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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May 1912 - First MLB Strike:'N' word Uttered & Response Punches

The big sports news the other day which seemed to grab national attention was an actual baseball fight (as opposed to all the posing and posturing that the players do once charging onto the field) where Texas Rangers 2B Rougned Odor (pronounced O-door) landed a beautiful right fist to the left jaw of Toronto Blue Jays star player Jose Bautista...

If your last name was Odor and had to deal with all the schoolyard taunts associated, you'd be skilled at punching people in the mouth as well

So Sunday was the fight, Monday everyone got to see it a zillion times and today is when all the media outlets that replayed it again and again will get to act sanctimonious and demand fines and suspensions because "that sort of thing does not belong in baseball"  ~Eyes rolled~
On my local sports radio yesterday, they wanted people to call in and say what was the best or favorite baseball fight they could remember..

I wanted to call in but I just refuse the inequity of waiting 30min on hold to speak to two strangers for 30 seconds then get cut off..

But had I called, I would have told them the greatest and in some ways most important baseball fight occurred before all of us were born..

May 15, 1912 to be exact which ironically was the same day Odor solidly punched Bautista in the face, and it involved the greatest baseball player to ever play the game..

Ty Cobb.
Cobb's Detroit Tigers were in New York to play the Yankees (back then they were called the Highlanders) when during the game, a heckler was sassing him mercilessly while Cobb had to keep quietly taking it..

Finally, the idiot fan expressed that Cobb was a 'half-nigger' which was too disgusting and offensive an insult for any white person with dignity and self-respect back then to accept back..  (Unfortunately there's so lost white souls today who want to be wiggers so badly, if you called them one, the response would be a distorted pride)

So after being challenged by a couple teammates not to take that crap, Cobb went into the stands, found the heckler and beat the living shit after him, with repeated punches and foot stomps before ultimately he was pulled off the guy.
Ban Johnson, the American League President suspended Cobb indefinitely for his actions, but here's where things get interesting..

You see, even though Cobb's teammates hated him, they 100% to a man Agreed with Cobb that you do not accept being called a nigger or half-nigger Ever!  And if it meant getting into a physical fight, so be it..

Honor Must be Defended!

So the entire Tigers team refused to play again until Cobb's suspension was immediately rescinded.
Imagine that!   Can you imagine the modern athlete standing together with teammates over anything that didn't involve making more millions??

So Ban Johnson refused, the players didn't budge and during the next day which was a Tigers off day, a team of has beens and never was from the Philadelphia area were gathered together for a massive tryout and the 'best' of the crap was picked to become the scab Tigers

The players were chosen from Philadelphia because the Tigers were to play in Philly vs the Athletics the next day and there was no time to do this tryout in Detroit.
So the following day the scrub scab Tigers play the A's and lose badly.. 24-2 including the modern record for embarrassment - one pitcher giving up 26 hits in a ball game.

Seeing this idea of replacement players wasn't going to work, Johnson threatened to suspend the entire Tigers team indefinitely if they didn't go back to playing baseball, and they agreed Only after Cobb encouraged them to return to the field.

Ultimately Cobb was fined $50 and everyone moved on though certainly that heckler was taught a couple needed lessons..

The incident led to the formation of a players' union, the "Ballplayers' Fraternity" (formally, the Fraternity of Professional Baseball Players of America), an early version of what is now called the Major League Baseball Players Association, which garnered some concessions from the owners
It just goes to show how much times have changed..

Some may argue for the better.. I say for the worse..

How many people would sincerely fight for their honor?  Or if their mother or spouse or children were disparaged by another?

Or would it take someone being physically threatened?
Back then whites and blacks knew their places and for those not sure, there were others very willing to help straighten the confused souls out

Now blacks are superior & control the Presidency, pop-culture and social discourse while whites have to quietly take it.  black lives 'matter', whites' lives do not and the iphone generation of clueless teens are more willing than any before to forever destroy tens of thousands of years of cultural and genetic identity as soon as that black sperm hits that white egg
And today in sports you have the continued sissyification or as I call it, Disneyification of sports

This is where its more important athletes be model law abiding citizens then well.. athletes

All so multi billionaire owners and corporate conglomerate sports networks can show 'wholesome' family friendly sanitized entertainment which pleases the advertisers..

Outside of the inventions of central air conditioning and central heating, I'll take life in 1912 vs 2016 anytime..