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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Everything On-Demand Century

Did you know there is an iPad app that allows you to see a Doctor from home?

It is called Dr on Demand..

You can see someone for a minor medical ailment, mental health care, pediatrics or talk with someone regarding pregnancy and newborns for a one time fee of $40 per visit (no insurance taken) which allows for 15min of consult where you see each other through video conferencing

We're not mentioning this to advertise the site..

We are in no way connected or affiliated and have never personally tried so we can say if its equal to or inferior to getting in your car and driving to your local physician..
We are saying this is the future and the 'now', coming to our world and changing our lives forever whether we like it or not thanks to globalization and advancements in communication technology

More specifically, if this really catches on, expect a lot of young people with medical degrees and massive 6-figure school debt to find it even harder to find work or one day open up a general practice.

If I am ill, I can simply click on an app button, imput my credit card info and I get a doctor from another part of the country or world consulting me and even calling in prescriptions to the pharmacy closest to me..

And give enough time, and even medical specialties like cardio and gastric issues can be taken care of via the computer or tablet..
We've always seen this technology being the death of teaching as a profession with security

Instead of a county having forty 3rd grade teachers with classes of 25-40 students teaching basic reading, writing and math skills, we can see the say where monitors are put up and one teacher is teaching 400 students at a time while teaching assistants who are much cheaper are there to provide assistance..

This is already done on a University level..

There are some classes taken where the Professor is thousands of miles away and teaching multiple groups of students at different campuses at the same time through video conferencing; all assignments and student imput sent using the laptop
Can you imagine the day when you go on a computer, click on a site and for a small fee, someone will directly speak to you and tell you how to fix minor problems with your automobile, AC or heating unit, plumbing, roofing, carpentry or a 100 other tasks that at present you call and its $100 just to come to the door??

As it is, we go on a website or one or two tablet clicks from news, sports, stocks, acquiring recipes, planting/gardening tips, and even the release some get from porn..

Now that's an interesting example of a profession that has greatly suffered from technology and globalization..

Used to be if you wanted to see topless women and couples having rumpy-pumpy, you had to pay for it..

Now its all free.. Google to look at pics of any celebrity nude or visit dozens of virus-safe movie sites they let you explore every fetish and flavor completely free..
Very few jobs are going to be safe from pure globalization in a 21 cent world because more than ever before the shift is moving to more and more competition for customers and physical proximity and localization isn't going to amount for much

How the US can adapt and not fall behind, is for the leaders to decide..  We're so far removed from the toothpaste out of the tube that who knows if we can ever get things back to how they were post- WWII when we were truly #1
We can see technology and transportation advance to such a degree by 2116, that you could be in Paris, Texas and order some french cuisine online from a restaurant in Paris, France and it be delivered same day & fresh, warm and fully edible..

We don't see too many people in Cairo, Egypt placing to-go orders from restaurants in Cairo, Illinois..

The future in many ways will be exciting and fun but its really going to cause a dramatic re-thinking of what professions are safe from economic ups and downs and what are the new opportunities vs the occupations of a time gone by..

And if Universities don't adapt in education and pricing, attending one will be a thing of the past too..