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Thursday, June 2, 2016

What to Feel About Someone Who Makes $25 million

We start today's post with a simple question..

When you pick up the morning paper or go online to check out the A.M sports headlines and you find out a professional athlete is going to be paid $25 million per season, how do you feel?

Now we're taught or rather conditioned to rationalize it as well, we couldn't hit a baseball or dunk a basketball like X, or justify it as 'free market' or we put ourselves in the other's shoes and so forth..

But those are all thinking mechanisms that you were taught so that when someone made that much while you're trying to financially survive, you didn't just go out and try to burn that person's mansion down

The mansions of today are the same as the castles of Lords in times past except nowadays no one wants to build their mansions around common serf people
So really.. how do you feel about one person receiving $25million in one calendar year?

We're not afraid to say it..   

It makes us Deeply Resentful to live in a nation that not only condones but Celebrates such wealth disparity.

A baseball player receives $25 million a year -- how does that break down?
$25,000,000 divided by 162 games in a season equals -- $154,320

Every game, that person will earn pre-taxes more than 3x the salary of the average American worker which is around $46k

Take $154,320 and divide by 9 innings and you get $17,146 per inning which usually lasts between 15-40 minutes depending on game situations

That's just about the price of a baseline Toyota Corolla...
And we as society admire Them; stand in long lines for Their autograph and ask Their opinions on everything under the sun..

People put down for daring to admit envy or jealousy..  

It is no accident.. We're taught to admire the superwealthy and that if only we work hard enough, we will all become them.  That's the key.. Just work hard and if you don't make $25m, its Your fault..

Just something quirky odd about that..  

We as people will get jealous or angry if our neighbor gets a new car or builds a pool in their backyard and yet the super-wealthy athlete always gets the pass..
The more products he or she endorses, the cooler they become..

At one time while playing, Michael Jordan prostituted out his name and image to 8 different corporations at the same time..

But 'endorser' sounds better then greedy economic whore

The man is a billionaire and current GM of the Charlotte Bobcats franchise and he still peddles Hanes underwear..
Economically we are becoming more and more an old-world Dark Ages world where the masses struggle to stay afoot among what feels like a million taxes, tariffs and fees and to accomplish anything or possess the educational means to find decent employment means accruing massive debt.

Most professional sports athletes do not even attend more than one year of college (NFL requires you be at least a Junior to enter the draft, so that's three years) and 99% of the time, that tuition is free (Ivy League schools do not offer athletic scholarships)

We find it harder than ever to enjoy sports when we know how much these people get paid and how often they will keep on embarrassing themselves with their bad play because time has passed them by but they are going to collect that paycheck even if they hit .100

$25 million for an athlete should make you feel as resentful as if it was your neighbor, family member or boss.

If it doesn't, you don't understand how down low on the financial totem pole you really are