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Thursday, August 17, 2017

'Should His/Her Statue Be Removed...?'

Today's post topic we debated writing on because the last thing we want to do is give the evil, despicable far-left any ammunition in their never-ending quest to destroy this nation's history and ultimately the country itself from within

We warn its a long posting but its important to understand how far this slippery slope of taking down statues and markers and renaming of schools, streets, towns, etc of anyone associated with slavery, anti-black sentiment and/or the Confederacy can go
Trump accurately mentioned Washington & Jefferson owned slaves so to the fringe left, they are worthy of being spit on and anything honoring both shall be destroyed

But we want to go beyond that a little bit

Spread out throughout the US Capitol are 100 statues of prominent people representing all 50 states - each state has two people representing them which is collectively referred to as National Statuary Hall
If you want to see the complete list to see who represents your state, you can click the link below:

Some names are very familiar but many aren't or at least their history so let's take a few moments to look and see who is honored and we will keep asking one question:  Should his/her statue be removed?"
You answer each for yourself but if you keep saying 'Yes', remember everything in life is a slippery slope and one day people you admire may be removed too..

We'll start alphabetically with Alabama

Besides Helen Keller, the other statue representing the state is Joseph Wheeler who fought for the Confederacy and who finished the Civil War as the second greatest CSA cavalry leader (Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest being the Greatest cavalry commander on both sides)
Wheeler also served under Teddy Roosevelt in the Spanish American War, leading a cavalry division in Cuba then later on led US forces into the Philippines where American forces were victorious.

Wheeler is one of the very few Confederate soldiers buried in Arlington

Should his statue be removed from the US Capitol?
Next is Uriah M Rose, one of the two representing Arkansas who 99.999% have no clue who he was

He was a founder and president of both the Arkansas Bar Association and the American Bar Association, and he was appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt as an ambassador for the United States to the Second Hague Peace Conference in 1907.

Rose also served in the Confederacy though not in a military capacity
He was assigned by the then-Governor to collect the records of Arkansas soldiers serving in the Confederate army. As such, he traveled to Richmond, Virginia, during the war to record the names of all Arkansans participating in the cause..

Should his statue be removed from the US Capitol?
One of Georgia's two statues is that of Alexander Stephens who served many terms over time representing the state in Congress and later in life was its Governor though he died 4 months in office

He also was Vice President of the Confederacy, second to Jefferson Davis and was a passionate defender of slavery and yet many of his former slaves after the war continued to stay and loyally work for him for little to no money

A county in Georgia and one in Texas is named in his honor

Should his statue be removed from the US Capitol?
Next is Frances Willard, a woman representing Illinois who was an American educator, temperance reformer, and women's suffragist.

Her influence was instrumental in the passage of the Eighteenth (Prohibition) and Nineteenth (Women Suffrage) Amendments to the US Constitution

She however often depicted alcohol as a substance that incited black criminality and implicitly made the argument that this was a serious problem requiring a serious cure.
At one time she said of the correlation between blacks and alcoholism that, "The colored race multiplies like the locusts of Egypt... The grog shop is its center of power.... The safety of women, of childhood, of the home is menaced in a thousand localities."

Should her statue be removed from the US Capitol?
Kentucky honors Henry Clay as one of its two statues, who was known as the 'Great Compromiser' for mediating regional differences over slavery that could have brought war much earlier than it did

And yet while Clay was very anti-slavery in his public utterings, he personally owned blacks for the entirety of his life.

Clay also helped establish and became president of the American Colonization Society in 1816, a group that wanted to establish a colony for the relocation of blacks back to Africa

Should his statue be removed from the US Capitol?
One of the two statues representing Louisiana is that of Edward Douglass White who was a US Senator, Associate Supreme Court Justice and ultimately its 9th Chief Justice

White also sided with the Supreme Court majority in Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), which upheld the legality of state segregation to provide "separate but equal" public facilities in the United States between whites and coloreds.

White also served in the Confederacy during the Civil War

Should his statue be removed from the US Capitol?
One of Maryland's statues honors Charles Carroll who served as a delegate to the Continental Congress and Confederation Congress and later as first United States Senator for Maryland

He was the last of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence to pass away in 1832

Though he spoke often about liberating slaves, he never freed his own.

John Hanson who is Maryland's other statue representative, served in the Continental Congress and was President during the Articles of Confederation period before the US Constitution was also a slaveowner

Should their statues be removed from the US Capitol?
Mississippi's two statues are of Jefferson Davis who was President of the Confederacy as well as US Senator and served as Secretary of War under Pres. James Buchanan..

