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Thursday, May 5, 2016

On the Menu: Crow with Heapings of Humble Pie

Today is Cinco de Mayo so we'll start it off with something Mexican flavored..

A few months ago, Vicente Fox, the former President of Mexico said some pretty rotten and evil things about Donald Trump

Fox was the rather 'classy' hombre who said that he would not pay for Trump’s “fucking wall,” and called Trump “Ignorant … crazy … egocentric … nasty … [a] false prophet.”

Fox was also the one who first called Trump a Nazi.
Now the little man is expressing another thought..


As in 'Heyy, I wuz just Keddingg, ese'

No Fox didn't say that exact quote but he might as well have

He did say for real:  “I apologize. Forgiveness is one of the greatest qualities that human beings have, is the quality of a compassionate leader. You have to be humble. You have to be compassionate. You have to love thy neighbor,”

That is simply lovely..
No doubt this apology had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that both Cruz and Kasich left the race meaning Trump is unopposed to get the necessary delegates to win the Republican Nomination

Or that these smart ass, piece of you-know-what world leaders are thinking they may have to deal with Trump for the next 4 to 8 years as leader of the free world instead of the Oreo cookie wimp currently in office..

Better make your peace now
We can just imagine what that vile, despicable Bitch Hillary will say about President-Elect Trump if he defeats her.. Will she be able to force herself to lie and congratulate her superior and say we all need to come together now?

The post election comments by the rotten combo of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi following a loss would be funny to listen to as well..  Expect 6 months of the worst fear mongering in US political history followed by "We're looking forward to working with President-Elect Trump next year"

It will be priceless if Trump wins..
The media is different.. They are seeped in liberal bias

Just read the editorials yesterday from the NY Times or NY Daily News..  They were repugnant..  One Daily News article was so disrespectful, the writer referred to 'loudmouth Trump'..

Blogs and even commentaries are supposed to have opinion and bias; straight forward news articles are not

And to make it even clearer where the shit paper Daily News stands, their cover was a cartoon of a GOP elephant in a casket and underneath 'Here lies a one great party, 1854-2016'

Well if they are calling the GOP once great, you know they're talking more about 1864 than 1964..
The real death of the GOP was 1992 when that bastard Bush Sr, who coincidentally announced neither he nor his Failure of a son, goofball 'W' will support or vote Trump (guess their rotten family is closer to the Clintons than even one imagined)

Bush Sr was such a disappointing President to Republicans that over 15% abandoned him to support Perot.

Then in 1996, the GOP put out there dull Dole to run against Clinton-- Loss..  Then the alcoholic idiot George Jr in 2000..  He won two elections and gave us never ending war, a massive debt and a market crash...
Then 2008 we get the cadaver McCain who was so awfully polite and respectful to the thin black man that he came across as a pussy (except when he was attacking his own voting base for saying he was not aggressive and attacking enough)

And who can forget 2012 when an elitist billionaire of a pretend faith (Mormonism) named Romney who was the architect of Obamacare tells his constituents most do not matter unless they earn a certain amount, the rest he will not bother with as President..   Real smart there Mittens

So 1992 was the death of the Republican Party, then 24 years of walking dead, and now in 2016 the resurrection or recovery or rebound or revitalization...

Whatever "Re-" word you wish to use..
The Democrat Party also died in 1992..  The NY Daily News and others just don't wish to acknowledge it..

Now its run and controlled by disgusting Wall Street whores infected with financial syphilis who make six figure speeches to all the entities who caused the market to crash, who benefited from QE and who continue to make the lives of everyday people difficult..

They are in a walking-dead state too..
Some have woken up by supporting Bernie Sanders but the vast majority of Democrats are in delirium and denial..  They've embraced all the economic immoralities that prior were exclusive to Establishment GOP and can't face that truth

Should be an interesting election..

The successful businessman whom die-hard GOP idiots think is a liberal vs a woman who has accomplished very little other than collecting titles, who pretend she is Democrat but economically is a staunch Reaganite

And may the best man, not woman win..