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Thursday, June 30, 2016

You Can 'Bank' on Never-Ending Banks Owning You

It was just a week ago that the British people correctly voted for their nation to leave the economic corruption and political controls which is the European Union, effectively shoving nice warm shit pies in the faces of their Prime Minister, both Labour and Tory parties and indirectly our worthless President Oreo..

A week later and really few to no Americans understand what it all means, mainly because we only care about us and no one else on earth unless their situation has a direct impact, and then we'll focus for 12 hrs or so..

For instance, there was wall to wall TV coverage of Orlando's tragedy and every devious Democrat politician tried to use those deaths to get their anti-2nd Amendment legislation passed yet most did not even know 40+ people were killed just yesterday in Turkey (the nation, not the bird)
The financial news says Brexit is all a non-event.. Give the 'precious' stock market another couple days and not only will it recover losses from last week but continue its upward trend

Insipid, evil people like the rich and powerful in Britain (Richard Branson of Virigin), Europe and our President are saying Brexit will ultimately be ignored, overturned or be put to death via stalling tactics 

Gotta love it when the leader of the free world is on the opposite side of democracy
As we wrote before, the problem with the EU from its creation back in the 1990s was that it was modeled economically  after the US where every nation would be like a state and where one centralized voice made decisions on trade, currency, etc, that affected all equally.

What Europe failed to understand then is the US succeeds as an economic Union because it created within a political Union framework where once states ratified the Constitution, they were part of America forever

Of course we at A&G have always has held firm that the 10th Amendment provided for legal secession but the deaths of 600k people and Lincoln's refusal to allow the matter to be brought up before the Supreme Court back then, makes people believe in 'once a state, forever a state'
And so the Brits was able to see Germany's political tentacles take hold and exert more political power over European concerns and ultimately put Britain into a situation where it has no more autonomy..   

'Rid yourself of the English pound and only use EU coinage or else..  Add more money to the European Commonwealth Bank economic 'pot' to continue throwing away at Greece or else..'

The System i.e. those in control will never allow the every day person to destroy all they worked so hard to build;  anyone who believes otherwise should stick to reading comic books

They are like cancer in a host..  It takes the near death of the person till truly kill off the invaders and even then there's no guarantee the cancer does not return..

Think of banks and globalists like this and you will understand things better than most
The world’s central bankers all work together and for one another.  When one central bank is in trouble like in Japan or the ECB, another central bank (Federal Reserve) always comes to the rescue with billions in new 'loans'

And every so often they convene in Basel, Switzerland to take marching orders from their masters at the Bank for Internationals Settlements

The BIS, established in 1930 is owned by central banks which "fosters international monetary policy and serves as a bank for central banks". It also provides banking services, but only to central banks and other international organizations
Then there's the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and this Bank and that Bank

They all work in unison for their benefit and keep their trading 

Everyone fully invested in and profiting off one another.. 24 hour a day nonstop market.. China..London.. New York..  Buy.. Sell.. Buy some more..
And any little blip, the greedy globalists converge to stomp it out because the getting is so good and behind the scenes power too pleasurable..

Only a complete total economic collapse will cause a real dent in the System's power choke hold but the combination of all banks working for each other and all nations working for banks means even in a true depression, they don't feel pain anything close to average joes.

The absolute best way one can live their individual lives is to be in a position where you have zero debt.. Absolutely no one profiting off you; be as liquid as possible

This means personal sacrifice of course like choosing to hold off buying that new car, not renting that nice apartment or waiting to start that family until a genuine nest egg savings is created where you don't have to borrow
We know with rare exceptions this will never occur

Banks know this too

And as every nation on Earth gets deeper into never realistically repaying debt, if not for the rat banks, would there even be a functioning world as we write this?

Talk about Catch-22..