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Friday, June 17, 2016

What Will It Take?

Short post to end a long week

It has been a very long and trying week as we as a nation still deal with the tragedy in Orlando and try to figure out what to do next..

The fact we are so deeply divided as to whether or not to even publicly identify the religion or ethnicity of the killer much less feel anger vs forgiveness shows how weak we are as a people to our enemies at home and abroad.

Think about it from these historical perspectives:
The Boston Massacre occurred on March 5, 1770 where British troops shot at people congregating and protesting the actions of King George against them

Five colonists died that day..

And though the Revolutionary War would not begin for another 5 years, it strongly galvanized public opinion again Britain and the Crown, especially in New England

On April 15, 2013, bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon killing 3 and injuring 264 people..

The government response:  They hunted down the perpetrators and said it was OK for us to mourn and create clever slogans on T-shirts but also continued the stale, tired refrain that 'Islam is Peace', and most Muslims are great people, etc..
On April 12, 1861, Confederate forces fired upon the Union controlled Ft Sumter in the Charleston, SC harbor.   The fort was fired on for 34 straight hours and not a single US soldier was killed (One died a day later during a 100 US cannon salute before abandoning the Fort)

And yet this act was enough to motivate millions to in the North to feel excited and patriotic to enlist or serve the Union cause in other ways as part of a United front.

On September 11, 2001, 2,996 died along with thousands of others injured and we the American people were prevented from going after the true enemy and dealing with them individually as was necessary..

Along with the nonsense from President Bush that to be a good Patriot you go to the mall and shop or vacation as if nothing happened was this continued propaganda bullshit that Islam is 'love' and can't blame all on action of a few even though 100% of the perpetrators were all Saudi Muslims who believed in Allah
So to refresh.--  Zero Americans died during Ft Sumter attack and assault and we were United and able to mobilize millions to the cause while nearly 3k died on 9/11 and most Americans fear being perceived as 'racist' for pointing out the religious belief system of every killer

Did you know the Muslim piece of shit in Orlando caused the exact same number of civilian casualties as all the Japanese bombers did at Pearl Harbor?

In Orlando 50 died, 53 wounded.. At Pearl Harbor, 68 killed, 35 wounded

From Pearl Harbor, we declared war on Japan

After Orlando, our Worthless President spent all his passion and anger on Trump instead of the enemy or senselessness of the tragedy
Wonder how many losses in life will it take before we galvanize?

Or maybe we just don't care that much because the victims were gay to get angry enough to collectively tell our Oreo cookie President to stop showing so much respect to our enemy and stop conditioning us that this is to be the new normal

Would we all be on the same page by now of every victim was a child?

Would you still feel as tolerant towards Islam and their backward cult faith if the killer(s) murdered dozens and wounded dozens more inside a Children's Hospital?
Or a inside a supermarket?

Or during a HS Graduation procession?

Or hurt hundreds if not thousands of people during a sporting event?

Wonder what it will take for those who Know who the enemy is to tell the liberal 'can't judge...' people to shut the fuck up and stop letting them decide public policy?

Maybe a new President named Trump...