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Friday, November 17, 2017

Oh If Only Not For that Darned Photo, I Would Have Gotten Away With It

When yesterday's post was written, we did not as yet know of Minnesota Democrat Senator Al Franken sexually harassing former Playboy playmate LeeAnn Tweeden during a USO tour back in 2006 including the now infamous photo of him squeezing her breasts while she's sleeping

But neither what he did or how some media have responded it to the incident is surprising

Most mainstream media have expressed everything from disappointment to disgust though some cable news pundits tried to argue he didn't actually touch her breasts but merely gave the illusion..
Others including many in that liberal cesspool called entertainment community, desperately tried to deflect attention by saying what Franken did was nothing compared to Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore

So let's see..  With Franken, there's visual proof via a photo taken as he's smiling and with Moore there's just accusations...  Yes sure.. that's equal..

And of course there were a few out there that implied that because Tweeden once posed naked for Playboy, it wasn't quite so bad
Democrats protect their own with of course the one exception being if someone's actions hurt the Democrat brand or damage a social-political cause or movement

Now let's say that photo never was taken and Tweeden said everything she did..

Would she be believed?  Or would the Democrat political spin operatives kick into high gear to discredit her as a liar and as being a former Playmate, one or two degrees above a whore?

Or maybe she led him on..  that would have been another spin argument..  You know -- if you pose naked, it means you're used to being touched and groped
Do you think for a second that Franken would have issued an apology or volunteer to go in front of a Senate ethics committee based on mere accusatory words without visual or audio proof?

Yet everyone demands Moore step out of the race based on the accusations of the clients of opportunistic media-whore bitch attorney Gloria Allred

Personally, we're just sick and tired of the hypocrisy on all this from all sides concerned..
Sick and tired of people expressing supposed anger or disgust at the actions of another knowing full well they themselves did similar actions to others or worse..

Sick and tired of 'victims' waiting 10.. 20.. 30+ years to come out of the woodwork to tell their stories while in most cases never going to the police to make a report or retain an attorney to sue the assaulter

Sick and tired of victims still interacting with those accused after the inappropriate behavior as if nothing happened while sharing smiles or hugs

Tweeden stated the groping of her breasts while asleep was the culmination of two weeks of constant harassment by Franken..  Personally if done to us, we'd never appear on-stage with the rat, much less smile
Even more sick and tired of people like that being called 'brave' and 'courageous'..  By waiting years or decades to shine a light on a deviant person, the victim simply allowed other innocents to be victims as well since rarely is sexual assault a one-time thing, and so really how 'inspirational' is that

Sick and tired of people making this political by defending or attacking those accused based on political party affiliation

To be clear, we at A&G do not defend or attack Roy Moore- We really know absolutely nothing on him since we're not from Alabama..  We just find it disgusting how the establishment Reps knee-jerk want him to resign from the election based only on unsubstantiated accusations and self-serving fears of political blowback
And we're absolutely sick and tired of extreme liberals trying to use this as a movement to destroy what they see as a patriarchal man-dominated society that keeps women subjugated and oppressed

To them the women in these situations can do no wrong.  They can flirt, tease, rub a man's arm or shoulder, wear tight fitting or revealing clothing with ample cleavage, etc and are still always the victim

The truth of it all is while we're sure many women in the last month who have come out Finally and shared their stories were victims and speaking honestly of what happened to them, we're also equally sure that many others were not; just merely jumping aboard the train for some attention
Another truth that is being completely ignored by everyone is that women in positions of power can be deviant sexual predators toward men as well

An ugly or old woman in a superior position over an attractive younger male..  'Want that promotion?..  Want that recommendation?..  Want to remain with the company?..   My apartment - 8pm sharp'

And how many men would have the guts to go to police or come public by saying a woman forced him to put his penis inside her to keep his job?

But it happens..  More than you think.
Now matter how long this modern Salem Witch Trial lasts and how many it takes down in the process, sexual harassment and assault will never end because like everything else, once every drop of political juice is squeezed, everyone will move on to the next 'thing'

But if this can take down rotten people like Weinstein, Spacey and now Franken and hopefully destroy their careers forever while sending a message that all those fake liberal empathizers out there in liberal Hollywood and political circles to be careful how much one chirps out solidarity with victims, because your victims could be next to spill the beans..

