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Monday, June 6, 2016

Cult of Personality

~ Larry Holmes delivering a whipping on the other guy; Oct 2, 1980

Yesterday on Netflix I was watching a biography of Janis Joplin who died at the ripe 'old' age of 27 and overall it was a very positive depiction of her..   Great voice; strong stage presence..

Now I'm sure it was not the program's intention since it was made with assistance from Joplin's family (interviews, etc..) but the more I watched and learned about her, the more pathetic a creature I took her to be

I just never found drug use/abuse to be funny or cute or cool, especially when its harder addictions like heroin or someone who swigs back bottles of Jack Daniels to mask or numb some pain from childhood
Many interviewed sure did wax nostalgic about the drugs and the parties - god damn losers..

I'm really sure they made a sincere effort to get Janis clean or keep her sober after the detox.. Unfortunately they lived and survived their drugs while Janis did not

And to me that is most representative of the 1960s -- millions of young lost souls not willing to emotionally grow up so instead of hiding under the bed or the closet as one would do when avoiding authority as children, they hid with drugs and alcohol and music and protest; all the while pretending they were a group; a collective..  a movement
All they were was a motley band of individuals who all tried to look and act like one another to be liked or get laid and when serious addiction and death of friends stared them in the face. they ran and hid behind more alcohol and pot until one day there was no more war, no more Nixon to kick around and being a 30yr old hippie just was not so alluring.

And this brings me to this weekend's absolute Bullshit which was the honoring and remembering of a deeply terrible man, Cassius Clay (sorry but I'm not going to call him by his pretend Islam-cult name here - If his Christian parents intended Cassius to be called that other, they would have chosen it)
It really was a repugnant sight this weekend.. everyone gushing about Clay and what he meant to them, to sports, to Civil Rights, the 1960s movement, etc..

So much black pride and respect toward a bad person..

Of course just like those who win the war get to write the history, whatever political slant controls the media, will shape and mold all stories to its ideological viewpoint and only the most deluded would not admit the media is overwhelmingly liberal bias
Even though the pungent hippie movement did not do a damn thing to speed up the end of Vietnam or save a single soldier's life who perished there, they happy-naive believe they made a difference and changed history (nope, 1960's hippie merely became 1980's yuppie)

So they over-celebrate all those relics of the past to make themselves feel better

So who was Cassius Clay?

We know he was a loud-mouth, uppity black boxer who completely disrespected every opponent he ever faced with his verbal and physical taunts and over the top self-spectacle

So a true sportsman he was not..
We know he was a draft dodger which in the current time where we want to pin purple heart medals on every person who currently serves even if they didn't taste a whiff of battle, there's still a large segment that celebrate Clay's cowardice as heroic

Such a brave man.. Ha!

All his talk, truth was he didn't want to die in war which is understandable but let's not pretend politics mattered.   If Clay was drafted into WWII where the liberation of Europe and saving the lives of Jews was in the balance, the black bastard would still not have wanted to serve..

And of course being Muslim, the opportunity to save the lives of a group of people their holy book teaches are dogs would be a double-incentive to not serve

Amazing how many ignorant Jewish people in the media starting with Howard Cosell loved this prick..
We also know Clay was uppity and deeply unappreciative

Why else would someone throw away hard earned Olympic medals?

If someone calls me an Irish Mick, am I going to respond by destroying my soccer trophies?

And the biggest audacity and affront was years later the US Olympic Committee choosing that shaking, convulsing asshole to be the one to light the torch at the 1996 Atlanta games which basically said we both forgive and admire how you middle-fingered us

It is one thing to walk to the beat of one's drummer..  We respect that here immensely..   It is another to offend and cause hurt to people or entities who did not deserve it in order to make 'look-at-me' points
Clay was also a racist..

During the 'Thrilla in Manila' when he faced Joe Frazier, he spewed so much racist garbage toward Joe, that he said he deeply hated Clay for many years after..

Called Frazier a gorilla, a monkey, a Uncle Tom, the representative of the white man in the fight..  Did all he could to shred Frazier's dignity as a proud, black man

But in black culture that is quite alright..  That is why no one ever is the slightest bit offended when one black calls another nigger in a derogatory way..  Only those 'evil' whites can't say their precious word
Then there was that fight with white boxer Charles Wepner (the basis for Stallone's 'Rocky' character)..

To drum up interest in the fight, Clay asked Wepner to call him a Nigger on TV when they both went on a talk show to promote it.  The goal was by focusing on race, more people would buy tickets or spend money on pay-per-view

Wepner declined.. he was not a racist and would not say it

So instead, when on the show, Clay made up that Wepner called him that, branding Charles as something he was not..

Below is the link via YouTube.. click to watch..  The video is 5min long but that piece of shit lying dirtball Cassius Clay makes mention of it at the very beginning
That's the kind of man Clay was..

That's the man America and the world mourns

People ask if I have a favorite Clay fight..  I do..

It took place on October 2, 1980 v Larry Holmes..

It was his only knockdown loss and many say it contributed to his Parkinson's..

Holmes beat the living crap out of this once arrogant bastard.. Sylvester Stallone who sat and watched at ringside said it was like watching an autopsy on a man who is still alive
Cassius Clay was Not the 'Greatest'..  He was not the greatest boxer (Rocky Marciano was [49-0 all time record]) and he certainly was not anything close to the greatest person to live

Clay was a flawed, troubled man who ran from his faith, his name and everything else he was born with and instead created this pretend persona which everyone especially the white-guilters of the 1960s and 70s ate up like candy

Now he's no more..

And many people of much higher quality and caliber than Clay and Janis Joplin die everyday and no one knows or cares of them because they did not choose a life path of entertaining or self-promotion

In our world, loved ones aside, only the famous matter

Cult of personality.