter a bit to the liberal social-engineering sports network that only a month or so ago Wambach was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Had she hit someone while drunk it would have meant vehicular manslaughter and we're sure ESPN still would have hired her based on her personal life proclivities.

Seems being anti-Transgender is a bigger crime in the workplace now than being drunk and getting behind the wheel especially if you politically are in tune with the network..

A few days prior to Schilling's comments and later dismissal, Rachel Nichols, one of ESPN's "stars" who has her own daily show on the network pleaded and demanded the NBA pull the 2017 All Star Game from Charlotte, NC because of the law.

Not only was she not fired for injecting her personal bias, but probably got some pats on the back by those who run the network.
Now in the commentary article which was in support of Curt, the writer made mention multiple times to Bruce Jenner who will be soon gracing that dying quail of a magazine called Sports Illustrated naked so all the kiddies can see a nude 'something' strategically covering all his bait n' tackle

Problem was, the writer like so many others called him 'Caitlyn'

See how political correctness just seeps into everything no matter how hard people try to fight it?
Here's the thing..

If you are born a male and you take estrogen and get breast implants and wear makeup and hair extensions But still retain a fully functioning penis that releases both urine and ejaculate that could impregnate a woman if sperm hit egg..

Well.. You got some fucking balls on you to demand everyone call you Caitlyn!!

And you're looking at a pretty weak and pathetic society that obliges.

Who controls the words and the terminology --  Those who wish to be called something or those who are being told to do so?
We've presented this example to others in our inner circle and will do so here as a thinking exercise...

From around the 1950s to 1970's, blacks fought very hard to be called 'black' instead of other terms of the day like 'negro', 'colored' and 'boy'..

The slogans of the day were 'Black is Beautiful' and 'I'm Black and Proud'..

Now in early 1990s someone somewhere decided this was not good enough..  Blacks should have a special hyphenated name that advances them over other races and ethnicities and celebrates where they came from Before where they currently Are

Thus the birth of the bullshit term 'African American' which by now pretty much everyone says out of needless respect or behavior altering operant conditioning.
OK.. so here's the Question and really think about this..

Let's say blacks felt the 'Afr Amer' thing wasn't good enough and started demanding they be called 'Superior-Americans' because to them, that term best represented who they are...

And in time the corporations which means by extension your employer start using 'Superior Americans' to refer to blacks, and the entertainment & news media begin incorporating the term..

Now if you don't use it, you may be offending a lot of black people and possibly put your employment at risk especially if you are in sales or some position where you deal daily with people..

Do you comply?  Do you start calling blacks 'Superior Americans'?  And if you would not, then why the hell are you embracing and using 'Afri Amer' in your daily speech?

Is it out of respect?  To avoid offense?  Because society tells you to?  Or just conditioned reflexively without even thinking on it anymore?
Really think about that..  At one point do you give up the words and phrases and terms you personally choose about people and things in order to conform to the greater society and allow the collective to retain the control?

Political correctness is not funny or cute..  It is a cancer..

It strips the individual of his/her unique thoughts and at times forces people to obey others' will especially when there's a fear of losing a paycheck or offending another's gentle sensibilities

It used to be 'sticks n stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me..'

Now the mantra should be 'sticks and stones will break my bones but words will offend and hurt me forever unless you refer to me by my terminology'

And is that really the world we want to live in?