Well we guess that will be the big positive from it all.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Media Always Protects Those Who Look in Same Direction

Last night yours truly was watching a movie on Netflix called 'Hyde Park on the Hudson' about the intimate relationship between FDR (played by Bill Murray) and his 6th cousin Margaret Suckley, who was known as 'Daisy'

The movie was a fictionalized account of their interactions based on letters of correspondence between the two which were discovered after her death in 1991 after turning 100  (FDR died in 1945)

There was a scene toward the beginning of the movie which I found interesting.. 
Assuming of course it happened even nearly as depicted on screen, FDR and Daisy take a leisurely country drive (FDR had a car equipped so he could accelerate and brake by hand) and at one point he waves off the police vehicle behind so he can have some true 'alone' time with her

So they're parked in this lovely secluded field of flowers just staring off in the same direction and slowly FDR takes his hand and places it in hers..  She smiles..  He then proceeds to slowly guide her hand to his thigh..  She's startled..

From there he guides her hand to his penis (nothing graphic is shown but you can tell as a viewer) and while the camera is at enough of a distance, Daisy finds herself masturbating FDR as he's reacting until she's just so uncomfortable she stops and nervously apologizes to which he apologizes back and he drives her back to her home..
Now let's say this scene is even 50% true, based on the current Salem witch hunt climate of sexual harassment and sexual assault, would FDR have been guilty?

Being that FDR was a Democrat and party politics aside for a moment, one of our nation's most important Presidents, if he was alive today, would the media and public give him a free pass like they did Bill Clinton?

You know the answer.
Times it seems were different back then.. 

Sure people always love a juicy sex scandal but the media was so protective of FDR that they rarely if ever made mention that he was crippled and needed a wheelchair, much less ever dare take a photo of him where it was obvious he was sitting in one or being carried by a bodyguard

The media was also very respectful to the privacy of JFK much like they would have been with Clinton had the National Enquirer not broken the Monica Lewinsky story and the certainly went overboard to protect black Obama

Maybe times weren't so different.. Just depends if you have that 'D' or 'R' affiliation as to whether the media will grant you cover
FDR had affairs with numerous women - free pass then as now

JFK and RFK had numerous affairs including tag-teaming Marilyn Monroe - free pass then as now

MLK, Jr had many affairs with white women including bi-sexual orgies.. This is well documented by the FBI - free pass then as now
LBJ constantly cheated..  Slick Willie Clinton as well..   - free pass.. free pass

Hillary is a closet lesbian who has had a long ongoing affair with her then assistant Huma Abedin even while she was still married to scummy Anthony Weiner..  free pass

Jimmy Carter as far as we know is a moral upstanding Christian who never cheated on his wife but had he done so..    You know the answer..
All quiet.. All free pass..  All part of the 'D' team.

The only reason the media devoured Harvey Weinstein was the social issue of promoting women's empowerment and the destruction of the patriarchal society took precedence over protecting a heavy donor to Democrats

The only reason the media devoured Kevin Spacey was he tarnished the LGBTQ movement by insinuating that he being gay was why he did what he did so all his liberal views in the end meant nothing..
The liberal media protect their own and devour anyone who is in a position to affect any change opposite to their world view

The media has been this way ever since there's been a free press back when our nation was founded, and even during the Civil War, the Confederacy's President Jefferson Davis was not spared the intense personal despisal of the media in his own country; hatred which in many ways rivals how the current media feel about Trump
I've been reading a fascinating book written in 1919 called 'Day of the Confederacy: A Chronicle of the Embattled South' by Nathaniel Stephenson which focuses not on military and battles but the political and economic issues of running the fledgling nation in wartime which gave the impression to any reader that even if the CSA had won the war, they still would have had an extremely difficult time surviving

It is a very interesting book.. For anyone interested, its free to download via via the following link:
Without getting too long-winded, it was interesting to read and see comparisons with how many in the southern press treated Davis and how the modern press treats Trump - both with open disdain

Everything Davis did was criticized and nitpicked.. Every failure on his shoulders; every success the credit was given to the military..

