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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Obama: Proud to Be Called the 'N' Word

Sharpton:  "Dayum Mr President.. Slow down son.."

Warning:  This post will be using a certain arbitrarily designated "no-no" word that begins with 'N' quite often to illustrate a point.. If it offends, you may leave this page to go to the following link where you will feel much happier and safer..

For those who stayed, let's begin..
Over the weekend, during the last White House Press Correspondents Dinner that Obama will ever attend as President (Thank God!), the host, one of those uppity black comedians that loves to inject race into everything, referred to Obama proudly as 'My Nigga!'

Which is short for "My Nigger!"

Obama felt most pleased and honored by the word being used about him...  It was if the man just received the street cred he's spent his whole mulatto life searching for

Kobe Bryant once got his street cred by raping a white woman in Colorado, paying the victim to not press charges then getting lots of tattoos on his arms

Obama simply had to rape the nation of its economic future and say stupid things like "If I had a son, he'd be like Trayvon"
So when we at A&G think of him and look at him and believe him to be a Nigger, don't get upset with us..  Obama himself loves the term...

Oh wait.. you mean..  you're trying to say that... because Another nigger referred to the Nigger in the Oval Office as 'Nigga', that was what made the word so flattering??

Ahh..  Darn, we keep forgetting the double standard that white-guilt America accepts..  

Blacks control the language and syntex that whites may or may not use both among other whites and the greater society and when whites slip up they are to feel immense guilt..

And massive economic pain
Can you imagine people of any other group communicating with each other in such a vile, base way and pretending its something positive..

Imagine two Italian-Americans communicating that way..

"Heyyy Carmine!... How's my favorite wop?"  (shakes hands)
"Yo..Dante, you old dago bastard!.. Been forever!"

Or two Hispanics...

"What up spic?! (shakes hands)  How's things??"
Ay, can't complain.. How are you, wetback?"
Revolting isn't it?

And yet those fucking blacks do it All The Time and all the whites are supposed to sit and observe and keep quiet..

Truth is about the President, he isn't a Nigger..

He's really a Wigger.

For those who do not know the difference, a wigger is a white loser who desperately wants to be black so bad, he or she talks, walks, acts and tries to replicate blacks in the hopes they fit in while the black community just rolls their eyes and mocks them

The rapper Eminem is as good an example as any..
People call Obama black but that's really not true.. He is 50% black and the one parent he had with skin of dark coal abandoned him and his mother.

That means he was fully raised by a white woman and white grandparents.  

And even if she appreciated some black culture and liked black dick inside her, for the most part Barry (Barack) was basically a white kid with half black genes enjoying white pursuits like debate club and participating in student government.

Later he rebelled and did everything he could to try to foster some kind of black identity..  The black wife, Reverend Wright, working as a community organizer in the black areas of Chicago

Just searching desperately for an identity.
And in a way this weekend was the coronation..

A worthless black race-baiter comedian called Obama a 'Nigger' and I bet he's still super-giddy over it..

Obama is a lot like Mr Spock from Star Trek

He was supposed to be half-human but always tried his best to bury the human part and push forth the cold emotionless Vulcan logic side instead even though his human mother raised him..

In many ways Spock was a sad, pathetic creature..  

So is the President.