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Monday, May 23, 2016

The Agenda of the PC-Pushers

There is nothing in life we hate and despise more than political correctness

There is nothing even remotely cute or humorous about it so often even those who pretend to be against speaking and thinking PC end up using all those non-offensive terms that were the building blocks of that culture

For example, TV shows like Real Time with Bill Maher and The O'Reilly Factor refer to blacks as 'African American' which they are not!
There is an old unwritten rule about words -- A person or group can not create their own nickname.  Someone else has to come up with it.

That means you can not go up to someone and say "Hi, I'm Barbara but friends call me 'Babs' when you have no friends who have ever referred to you that way!!

It was Rev Jesse Jackson, the epitome of black scum who back in the late 1980s discovered the term 'Afr Amer.' in a poem then made a strong & ultimately successful public push so he and all his secondary people could celebrate in hyphenated form, the continent where they came from before the nation they currently reside

Now just about every Caucasian weakling calls them that term and as expressed in an earlier posting, if there is ever a time when those people decide to make everyone call them 'Superior-Americans', the same white guilt worms will meekly oblige.
Political correctness is about power and control of language.. Making those groups who traditionally held the power and manipulating their descendants who do not seem to know any better to elevate others who haven't deserved it on their own merits..

And even if most aren't offended, to the PC parasites, all it takes is one..

Here's as good an example as any..

The very liberal Washington Post decided to conduct a survey of American Indians (these pricks referred to them as 'Native Americans' because that's what the PC do..)
They surveyed 504 Indians, a sampling that included respondents in every state and the District of Columbia, over a five-month period that ended in April, and included respondents from a wide range of demographic classes.

The Results?

The poll found that 7 out of 10 Indians did not find the term "Redskin" disrespectful, and 8 out of every 10 said they would not be offended if called that name by a non-American Indian.

Nine out of 10 Indians said the name Redskin "does not bother" them.

Now a normal sensible person would accept that 'Redskins' is not offensive or racist and thus the Washington DC football team should NOT have to change their name, especially due to pressure groups
But that is not how these PC toilet fudge lickers think,,

90% isn't good enough..    Even  95% isn't enough..

No one can be offended and no one Should be offended.

And because there was no great public uprising to fight the PC liberal shits when they started this nonsense about 25-30 years ago, there's really no opposition out there to fight PC extremism
Phil Simms, former NY Giants QB and now color commentator for CBS absolutely refuses to say 'Redskins' in its broadcasts because he doesn't want to offend..   How sweet..

He actually is more offensive by going out of his way to make a political statement than just doing his job..

CBS should have forced him to comply or fire the bastard on the spot because 'Redskins' is a copyrighted business trademark and logo and no announcer getting paid to cover NFL games should be allowed the power to decide which teams' nicknames are publicly acknowledged and which aren't

It is no different than a bank spending tens of millions to sponsor a stadium and the announcer refuses to say the bank's name for his own personal convictions..
We at A&G do not nor have we ever embraced political correctness or the BS buzzwords of 'tolerance' and 'coexist' and whatever clever catchphrases you see on liberal people's bumper-stickers.

We are not phonies and that is what PC society wants us to become.

 Political correctness and the continual never-ending push is no accident.. They also want to get us conditioned for a New World Order of open borders, global currency, police and taxation where the UN is truly the supreme governing body and the group we belong to is that of Earthling

We respect all those who deserve it and it is based on the individual's content of character, and not pigment, sexual preference or hereditary.

And everyone is open to being made fun of or mocked or teased..  It is up to the person to toughen up and fight back if offended or to choose to let it roll off them.
No group should have exclusive 100% control of a word (Nigger) and no one outside that group should have to lose their livelihood over expressing it..

As a society, we're no where close to a sincere fight against the PC white guilt culture we're continually suffocated by.  Even a President Trump will still say 'Afr Am' and all the other patronizing terms needed to get votes..

Somewhere somehow it will take a grassroots effort where the pendulum is turned back and things go back to how they were and if lucky, some people in current positions of power will be put back in their places..

It would be just Heaven to live in a world with 21st century technologies and advancements and keep 19th century values and social order