Governors openly revolted against Davis and defied whenever they didn't support any decision that took away their power (sounds a lot like California today) with many southern papers cheerleading the governors on..
The southern press hated Davis so much toward the end of the war for what they saw as his complete incompetence, his suspension of habeus corpus and threats to impress members of the media to forcibly serve in the army, that some even propositioned his overthrow with General Lee acting as both military and political leader at the same time.

If the media had the power to force an overthrow Trump today, they'd do it in a heartbeat

The book was among other things a lesson or reminder that the media is and has always been very powerful - always has been.. 
The media also has been and always will be full of itself..  It can make or break whoever it wishes based on nothing more than ideological disagreement and in some cases even stir up dissent or despondence in a public that normally would have no reason to feel either

So that's why then as now the media selectively destroys people in the public eye and makes prior judgments over whether things like sexual assault or pedophilia are worth caring about covering based on whether the accused is part of the same 'team'

Really the only information you can rely on media to present with some degree of honesty is the weather and personally I more trust looking out a window then I would them.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Dems File Impeachment Charges on Trump - Understanding the Process

Today as we glanced and skimmed over today's "news" we saw that a piece of shit Democrat (is there any other kind?) in Congress filed five articles of impeachment against Trump joining two others who have done so within the last week or two..

The articles focus on Trump's firing of former FBI Director James Comey (whom those rats despised and wanted removed after the election), actions "undermining" the judiciary (you mean the same activist judges who have the power to halt Executive Orders?), freedom of the press and perceived violations of the Emoluments Clause.
The Emoluments clause in the Constitution prohibits the federal government from granting titles of nobility, and restricts members of the government from receiving gifts, emoluments, offices or titles from foreign states without the consent of Congress

Maybe these maggots don't like that Trump calls himself 'President'

Now before you allow yourself to get all tense and worked up over this and we know its a hard emotion to fight, we're going to go through exactly what the impeachment process is to show just how absurd and waste of time the actions by those liberal bastards are..
1)  The first step is any member of the House of Representatives can introduce articles of impeachment at any time and as often as they wish, whether grounded in fact or not as long as it is based on arguing a President committed treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors.

2)  Next step is the charges go up before a House Judiciary Committee who analyze the accusations and determine whether they're valid or a complete waste of time to be thrown into the trash.  This needs a simple 51% majority of those on the bi-partisan Committee to continue to the next step

Since Trump has done absolutely nothing wrong and all Committees during this 2017-19 Legislative term are headed by Republicans, we can all safely assume this nonsense will not go beyond this step..
But for argument sake, lets say it does get 51% or more support, we will continue on the process..

3)  Next the entire House of Representatives discuss and debate the accusations and then vote - if a simple majority find validity in the claims, then the President is impeached but that does not in itself mean he is removed from office..

4)  The next step is it is brought to the Senate where they go through the charges formally.  The Senate at this point writes up the bill of indictment and formally notifies the President of what he is being accused of..  It is assumed at this point if not prior, the President would obtain legal council
5)  At this step, there is a Senate trial headed by the Chief Justice and jury made up of the Senators.. They listen to the arguments pro and con and collect evidence..

6)  After the hearing is over, the Senate deliberates privately then votes publicly on whether to remove and to do so requires 2/3 majority

So you can see how deeply stupid and gullible the average American liberal Trump-hater is to get excited over impeachment and honestly believe they can use it to dump him within a week or two..
All the liberal media will report this like Trump will be gone by Christmas and ignorant liberals from coast to coast will masturbate on themselves in anticipatory glee like waiting for Santa

It took five full months from the time articles of impeachment were submitted against Bill Clinton to the House Impeachment vote and finally the Senate formally deciding not to remove him

So even if the President did break the law and chose not to resign, it is a lengthy process that can take many months, not a couple weeks like so many uneducated Democrats believe.
We've only had two Presidents who were impeached in our history and neither were legally removed from office - Andrew Johnson and Clinton.    In the case of Nixon, he resigned on his own before it ever got to a formal impeachment vote..

So once again its asked - why would these ass-donkeys make file impeachment charges against the President?

Well, for one thing they can..   For another, the man at the top is Trump and the left is drenched in irrational hate for the man.. 

