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Monday, May 2, 2016

What If Stonewall Jackson Had Not Been Shot & the South Had Won the War...

On this date May 2nd, 1863, Confederate General Stonewall Jackson was severely wounded in the left arm by accidental friendly fire during the Battle of Chancellorsville.

He would eventually have to have the arm amputated and sadly died eight days later of pneumonia.

General Lee famously expressed, "He has lost his left arm and I have lost my right".

A month later without Jackson as his second in command, Lee would fight the Union at Gettysburg, unfortunately lose and two years later be forced to surrender to Ulysses Grant.
The Union during peace time Reconstruction would systematically and spitefull destroy every last remnant of the old South and put that section of the country into mass poverty for a century

But here at A&G we wonder..  What if?

What if Jackson had not been shot and as a result Lee was able to win Gettysburg, march east toward Philadelphia and Baltimore ultimately securing a negotiated peace where the CSA would forever be an independent nation?

First thing that would probably have occurred after a peace treaty was signed was the border states of Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky and Missouri would have officially left the Union to join with the Confederacy since all were slave states who either by force and/or fear stayed with the Union.
It is also reasonable to predict that within a decade or so of that new peace, war between the two countries would have occurred over who possessed the New Mexico and Arizona territories since it is logical to assume the Confederacy ultimately would have wanted unfettered access to the Pacific

Whether or not the CSA would have ultimately fought to acquire Southern California from the US or try to take a portion of Northern Mexico such as the Gulf of California for that water access, one of course will never know

We could also see a scenario where the two nations fought for access to Cuba back in 1896 with perhaps either the CSA siding with Spain or just letting the US acquire the island then fight them for it since the territory would be only 90miles south of Confederate soil.
As for World War I, we don't see the Confederacy getting involved since it would not be a banking nation and thus have no monetary interest as tp who won like the US did in real history lending billions to England and France, fearing if they lost the banks would never get repaid their loans.

We can see US banks in our alternate history still lending to Britain and France, and thus entering the war

But because the US would be half the strength in men and munitions, a realistic scenario would be Germany gets its troops back from the Eastern Front in time to defeat the allies including the US and the Kaiser is victorious.

This means even if there might be a second World War later on, there would have been NO Nazi party since the Kaiser would have retained total power and crushed them when it was a fledgling upstart.

No Nazis.. No Hitler.. No Holocaust..    See how much better the world would be if the Confederacy won?
And would there have been a Korean conflict followed by Vietnam?

Highly doubtful because without the South, the US is not a world power..  It is strong and prosperous enough to defend itself but not so much to bully and intimidate the world.

Now of course the question all are waiting for - what about slavery?

We believe ultimately as the CSA would get industrial andas  technology replaced workers, slavery would dissolve and end.

Now we do see a system of sharecropping in place even for those who did not work the fields and we can see attempts at mass expulsion of blacks from the Confederacy..  Question is, would the racist Union want them or reject them?
And there would have still continued to be a societal hierarchy where there was some advancement for blacks but overall they'd know their place and certainly not have the problem of interracial marriages causing the creation of bi-racial children like today's society suffers with

Would things be better off with two nations instead of one?

In most areas yes it would..

As things stand now, hundreds of thousands of lives were lost and hundreds of millions back then wasted to free a group of people that collectively still conduct themselves as animals and have no evolved.
You can talk all you want about individual blacks being intelligence and artistic and gifted, etc and we will agree..

But as a whole, they are much like the 'black lives matter' movement..  Bitter, angry, unappreciative; a rabble of economic moochers who contribute little to society outside of singing, dancing and putting balls in hoops.

And just like the famous book title says, a beautiful part of our nation was wiped off the map i.e. Gone with the Wind and tragically the downfall of the Confederacy began today May 2nd with Stonewall Jackson's injury.