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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Why Republican Voters Rejected the GOP Establishment

A very good night last night..

Not only does Trump win Indiana but Cruz concedes making this contest virtually over and allowing Trump to get necessary delegates though for some God knows what reason, Kasich is still in it

Guess he has nothing better to do but keep running or sit at home and watch cooking shows all afternoon..
We still wouldn't be surprised if those GOP Establishment rats try one last grande stand in California but who would they choose..

We hear Carly Fiorina was once a VP nominee for 5 days so...

So rather than talk about why Trump is going to be the Republican nominee, lets spend a moment to understand why most registered Republican voters rejected the mainstream candidates so dramatically and consistently this primary...
1)  They don't care about the middle or working class

Mitt Romney made that abundantly clear in the last election and none of the other candidates made any sincere effort to tailor their message to those who are not financially tied into the market and corporate or bank profits

Only about 42% of those who would encompass the middle 50% economically in America own stocks.  Of the 1% financial elite, 88% have portfolio investments..

So for the everyday person, they generate income not by sitting on their asses, eating bon-bons and watching CNBC all day..  

These people work and have seen their wages stagnate at best, Social Security and retirement benefits never go up in any meaningful way and yet everything from cars to clothes keep rising in price..
2)  They're political cowards especially on social issues

The GOP establishment will fight tooth and nail against the Democrats and even allow for long term government shutdowns without slightest guilt if it means securing a cut in the tax rates of the top earners or corporations, or cutting back social services that the vast majority of people depend upon to survive..

And yet...

Its been over four decades since Roe v Wade and not a single Republican leader of any kind has made the slightest sincere attempt to overturn it.  
At best they nibble around the edges by having the fight occur on the state level..  How nice.. Except the government body that allow women to kill their infants for expediency is the Federal Supreme Court.

When the High Court makes a decision Democrats don't like, they keep fighting and appealing until they get their way..  When its the Republicans, they shrug, hide behind the Justices' robes and say 'Well, what can we do??'

No Republican President has made any sincere effort to fight for any Conservative social value or principle..  They give lip service, they take the donations, then sit on their hands as the social Progressives keep winning and winning..

Republican voters want a fighter for a change, not a crybaby (John Boehner), cadaver (John McCain) or a billionaire wimp (Mittens Romney)...
3)  They're too politically correct..

We personally hate the term 'African Amer..' but it makes us 10x more nauseous when a Republican utters it..    

They're black and should be grateful and happy to be called it since they spent the entirety of the 1950s and 60s to fight for that word instead of 'colored'

The Establishment GOP are also too damn respectful to Illegal immigrants i.e. fearful of losing the Hispanic vote.  

Truth is, most Hispanics who have entered this country have done so Legally!!  They followed the rules..  
Why are people assuming all Hispanics are wanting illegals to just rush across the border, take advantage of the economic benefits while breaking the law??

Hispanics are just as law abiding and believe in fairness as anyone else but of course that fuck-shit liberal media will Never convey anything honest that makes their politics look bad, so they paint a picture that 'All' Hispanics want open borders and if you are anti-illegal its the same as anti-immigrant

Two completely separate things folks..
So Republican voters looked at the collection of crap on stage during all those debates and sized up every Establishment candidate for the disingenuous liars and Wall Street whores that they are..

And for better or worse, (we believe better) put their trust in Trump to be the leader the GOP has not had in decades..  strong, tough, and resolute.

The Establishment GOP rats that run and control the party should learn from this and make the necessary changes to advance the Republican Party into the 21st Century..

We fear they won't..  People like the Koch (sucker) Brothers like things just as they are.. With them and their money in control.