Plus factor in that three douches live in heavy Trump-hating districts so just to file empty charges helps them enormously fight off other Dem challengers in their early 2018 primaries..
All the crookedness and pure black soul evil which is Hillary - do you think for a second any of these parasites would have filed articles of impeachment if she was currently President with all we know about her?

And that's a big difference between Republicans and Democrats..   You see in the case of Roy Moore, this Senatorial candidate from Alabama the Reps doing everything possible to force him to drop out of the race..

If it was a Democrat and the party felt the guy had a good shot of winning, they'd stick with that person to the very end..  
Really no different how the Dems all lock-step defended President Clinton knowing full well he was scum who lied under oath and committed perjury during the Paula Jones sexual assault trial..

Democrats have by and large been morally and ethically bankrupt for a long time.. The actions of these three House members just further reaffirms it

There's a lot of bad people in this country..  Some in positions of political power and the rest composed of those we associate with daily who vote people like those three House members into Congress

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Nothing Worse than Living In An 'Emperor Has No Clothes' Society

When dealing with life and more specifically this continual scourge of PC social progressivism, there's basically two ways to go about it.. 

You can go with the current or stream or fight against it..

Most people will advise you just go with the flow.. Just worry about yourself... Can't change the world.. Take it easy.. Don't get stressed.. Don't get sick.. Whatever will be, will be..  Que Sera Sera...
Ideally, sure..  Yes, life is short and stress is a killer and all that..

But what do you do when the other side.. the Enemy doesn't share that fortune cookie outlook to life..

What do you do when the other side is on a mission to completely change Everything and has done such a successful job at altering people's perceptions that even the political/social right speak the same catchphrases?
What do you do when you see the figurative "Emperor" standing naked with his small tallywacker visible for all to see but nearly everyone but you pretends there's clothing covering it?

Keep quiet?  Keep your head down?  Speak up and get ignored?  Be determined to get others see things as they are and not as they want to?   

Do you fight the good fight?  Or not bother?   
It is not like anyone is going to pin medals on your chest or buy you a beer for pointing out how they're nothing more than deeply ignorant followers, so if one chooses to do it and succeeds, don't expect thanks

And there is nothing pleasurable about making the attempt to do battle with a nameless, faceless, leaderless System

But that's where we are as a society and specifically as A&G..

We have always seen things not as they want to be but as they are..
The other day yours truly watched a couple movies with Jane Fonda on Netflix from the late 1970s-early 1980s..  One was 'Electric Horseman' with Robert Redford and the other was 'On Golden Pond; with her dad, Henry Fonda

And normally I'd just watch the film and get into the story, etc.. but it dawned on me as I'm watching both films and admittedly in a very pleasing way that there were no blacks in either films..    

Perhaps a few extras in the background in a scene here or there but not a single speaking part..
Normally that would seem a bit odd because its not like black people do not exist but when you compare to all the purposely placed multi-cultural representative shit in every single film and TV program, watching these movies from nearly 40 years ago felt like drinking cool fresh water after being in the hot oasis..

If either film was made or remade in the present, you'd have interracial romance or depiction of the two races married with no one uttering a peep of disgust..  Or a black 'best friend' or mailman or whatever it would be so not to offend anyone..

Everything about how entertainment depicts racial interaction is a fiction..
About 93% of all relationships hetero and homosexual are between two people of the same race - TV and movies gives the impression its exploding everywhere...

And the truth whether people wish to face reality is most people of a race really have no desire to socially intermingle with those outside of their group in any meaningful way

People may socialize at school or during the work day but reality is most whites like blacks prefer their own kind, don't want to do anything with people outside their group during their free time or invite them to their homes for any socialization

But publicly point this truth out and you're smeared 'racist' which is like back in the 1600's being called 'witch' - ..
In 'On Golden Pond' there's a couple references to 'lesbian' to elicit a chuckle from the audience in a film that is overall not meant to be funny..   Today that would be taken out and instead they'd put in a gay couple who happen to be next door neighbors or run the local grocery store..

No reason of course.. Nothing to do with the plot..  

Just expected today..

