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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

President Bow-Down & Evil of WWII Japan

~ Pic from early in Obama's Presidency where he shows his inferiority toward Japan's Emperor

We talk a lot here about historical revisionism because it is a living breathing tool of Evil used by Evil; the politically correct, white guiters and secular progressives to continually alter facts into pleasant fictions, change heroes into villains and judge everything by the insulated prism of 21st century one-world society.

President Oreo Cookie decided to join in the 'fun' last weekend delivering a speech at Hiroshima pretty much making the Japanese into victims and painting Truman as a killer and by extension the US back then as murderous monsters for daring to drop the bomb

The chocolate monkey did stop short of a full apology..
Somehow in his Occidental College educated brain, he forgot about something called Pearl Harbor

Who attacked us?  Who dropped the bombs and caused the deaths of 2,403 American servicemen with another 1,178 wounded (68 civilians were killed, 35 wounded)?

Hint.. It was a people with slant eyes who lived on an island and sought to dominate the entirety of the Pacific region.  They obeyed an Emperor who gave the commands yet who we after war's conclusion were too cowardly to put on trial and execute for war crimes.

Between 1937 and 1945, these evil Nips were responsible for the deaths of over 4 million military and another 26 million civilian deaths.

Do people know nothing about how the Japanese treated surrendered Americans & Filipino during the Bataan Death march?

The Japs starved them, denied them water and beat them and ultimately over 21,600 died..

In POW camps, it is documented fact that Japanese would not only beat and torture American POWs but urinate on them and other horrific things; the bastards..

Had the US not bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, choosing instead to invade Japan, it would have meant even more unnecessary US soldiers' lives lost..
~ Former VP Dick Cheney greeting the Emperor the Proper way

Truman did the right thing and no American should feel the slightest bit guilty or apologetic

But that's not how President Ignorant Nigger Oreo sees it (if that is not Obama's real name on his birth certificate, it should be)..

To him, we're all one now.. One world.. One people..

One global economy with one giant global workforce to pool from

One day.. One great nationality with open borders for all

Just another example why Obama is such a deeply Rotten and Incompetent President.

But since the man is in such an apologetic mood, how about he apologize to all the hundreds of thousands of dead Confederate soldiers for the actions of Lincoln?

We know..  Don't hold our breath..