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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lil' Brown Golfing Monkey & Economy Lies

Everyone from the Fed to talking meat sticks (economic pundits) to the lil' brown golfing' monkey in the White House keeps saying the economy is stronger than ever and people are producing and spending and happy as can be..

Yet this morning Macy's stocks crashed almost 10% in the pre-market after missing top-line and slashing its outlook citing the "uncertain direction of consumer spending,"

Their store sales plunged 6.1% (almost double expectations) and this comes at a time when clothing inventories are supposed to be at an all-time record high relative to sales.
Their chairman and CEO explained the drop off as such:

“We are seeing continued weakness in consumer spending levels for apparel and related categories. In particular, our sales trend relative to expectations meaningfully slowed...  first quarter results are below our original outlook...

A second consecutive year of double-digit spending reductions by international visitors in major tourist markets where Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are key destinations, as well as a slowdown in some center core categories – further intensifying the challenges..."

But..  But..  the lil mulatto golf playing monkey who is so proud of his darkness yet was raised by White people is telling us that the economy is doing well..
~ Ahh.. The perks of the Presidency..

Anyone else showing a sales slow down?

GM sales were down 4% in April compared to last April..

OK, that's not good.. anything else?

"FTD Companies posted quarterly earnings results this week that showed a double-digit sales decline and flat profits as a weak Valentine's Day holiday pinched the business" - MotleyFool

"US retail sales down 0.3% in March vs. 0.1% increase expected" - CNBC (4/13)  and "April retail sales confirm spring off to a slow start" - CNBC (5/5)

"US Q1 GDP Growth Rate Weakened To 2-Year Low (0.5%) - Seeking Alpha (4/28)

Did you know that the lil half-black golfing monkey that never expresses equal pride in being white is the Only President in history to preside over the nation where GDP did not raise over 3% in any quarter period!

He's been in office over 7 years so that makes 29 consecutive quarters of stagnant, low or negative GDP growth.
And how is it economically we haven't fallen into the abyss?

We are the reserve currency and we have some really great money printing presses.

It used to be a big deal if we ever took in less tax revenue than we spent in a calendar year.

The goal used to be to have enough excess to pay off the debt and then by Bill Clinton it was to have enough $ to pay the deficit..

Now we're perpetually in an annual hole that just adds to the greater total debt crater.

Federal spending right now is a little upwards of $3.8 Trillion  and income tax collection including corporate adds up to $3.3 Trillion..

So that's a deficit differential of half a trillion..  a year.
People, pretty much being accidentally or intentionally ignorant to the reality of things, raised the lil' brown monkey's poll numbers recently...  They thought he was doing a good job of things..

On 9/30/09 which was 8 months into Obama's Presidency, the national debt was at:

$11.9 Trillion  or specifically  $11,909,829,003,511

As of today 5/11/16 at 10:25a according to

$19.2 Trillion or more specifically, $19,261,039,061,855

In a span of 6 years, 8 months, the National Debt has gone up over $7.35 Trillion dollars...
~ "I challenge Putin to a game of golf..winner takes Ukraine"

Now try to explain that to all the ignorant blacks especially in the projects who deeply love and loyally support this bastard President..  See if you can change one mind..

We keep mentioning race for a reason folks..

Obama Only won in 2008 and 2012 because he is black and to this day this deeply angers us because of the cold hard truth of the statement and the fact no one else will Ever admit as such

Yes he ran against inferior competition including a vile, corrupt, closet dyke bitch who now suddenly the Dem party loves and adores and two worthless weak Republican challengers more concerned with showing respect than keeping things real

But many out there voted Obama simply for color not qualifications.
Whether you want to admit it or not, a lot of you out there voted him because you either felt it was "about time" a black control the nation or a grand delusion that 'now no one will think we're racist' if we elect him..

Well the country is in worse shape, its more divided then we can remember since the radical 1960s and the US will always be racist because no one is ever allowed to have a genuinely honest discussion where Both sides admit they're at fault..

But that's a posting for another time.

Now its off for some shopping..  Goodwill has some great bargains..