And its so far gone.. the proverbial toothpaste out of the tube, there's absolutely no way to alter it..
Go to any conservative media site..  Fox News.. WSJ.. Breitbart.. on and on..  They all pretend to not be PC yet how do they refer to black people?     Yep.. They call them that complete bullshit term 'Afr-Am'

Even conservative media which by and large blacks never watch or read is afraid of offending them..  Or perhaps afraid of offending their liberal-minded advertisers

Even Hannity on Fox who we feel half the time is just a repetitious whiner constantly goes out of his way to show how much he likes and cares about blacks and their issues..  Its really a nauseating feeling to watch someone pander like that.
In a truly equal society, none of this should be happening..   

No special open doors to getting a good education, scholarships and/or a job..  No parts in movies and TV set aside for them where the plot does not hinge on a person of color being in the cast..  No special terms or phrases to let a small segment of our society feel exceptional and superior

But its what our world has become.. If you're black, you're not only beautiful but sought after.. If you're white, you're shit.. 

If you are white, male and heterosexual, you're looked upon as lower than shit
It's a difficult reality for many of them to face because no one wants to be one of those hate-filled loons but the social-racial pendulum keeps tilting one direction and the other side is too scared to demand it tilt back toward an equitable middle

Next Friday is 'Black Friday' and if you have not received a deluge of catalogs and promotion sales, you soon will

Now for a little um 'fun' or to pass some boredom time, we want you to look through them.. Even the stores you have no desire shopping in, and focus particular attention on the sections selling clothing, toys and baby items...
Then with a piece of paper do a tally to see how many white models you see.. how many blacks..  how many times if ever do you see two white models on the same page where a black or other is not present...  how many times do you see two blacks..

When you do this, you will be shocked at the result, especially if you are not aware or have been conditioned to not pay attention..

A long time ago a friend stated that if blacks or other minorities are not heavily represented, those people will not shop there but most whites don't care and in fact for many white guilters, it makes them feel good to see their race under-represented because it makes those feel good about themselves to see forced multiculturalism 

We always wanted to refute the point but all this time, we've never been able
Most media and political/news related blog sites will waste a lot of time and energy on things like tax cuts, health care, North Korea, did Russia 'meddle' and a thousand other topics that ultimately resolve themselves on their own and weeks/months later become completely forgotten

This war against political correctness and social progressivism is the greatest conflict we as a society will face because its ongoing and there is never an endpoint..  It never stops and it is never meant to..

All those black pretend activists who kneel like shoeshine boys or raise their fists over alleged police brutality..  If magically all black criminals and suspects were treated with kid gloves and the police offered them tea n' biscuits, those multi-millionaire monkeys would find some other excuse to protest and seek to be heard..
There was an episode a long time ago on the Simpsons about this type of never ending need to make change due to self-importance and desire to stay relevant..

In the episode, Homer was concerned that a busy intersection needed a stoplight so he went to the local council board, meekly asked them to put traffic lights up and they agreed..

Homer felt excited over the attention and seeing his face in the paper and the header 'Go Homer Go!' so he kept going and going until the local paper wrote the headline under his picture  'Stop Already!!'
When will that point be in real life if ever?!

When will we stop just going with the flow and ignoring things and somehow organize to have a voice and say 'Enough! - you can not have a society that is equal yet also preferential at the same time?!'

We've no clue but the pendulum does ultimately swing and the more extreme it moves in one direction, unfortunately the harsher it swings back the other way...

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Roy Moore Accusations - Something Does Not Add Up..

In Alabama, there is going to be a run-off election this December 12th to see who takes the seat in the Senate once occupied by now Attorney General Jeff Sessions..

Republican nominee Roy Moore had been enjoying a commanding lead in the state until accusations came out in the liberal Washington Post (WaPo) that he sexually assaulted females in his past, often being underage at the time

And in this current hysteria where all a person has to do is make an accusal of something many years or decades ago, the public is to automatically believe its true
Now if it all proven true, then obviously Moore should step down but until new evidence comes forward or a confession or apology by Moore, we will assume innocence mainly because odd circumstances surrounding the story’s origins, the accusers themselves

Even the WaPo journalist who wrote the story have checkered pasts and political views which some could consider ulterior motives, which we will address here
So how did the story to try to destroy Moore's candidacy come together?

Well you see a WaPo reporter overheard a rumor at a Roy Moore event in Alabama about Moore sexually abusing four girls 38 years ago (1979), then found the women, interviewed them over the course of a couple weeks, and the rest is history.