He was the first leader of a North American country to put a Jewish person in a cabinet position.. The first Jewish person to serve in a US President's cabinet was under FDR, nearly 80 years later

And the other is James Z George who represented the state in the US and helped to formulate what ended up being the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and who served as a colonel in the Confederacy

Should their statues be removed from the US Capitol?
One of Missouri's statues is of Francis Preston Blair, Jr who represented the state for many years in Congress and was instrumental in keeping Mizzou from entering the Confederacy

Also while VP candidate for the 1868 election as a Democrat vs Grant he warned people of "a semi-barbarous race of blacks who are worshipers of fetishes and poligamists" and wanted to "subject the white women to their unbridled lust."

Kinda true but not 2017 friendly...

Should his statue be removed from the US Capitol?
Zebulon Vance is one of the statues representing NC - he served on two separate occasions as the state's governor and was a prodigious writer

Starting in about 1870, Vance gave a speech hundreds of times he called "The Scattered Nation," which praised the Jews (a big deal for his day) and called for religious tolerance and freedom amongst all Americans

He also served loyally in the Confederacy

Should his statue be removed from the US Capitol?
Charles Brantley Aycock is the other NC statue representative and served in many capacities including its governor

Under his tenure as governor, he was an advocate for the improvement of the state's public school systems, and following his term in office, he traveled the country promoting educational causes.
Aycock was also a big proponent of white supremacy stating once:

"When we say that the negro is unfit to rule we carry it one step further and convey the correct idea when we declare that he is unfit to vote. To do this we must disfranchise the negro. This movement comes from the people..."

Should his statue be removed from the US Capitol?
South Carolina's two representatives are John C Calhoun who served many terms as Senator different Cabinet positions for various Presidents and was a fierce proponent of slavery and secession..

And Wade Hampton who was one of the largest slaveholders in the country at the time of the Civil War and who served as a General in the Confederacy though later was a major figure in the Democrat party of the day serving SC in Congress and ultimately as Governor

Should their statues be removed from the US Capitol?
Andrew Jackson is one of Tennessee's representatives and Virginia is represented by Robert E Lee and George Washington but we want to conclude with Texas

One of Texas' representatives is Stephen F Austin who is known as the "father" and founder of Texas

He led the second, and ultimately successful, colonization of the region by bringing 300 families from the United States to the area in 1825. In addition, he worked with the Mexican government to support emigration from the United States
Austin also while believing slavery was wrong, in practice agreed with the social, economic and political justifications of it, and worked hard to defend and expand it.

He stated following Nat Turner's rebellion in 1831:

"I sometimes shudder at the consequences and think that a large part of America will be Santo Domingonized in 100, or 200 years. The idea of seeing such a country as this overrun by a slave population almost makes me weep. 

It is in vain to tell a North American that the white population will be destroyed some fifty or eighty years hence by the negroes, and that his daughters will be violated and Butchered by them."
In a way he was quite prophetic when you think about how many bi-racial children there are today, mostly to white women accepting of black men inside them

Should his statue be removed from the US Capitol?

Maybe 'Austin' Texas be renamed perhaps?
So you see the white guilt self-haters and the militant black monsters have a lot of statues to take down but to them, whatever needs to be to blot out historical reality in place of their revisionism, let it be done

Question really is.. Do we let it?

What is the line in the sand?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

If Not For Trump, We Might All Be Doomed..

President Trump spoke to a bunch of evil jackals known as the 'press' yesterday and as always it was wonderful because he attacks them viciously and continually

He should make it a daily occurrence.
Trump expressed so many accurate points we've stated here the past 2 days -

Things like the zealot blacks were just as guilty and just as violent, that there were good decent whites protesting the removal of the Robert E Lee statue besides the extremists and that when these ultra-left loons are done with taking down Confederate statues in the name of historical revisionism and bullshit black pride (our words not his), that Washington & Jefferson would be the next targets..

Sometimes it really feels like he reads our blog..
What was equally funny and yet disgusting all at once is how those bitches n' bastard reporters were getting angrier and angrier as Trump stood there like a stonewall (a lil Civil War humor there) and repelled the angry mob of mother-bleepers

And everything Trump said, they expressed disgust at then tried question after question to twist his words..

"Are you saying you support the Confederacy?...  Are you equating Robert E Lee with President Washington?  Are you saying people on the left are equal to Nazis and skinheads?"
Trump brushed them off and stood strong which was nice to see and about time!

We said this often and will say again..

