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Monday, May 9, 2016

What is 'Pride'? What is 'Freedom'?

~  Oops.. wrong 'pride'

It always amazes us with the amount of money spent on education and how much time a person spends in the public school system then university degrees and upwards, how little people actually know

Let's take the word pride..

Some people, like the Oreo cookie in the Oval Office who thankfully will be gone in 8 months believes blacks should be proud of their blackness.

Whoever said we vote in the most intelligent people to represent us..
Of course it is impossible..  repeat..  Impossible to be proud of a non-accomplishment.

Are you proud that your eyes are brown or green?

Are you proud that you wear a size 9 shoe?

Are you proud you possess a vagina?

Absolutely no difference..
If it is completely ridiculous and asinine for a Caucasian to say 'I am white and proud' which is how this white-guilt society conditions people to instantly mock those types as losers..


The blacks who are proud their skin is the color of chocolate, bowel movements or tumors are Equally losers

The same goes with heritage, ethnicity and religion.
It is perfectly OK to say "I love being Hispanic" or "Being Asian gives me happiness.."

But feeling pride..  No

It is deeply stupid for someone homosexual to say "I am proud of being gay" because no straight person ever says "I am proud to want to have intimacy with someone of a different gender" so how can it be accepted to imply "I am proud to want to have intimacy with my own kind"??

It is perfectly OK however for a gay person to say something like "I am proud that I faced down bullies and still be myself" or "I am proud that others' negative perception of me did not prevent me from fulfilling my goals"

Pride represents action and achievement.  You can not be proud of something you had zero control over like freckles, the ability to see or having curly hair..
Another term most people don't fully understand is the word 'Freedom' which to the majority means any state where you are not enslaved.

But in a real world sense, very very few of us are 'Free' and when you put aside the physical violence factor of slavery days, lead lives not much different than those who once worked the fields

After the Civil War and Emancipation, all blacks like all whites were forced to work expect now instead of being fed and clothed and housed and given medical care, they were handed a couple pennies each day with no guarantee they'd have employment if they missed one work day..

And then there were the sharecroppers who basically provided for the lowest of the low, everything from farms to the tools to work the land and everything was done on credit which is really little different than today's MasterCard & Visa.
The interest was high and lordy help those who fell behind in their payments.

Always working.. always paying debts.. Paying portions; minimal payments, then more work and more pay..

Of course back then if you failed to pay, you'd go to jail where room, board and clothing would be provided.

Here in the 21st century you have everything taken away to the last cent and you get to sleep on skid row and look for food in trash cans.
And we judge who has/has not freedom wrongly..  We're so used to sizing up everything by money so the wealthier a person is, the freer..


Freedom is not the financial means to jet set across the world at a finger snap..

Freedom is possessing the time to do so.

The truest Free person is one who wakes up when he/she wishes and possesses complete control of every minute of their day without getting approval from another or because its a designated 'off' day..
Go to the beach at 9a without having to tell the boss you have a cold?  Yep..  Have dinner oe go to a movie at 3p?  Great..  Do nothing but read all day and sit in the garden?  Perfect..  All the while everyone else are in their cubicles or stuck in traffic heading home..

Think of all those professional baseball players currently playing who are multi-millionaires..  Sure they can Afford to fly to Paris or Tokyo and do so first class, but really..  Can they?   They're all locked into schedules which constrict their personal choices until at least October..

But the person with freedom of time Can go to that trip today.. This Moment..  It may not be deluxe but where there's a sincere will, there's always a way
And then there's the other meaning of Freedom..  Speech

Unless you are unemployed or independently wealthy, you simply can not say what you think and feel.. Everything is controlled and the slightest slip up means goodbye to your job/career and possibly reputation

You also can not even comment on the deeply biased news online without being restricted.

Can't type the word 'retarded' or 'pedophile' without being moderated by some stranger who has the power to approve your thoughts...
And of course the lunacy of treated 'Nigger' with the same offensiveness as 'Fuck' or 'Cocksucker'

Sometimes you can write an opinion that is completely G rated and clean for all children to read, and the media source still will not accept it because you may be Conservative and sites like Huffington no not tolerate disagreement..

No one is free to say certain things about the President no matter the urge and the whole System is set up so the average person can never tell Obama for instance directly to his face what a piece of shit he is and how deeply he is hated by non-Democrats..
True Freedom of Speech is basically three things:

1)  The ability of an individual to have control of their word choice and ideas
2)  Not being censored or curtailed no matter how unpopular the thought, especially if the majority disagree or disapprove
3)  Access to the specific target(s) of one's ire, knowing that the person or entity can not simply insulate themselves

Otherwise, its no different than venting into a pillow.

And the less influential you are, the more your thoughts are tolerated.