So let's ask some questions:
How did the WaPo reporter know there were exactly four women, who they were, and how to contact them?

How is it that the reporter's anonymous source, who the reporter just bumps into, knew about the four women who by the way don’t know each other and have never met, and knew each woman's story and contact information to provide to the reporter?

Why hasn’t any of this been reported in Moore’s 38 years in politics? Why now – a month before an important election to fill Jeff Sessions’ senate seat?
Adding to the list of questionable circumstances - one which WaPo oddly (or intentionally) omitted from it's report, is the fact that one of Moore’s accusers, Debbie Gibson, worked as a sign language interpreter for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, and is actively campaigning for Moore’s Democrat opponent, Doug Jones!

Another Moore accuser, Leigh Corfman, also has claimed “several pastors at various churches made sexual advances at her.”

This 3x divorcee who has been charged with multiple misdemeanors in her life, also filed for bankruptcy three times which is pretty amazing and horrid because once you go bankrupt, you have to wait 10 years before being allowed to do so again
She said that her teenage life became increasingly reckless with drinking, drugs, boyfriends, and a suicide attempt when she was 16.

As the years went on, Corfman said she did not share her story about Moore partly because of the troubles in her life.

Then you have the WaPo reporter herself was caught writing a fake check, according to an 2011 Red State report.  She was found guilty but didn't serve time..
Recently a former Secret Service agent named Doug Lewis has made a claim on Twitter (thus far unsubstantiated) that a WaPo reporter named “Beth” offered a family friend $1000 to accuse Roy Moore, and that a tape of the offer is in the hands of the DA.

The tweets from Doug Lewis (@umpire43) on Nov. 10:

*   "A family friend who lives in Alabama just told my wife that a WAPO reporter named Beth offered her 1000$ to accuse Roy Moore????"
*  "She has a pic of the woman named Beth and taped the conversation on her phone.I told her to take it to the DA,s office but be sure to keep a copy." 

*  "I have learned more about the WAPO reporter. I am forbidden to post her last name or address but I can tell you she lives in VA (coincidence ya think)"

*  "She has worked for 6 newspapers that I also am forbidden to name. She is a married with children and is a solid Democrat, Donated to Hillary & DNC in 2016"
So where do things stand?

You have a Republican candidate for Senate accused of crimes he supposedly did about 40 years ago during the Jimmy Carter years by women with checkered pasts and those with political motives who at no time ever went to the police about any alleged incident..  None even filed a civil case!

Then you have Democrats who want their guy to win and tip power in the Senate so bad, they'd believe Moore bit the heads off chickens if someone accused publicly, and establishment Republicans who did not want Moore in the first place, all seeking him to withdraw from the race while Moore himself vehemently denies all accusations
In law, with the exception of murder, everything has a statute of limitations so that people can not just come out of the woodwork like termites and accuse people left and right of this and that without any ability for the accused to defend him/herself

Also, its been said a zillion-trillion times that in our system, one is innocent until proven guilty

But people.. society seem to refuse to accept that..   

Anyone can say anything about anyone, especially during a witch hunt which this country is turning into (you see the cesspool of Hollywood and what happens when it runs amok) and especially if someone doesn't like the accused politically, he/she is quick to believe and condemn...
So did Moore really do it?   Even if all these women are liars, has Moore sexually assaulted others in his past?  Will the truth come out before that December election one way or another?

Who knows..  We weren't there..  Neither were you..

Just understand when anyone is accused of something sexual years or decades ago in this putrid social climate, it is pretty much for ulterior motives..

It can be destroy a candidate for political/ideological reasons..  It can be a jilted lover from the past wanting to get even by destroying an acting career or extort money from someone now wealthy..  It can be a person with a mentally disturbed mind who a consensual something as worse than it really was and believes the heightened fiction in the mind..
But when people are supposedly 'free' to come out and tell their stories, a lot of times they have little to no basis in fact - just people wanting revenge or their 15 minutes of fame and using the climate of openness to put out their lies..

So once again who knows.. 

But until something comes out more definitive to show this guy did what he was accused of, we're going to believe his innocence, especially since it seems we're now living in the 21st century version of Salem