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Thursday, May 19, 2016

When An Actor Spews, Everyone Cares..

~ The 'elegant', 'refined' and 'cultured' actress Jennifer Lawrence posing for one of her many selfies

It seems that actress Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar winning star of Silver Linings Playbook, the Hunger Games series and tons of nude selfies showing her breasts and vagina throughout the Internet, does not like Donald Trump..

In fact she has two words for him.. "Fuck You!"

How do we know this?

Some worthless worm at Entertainment weekly either on their own volition or because an editor told them do write it, composed a 500 word article on the inconsequential act;
Five-hundreds words talking about what some deeply ignorant person who at best possesses a HS diploma or GED since Lawrence has been acting since she was a child thinks about politics and the US election; acting - a profession historically of social rejects..

Vagabonds, tramps, pickpockets, and whores.

And how did this pretend-journalist acquire the information and prove that Lawrence said this?

Well see, Lawrence uttered her classy comment on a British TV talk show so all the worthless 'writer' had to do was watch the video.. re-type Jennifer's words with quote marks then add a brief bio at the end and...

 Ta-Da!..  You got deadline met and 'news' which millions upon millions will at least skim by the "Jennifer Lawrence to Donald Trump: 'Fuck You'" Headline.
And what does EW care if people click on their shallow website and read 500 words of nothingness?
Each click of the mouse to the page means more justification for them to charge their ad rates to those who advertise with them

And that's 21st century news folks

Most news headlines are about shock and anger and titillation because if you see a header that pisses you off, you're more likely to click on it and as explained a moment ago, that's how these sites prove to their advertisers that people look at their content. are such anal retentive fucks, they set up a permanent block if you have an ad-block set up on your PC..   You block their ads from infiltrating your life space, you don't get to read their pro-Wall Street propaganda

Hmm.. No wonder we've kept our ad-blockers intact

It is really disgusting how for decades now, people look up to celebrities especially those in the acting profession as if they know more than us.

Even worse how so-called journalists ask these people questions in areas of life they know so little to nothing about..
Would you go to your mail carrier or hair dresser and ask specific questions about filling out your tax return?  Or ask your waitress at Olive Garden if its safe to take Xanax and Tylenol PM together before going to bed?

So why ask a worthless actor his or her thoughts on global terrorism, the economy, free trade, global warming, illegal immigration or a host of issues of importance that takes some actual thought and time spent reading & understanding the topics to comment on??

For instance, we at A&G know a A Lot about the US Economy, the Federal Reserve and the Stock Market so we've written extensively and given opinion..

We freely admit we have not bothered to follow the Clinton email situation so other than a hope she is indicted, we have no comments because if we expressed any thoughts, it would be uninformed and thus stupid..

Like Jennifer Lawrence is..
She is a genuinely stupid young woman who took hundreds and hundreds of self pics semi & fullu naked while completely oblivious that they could ever see the light of day..

She has only one goal or passion in her life -- to be the biggest movie star in the world and when her career does ultimately crash down to life like all actors do, it should make for one entertaining ride..

Hope someone took the time to teach her that fame is fleeting.
But there's plenty of twerps and twats in super-liberal Hollywood happy to express their liberal bile in interviews and via Twitter, and never have to suffer any career repercussions..

God help the actor who ever publicly says 'Fuck Hillary!' Or 'Transgenders are disgusting'

That person will be lucky to be delivering pizzas to any part of Los Angeles where the celebrities live and work...

Yep actors.. Vagabonds, tramps, pickpockets and whores..