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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Seth Meyers... Schmuck or Putz?

~ Seth Meyers..  Which Jewish word best fits.. Schmuck or Putz?

Amid so much important news yesterday from ANOTHER act of violent terror committed by those who believe in Islam (this time perpetrated in Turkey leaving 50+ dead) to the passing away of two sports coaching icons (Buddy Ryan and Pat Summitt), admittedly something rather trivial caught our attention most and produced much of an Rrr.. response..

It was care of late night talk show pip squeak Seth Meyers who most people probably have never heard of unless they used to watch SNL or stay up past 12:30a on weeknights.

See, he like well 99.9999% of the entertainment business doesn't like Trump (show us a Republican those ignorant people ever do like)..
But Meyers decided to make the announcement that he will never have Trump appear on his shitty show which is meant like all programming to fill the dead air between commercials as famous people plug their latest movies, TV shows and books..

Now this is not about defending Trump who is well capable of defending himself..  In fact his immediate response to the banning was "I only do shows with good ratings'

Meyers' show ratings last week was 0.39 which was more than half the show he follows, Jimmy Fallon.  In other words, when Fallon's show is over, 65% of that audience turns off the TV rather than watch Meyers...
Today's posting is more about liberal hypocrisy than some meaningless TV personality trying to draw attention to himself.

You see, Meyers thinks Trump is a joke (who cares) and a racist (Yawn!) and so this man who was perfectly fit to donate to Hillary's NY Senate campaigns is not sound enough to dare defeat her for President..

Here's where the hypocrisy comes in..

Prior to the Fox TV network in the late 1980s and all this glut of cable channels, there was just the Big 3 - NBC, CBS and ABC
In the history of the three networks, which have been broadcasting since the 1950s (60 years and counting) guess how many late night talk show hosts there have been on all networks combined who were not white, male and smug liberal?

Try Zero...

We are not counting those who may have spent a week or so as fill-in hosts during Johnny Carson's prime.. It was not NBC that selected Joan Rivers or Bill Cosby to host a couple shows but rather Johnny or one of his executive producers.

So nobody-nothing Seth Meyers is in rather non-exclusive company
It was Fox that had the first black late night talk show host (Arsenio Hall), the first woman (Joan Rivers) and it was TBS that had the first Hispanic (George Lopez)

All quickly cancelled.. Gone the way of the doodoo bird

The TV networks that hire all these liberal elitist morons and pretend they support diversity are actually quite the opposite
For those who used to love watching soap operas, name a single character on any show or the actor that portrayed him or her who was of either Asian descent or of Jewish heritage?

We couldn't think of anyone either..

Statistics show that over 90% of both groups are doing other things during early-afternoon than sitting and watching TV..  things like working, so they're not necessary to demographically court with token representation.

How many men appear on 'the View'  or the myriad of copy-cat shows to discuss events of the day?  Zero..

But the show is supposed to be female only..  How convenient

How many women on the show usually are Conservative Republicans?  If lucky 1 of 5 at the table

And of that number, how many are allowed to get their points across and free to go after the rest of the bully panel without fearing she'll be fired?   Um.. Zero

How many people work at CNBC who genuinely believe all the opinions of Rachel Maddow are 100% wrong?   Hard to quantify that, but we can say the number of people allowed to debate and put her in her place on TV is yep, Zero..

How many racial, ethnic or religious minorities present the Big 3 network Nightly News at 6:30p?   Women do not count..
Its all so nicely structured..  Women in the early AM.. Gays doing daytime talk and design/cooking shows, blacks hosting game shows and making people laugh then dinner time followed by token representation before the figurative late-night keys are handed over to the white boys for safe keeping

Everyone is happy and oh, right.. we forgot.. Trump is racist ~rolls eyes

So..  Seth Meyers..   Schmuck or Putz?

Think we'll go with Option C - the Yiddish word 'Askhoul'

Say it aloud a couple times.. You'll get it..