Trump can say he won last November on the issues of jobs, repealing Obamacare and/or lower taxes but that's just not true

Trump won because millions of working class white men and women came to the polls (many for the first time in years if not ever) to support a man they felt would represent Them after decades of connivers, liars and minority panderers.
So if Trump hopes to win in 2020, it won't be by kissing the asses of black voters or appealing to those on the left..

It will be by sticking to his ideological guns and respecting his supporters

Remember, Nixon was hated and despised by the left as far back as the Alger Hiss hearings in 1948 and did everything they could to destroy him and yet in 1972 won re-election by a landslide

Nixon's downfall was Nixon, not the liberals.. They were impotent
We live in very poisonous times but it is not the first time the 4th Estate has been so viciously against someone who they hated ideologically and personally

As far back as the late 18th and very early 19th century, the press has decided to mold policy and ignore anything positive of someone they did not like

Thomas Jefferson often dealt with this problem, especially when he first ran against John Adams in 1796 and realized the only solution to combat the scourge of propaganda and vitriol against him was to use wealthy supporters to start up newspapers in major cities of the day that would present his points of view to the masses
So this evil we see and read day to day is not a new phenomenon..

Social media is however and in today's news, all a famous person has to do is hiccup or pass gas and it becomes a news story which is re-tweeted a million-billion times

So much non-news out there against Trump its sickening
Here's one of so many examples:

Seems the singer Lionel Richie who hasn't enjoyed success since 1984  and whose only claim of fame presently is being the dad of the talentless, low-class and we believe adopted mulatto daughter Nicole Richie, is to be honored at the Kennedy Center toward the end of the year

So the black bastard stated he may not attend because Trump is President and will be in attendance

Now the colored asshole has every right to his opinion and if he wishes not to attend so be it..  Honestly, he should never have been honored in the first place
But what really is disgusting is how the news makes that a story so to keep pushing their narrative that no one likes Trump and he never should have won since no real American can stomach him

Lionel Richie's thoughts and opinions mean absolutely nothing and writing an article on his anti-Trump feelings holds the same cache as someone writing an article about what Richie's favorite ice creme flavor is...

But if someone's famous or related to someone famous or washes the car or mops the floors of someone famous, then their thoughts seem to matter
We admire and marvel at Trump's strength in dealing directly with this rabble of rot and saying to their faces what liars and biased deceivers they all are.

Can you think of anyone else in he public eye who could withstand such intense daily scrutiny?

There's a lot of problems in this country and by n' large liberals create them for their own nefarious purposes

We'll explain what we mean with an example..
Back in the late 1890s, only a small percentage of Americans felt any hostility of any kind toward the Spanish..  Probably most didn't even know where Spain was on a map

But some in positions of power and behind the scenes were just itching for a fight so to have an excuse to take Cuba and establish a foothold in the Pacific (the Philippines)

So how to get the everyday person galvanized to support a War?

Simple - you stage an attack by the 'enemy' which really you yourself perpetrated i.e. "Remember the Maine!"
Now the public is fully behind revenge and war with the Spaniards

This trick was also tried in 1964 with Vietnam and the 'Gulf of Tonkin' incident..

The big difference being the Spanish American War only lasted a couple months and Vietnam lasted 11 years but those first couple years after the Tonkin 'attack' most Americans were fully on board

So how does this relate to last weekend?
Those violent, militant Malcolm-X wannabe bastards in the Black Lives (do not) Matter movement have been on their heels the past few months..

Obama is gone and never to return so they lost a big supporter there and rotten Hillary lost..

And their poster boy Colin Kaepernick is still not in the NFL as of this writing, being punished (true or not) for being an uppity ignorant prick and they needed something to stir the pot to be relevant again
So they went to Charlottesville where they knew there'd be supporters of preserving history as well as some extreme elements

They brought clubs and other weapons, provoked violence, then cried to the sympathetic media they were all victims and now they can use this to re-energize their evil movement including donations and knowing at least for the time being all the liberal white guilters are in full support of anything they do

They thought they could manipulate Trump into defending them but fortunately he would not so they're seething on that
Said this a million-zillion times..  The greatest enemies to our nation and clearest and most present dangers are all from within and they're all on the far left.

The political left have become the new Nazis; the new fascist intolerant and their passionate supporters live among us with those leaving their 'Hate has no home here' signs on their lawn 9 months after the election as just one of many examples of their converts

One can't say they don't tolerate 'hate' when one deeply hates Trump and wishes him ill every day can they...
Not too much we as individuals can do without breaking the law which we certainly do not advise..

