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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Moving the Elephant Left and the Donkey to the Right

So much election coverage..  and still 6 months to go..


In the past we would speak to Democrats to try to get what we hoped was an honest assessment of how they saw the race as it heads into summer then autumn

And of course it is always seeped in bias and spin
"Trump is going to get destroyed in the election.."

"All the anti-Trump people will (just automatically) support Hillary with votes and donations.."

"The email investigation will turn out to be a complete waste of time because if she had done anything bad, we'd know about it by now..."

It would be nice if one Democrat could admit the election was not just in the bag and it all not a done deal for their gal..
As to opinion #1, we never agreed with that assessment of automatic support and polls recently showed what we've felt all along.. a neck and neck race between two people who Americans either love or abhor..

Plus what people say and what they do in privacy of a voting booth are two different things..

As to opinion #2, the NeverTrump people may never support Trump but there are a hell of a lot of "NeverHillary" people out there too.   

A poll earlier this week showed that 50% of supporters of Bernie Sanders in West Virginia would NOT ever support Hillary in the general election..

So if people of both parties sit at home or cross-vote, it all evens itself out..
Where we believe Trump holds the advantage is he has galvanized and excited millions of Americans who either have not voted in years or never bothered so those are people that professional political pundits can't just easy calculate.   

For Hillary, its trying to attract Independents and Wall Street whore Establishment Republicans who are cut from the same smallpox infected 'cloth' as she

As to opinion #3, we certainly would love to see Hillary indicted with the real possibility she sees jail time over it..  Will it happen?  Honestly its not an issue we've followed closely so we'll just let it all play out

We do believe undecided voters who refuse to just not vote will be less likely to vote the old woman if anything even remotely damaging is discovered..

Wonder if the Dem. Party has a contingency if there are serious charges filed?
The race does have an interesting dynamic to it..

In many, many ways Hillary is a heartless, cold calculating fiscal conservative who as we've said before is an old ugly whore to Wall Street and Big Business

She supported NAFTA, is completely uncaring about destroying the coal industry as well as the jobs that go along with it, has no empathy for those who lost their vocation over the last two decades due to globalization, is pro Fed and pro war; in many ways shares the core beliefs of neo-cons

Yet so many Democrats will vote for her.. donate to her.. argue with friends and family and defend her to the death..
And then there's Trump the closet moderate liberal....

He is is pro choice except for late term abortions, supported gay marriage before he became a candidate, believes in increasing the minimum wage nationally (something that is a big GOP Establishment no-no), wants more fair trade agreements that don't just benefit the corporations, was against Iraq war...

So what you're seeing in 2016 is seismic political party shifts

The Democrat Party pretty much altered by the Bill Clinton legacy -- fiscally conservative and 'One-World' while being socially extreme Progressive with "Real" Democrats as we call them, fighting their last valiant stand through Bernie Sanders
The Republican Party meaning the millions upon millions that lifted Trump to the nomination are no tolerating extreme fiscal conservatism that only benefit the 1% and socially are fighting a last valiant stand against political correctness, diversity through force, fake 'tolerance' and all other forms of liberal social engineering.

And in the processes telling the Bushes, Romney, McCain, and the rest of the Republican rabble that have caused more harm than good for its supporters. to essentially 'Fuck off!'

'Bout time..