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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Government Buckles- Only Censors One Word

We start with a little good news which always seems to be a rarity but happily we report it nonetheless..

Facing pressure from Republican leaders, the Justice Department made an abrupt about-face on Monday, releasing the full transcript of a 911 call made by Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, after originally redacting references to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The redaction, which sparked intense controversy, was meant to prevent the extremist group from using the attack as propaganda, the Justice Department said in a Monday afternoon statement.
“Unfortunately, the unreleased portions of the transcript that named the terrorist organizations and leaders have caused an unnecessary distraction from the hard work that the FBI and our law enforcement partners have been doing to investigate this heinous crime,” the department said.

Whatever the reason or rationale, it was bullshit to attempt it

Not only because anyone with basic common sense knows that Muslims are terrorists [you don't have to pull a trigger or detonate a device to be one - you just have to express empathy for them, their cause (including donating money or assisting behind the scenes for their benefit), or share their same religious and political hatreds and venom]..

But also because the Justice Dept was essentially taking it upon themselves to edit out and thus re-write history because an official transcript is something a historian would care about as primary source material.   If its altered, its worthless..
So the phone call's original and final result:

Orlando Police Dispatcher (OD): Emergency 911, this is being recorded.
Shooter (OM): In the name of God the Merciful, the beneficial [in Arabic]
OD: What?
OM: Praise be to God, and prayers as well as peace be upon the prophet of God [in Arabic]. I let you know, I'm in Orlando and I did the shootings.
OD: What's your name?
OM: My name is I pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
OD: Ok, What's your name?
OM: I pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, may God protect him [in Arabic], on behalf of the Islamic State.
OD: Alright, where are you at?
OM: In Orlando.
OD: Where in Orlando?
[End of call.]
Funny how someone who believes in Islam would say 'God' instead of 'Allah' when praising and proclaiming protection of him..

More selective editing perhaps??

We don't want to impune anyone but ~shakes head 'You Betcha'

And its pretty pathetic that this is what counts as positive or 'good' news in the perpetual 24 hr news cycle of nothingness..

We really don't expect too many more 'good news' stories before the election is over but if Trump wins, it will surely make up for it..