Besides, the filth on the left are just not worth getting into trouble and ruining your life over it so best to not cross certain lines no matter how despicable they are

Just take comfort that for the first time in a very long time someone is President who hates those people as much as we all do and isn't afraid to fight them to their face..

Take great comfort..

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Blacks the Kings of Victimization? They Wish!

~ Shelby Steele..  brilliant man..

A lot of points were made in yesterday's post which really practically no one in mainstream media including conservative outlets dare address

But the one point we made toward the very end, we felt it important to expand upon i.e. the incessant need for blacks to be the Kings n' Queens of victimization and their deep resentment of Jews (the Farrakhan Muslim Brotherhood movement expressing it most openly)
A lot of the hate of blacks towards Jews started in the early 1960s with the Civil Rights movement when many whites including Jewish people were actively involved and helped bring about real change for a people who at that time Actually were discriminated against

Then many blacks in the movement became deeply resentful toward whites, in particular Jews who they felt were hijacking their cause while of course never showing any appreciation toward Caucasians for their time, energy and sacrifice
In the film 'Mississippi Burning' for instance based on true events, the focus is on the murdered black man but pretty much completely ignored were the two Jewish teens with him;  the black's death mobilized the black community there..

The Jews' death.. one big colored shrug..

So of course by the late 60s the black movement became very violent with riots and mindless destruction in nearly every major city from Watts (Los Angeles) to Detroit as the scum Black Panthers took over..
Their bastardized 'child' is the Black Lives (do not) Matter movement which provoked the violence over the weekend

So from this point, blacks started feeling resentment toward Jews

Its really no different than the mindset of someone lending another money and all the lender wants in return is some appreciation and instead the lendee feels embarrassment and resentment toward the lender which turns to hate
Add to the fact that the vast majority of Jewish people came to this country in the 1880s-1900's wave of Eastern and Southern European immigrants and by and large have succeeded academically and economically whereas blacks continue to be complete failures as a group in this regard...

Well.. no wonder there's anger..
Think of it like this..

Blacks love to guilt susceptible, stupid Caucasians over slavery..

Well so were the Jews.. They were slaves in Egypt

Blacks say they were slaves for a couple hundred years..

The Old Testament says the Hebrews were enslaved by the Pharoahs for 400 years so that means people of that faith suffered Doubly as long as blacks did
Blacks claim they were victims because at one time they couldn't use the same bathrooms and water fountains as whites or be able to get into the same schools

Jews at one time or another in the last 1,000 years were kicked out of every nation in Europe, were targeted for Spanish Inquisition, dealt with violent pogroms in Russia, had their citizenship stripped from them in Nazi Germany and eventually 6 million killed

So how do militant victimization-mindset blacks respond?

They call their enslavement a 'holocaust' which is meant to weaken the significance of the word and try to make their experiences equal which of course it isn't
And some hate filled black monsters with the Farrakhan mindset like to blame Jews for slavery even though not a single Jewish person purchased and owned slaves in the colonies much less owned a plantation..

Even colored people like blaming the Jews for all their ills..

And yet the people of that religion keep thriving while their haters languish in prisons
So what's the point?

In order for blacks to connive the public into giving up so much power to them in the form of Affirmative Action in schools and employment, the double standard of black-only scholarships where white-only is forbidden, etc.. they need to con the people that in 2017 they are still victims and oppressed

And because Jewish people are too busy being law abiding citizens who focus on education, getting a good job and being a positive contribution to their communities, they don't have the time or interest to basically say to blacks, 'Hey! Shut up you fucking lying bastards!  Stop bitching and start Doing!'

So you have black hate toward those people because making whites feel guilt and shame is a business to many of them
Say anything negative toward them... Racist!!

Point how how their point of view is wrong..  Racist!!

Criticize Obama or what's going on in the inner cities?  Racist!!

Tell them they're black and not that BS Afr-Am term?  Evil Racist!!

You get the idea..
Like we said yesterday, if the goal is to have a truly equal society, you can not have any group cry victimization and racism at every turn like in the story of Peter and the Wolf and you absolutely can not have others (Caucasians) so gullible that they constantly 'run' to the rescue

We've become an entitlement society and no group feels more entitled to all the goodies while giving back nothing than blacks

Harsh perhaps but just no time to pull punches
When this black as victim mindset changes, we will finally have a peaceful, tolerant society where people sincerely like and respect one another and not because of fear..

Until then, its all bumper sticker slogan bullshit