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Monday, May 16, 2016

Real Tests that Presidential Candidates Should Be Forced to Undertake

The non-news story of last week was vile, old, corrupt Hillary and her pack of political mongrels demanding Donald Trump release his taxes

As if we're going to learn something..

As if some simpleton out there will think, 'Well what do you know.. the Trump guy is very, very wealthy..  We'll that does it. Hillary has got my vote'
Personally we don't care about tax records but if public figures are to release, why not also release filings from both 5 and 10 years previous as well.. 

This way the people can see something even more appalling than a man who's been infinitely wealthy all his life..  

And that are people who became infinitely wealthy in an Extremely short period of time..

From Time Magazine: Aug. 1, 2015 --   'Clintons earned nearly $141M from 2007 to 2014, tax returns show'  
How the hell do two career politicians generate that kind of income?  Over that 8 year period, it averages to over $17 million for the couple

Those must have been some awfully good speeches to all those pro-Wall Street, corporations, banks, hedge funds and other special interests

~ "Oh Mrs Clinton, we at Goldman Sachs just loved the speech you gave how when you are President, you will pass tougher financial regulations and make it harder for us to profit and survive a future market crash..  Who do we address this six-figure check to..  You personally or your..ahem.. 'Foundation'?

Talk about profiting in the private sector off the public sector
And speaking of the ways we do and do not evaluate who is fit to be President, why is it there are legal requirements for drug testing those running for public office??

We live in the age where Presidents have done drugs and proudly so..  Bill Clinton,,, George Bush.. Obama.. All former drug users..   Well - we Hope its former..

And nowadays you can't even get a job cleaning toilets without being tested prior to employment

We read that piece of trash Hillary used to do cocaine and Bill's brother Roger was her supplier
Whether or not it is true and can or can not be substantiated, why not have her squat and pee into a little cup to ensure the geriatric post-menopausal with the deep facial wrinkles is 100% clean

Same with Trump..

Also why aren't Presidential candidates mentally tested to ensure they're not clinically insane or do not possess deep emotional issues that could cause them to not perform their job effectively?

Everyone loves talking about Presidential 'temperment' and how he or she has the power to push the "red button" and yet all we have to go on is a person's speeches and how they respond to reporters' questions..
There is no requirement that candidates go through a psychological evaluation

Do you want a candidate who is angry or brooding?  Or a manic depressive, insecure or has mommy/daddy issues?   How are we the people ever to know if an official evaluation is not conducted

Hillary obviously has deep-seeded mental issues..  No one who Hungers for the Presidency as badly as her can be characterized as normal.  

We're not mental health professionals and its clear to day she not only suffers from a Napoleon complex (a desire for power or control to compensate for deficiencies elsewhere) and she is a closet lesbian who for decades has lived in a sham marriage for political expediency.

That prevention of simply coming 'out' and being her true masculine butch self has to take a mental toll over the years and not in any positive way.
And why do we not put political candidates through lie detector tests?

You ask each candidate the same questions in the same order.. Things like "Do you love the USA? Do you believe in equality?  In individual freedom?  Do you respect and value the Constitution?'....

We all assume it because its incessantly pushed in campaigns but how do we the voters Really know?

So if some questions are asked and if irregularities show up on the test, then you have a red flag or two..
We make the average Joe or Jane go through hell to get a meaningless low paying job at a fast food joint but everything about a Presidential candidate other than taxes is just assumed, and always for the positive..

No wonder we've had some real stinkers starting with Bush 41 in 1988 to the present chocolate poo-stick and we may continue the trend if enough support that rotten woman
~ Two gay women pretending to be someone their not;  The one on the left is a SNL actress and pretending to be Hillary and the one on the right is Hillary pretending not to be lesbian