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Thursday, July 20, 2017

It's All A Game & No One is Letting You In On it

Because there really isn't much out there on a daily basis in the way of news, most of it being non-news which is worse than fake because it is all meaningless and irrelevant..

We're going to alter how we cover and analyze the 'news' of the day by spending more time briefly addressing a lot of little things and focus longer posts of relevant bigger picture topics

So we'll see how this goes.
The big news story of yesterday at least to us had to do with Trump's interview with the NY Times about his Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Yes it was quite a surprise he would throw his own guy under the bus so publicly, knowing full well the interview was being audio recorded

But the bigger surprise as we see it was that Trump granted an interview to the NY Times at all
Wasn't that supposed to be a newspaper he repeatedly trashed as 'fake' and essentially in the tank for Hillary and the Democrats?

It's kind of like picking a co-worker or neighbor that you keep venting that you despise then going to him or her as a 'friendly' outlet to vent your thoughts

Makes no sense..  Unless..

Unless the attacks upon the media are just theater
Notice that Trump has given interviews with CBS twice, NBC, NY Times and even CNN since he won last November

All enemies..

Then he vents and whines about how he is treated when he has powers to really curb and control them which he like so many of his predecessors refuses to do
Maybe he has no choice since 99% of the mainstream media is liberal but still..

Sometimes it feels like professional wrestling -- They step in front of the camera and yell they're going to do this and that when in the ring..  The crowd gets into it as bodies are twisted and chairs smashed over each other's heads...

Then later on you find out everyone are pretty much friends who go out to dinner together

Truth is every person who is President in modern history seems scared to death of the media and can't figure how to cage the tiger without getting bloodied up

Because the 'tiger' can be put down.. Just takes more than a couple tweets.
The other news story we guess is that John McCain has brain cancer or something

We hate him so much, we honestly don't give a damn

Sorry but we don't lie here or pull punches and not going to start..
Some have thought maybe this is why he's acted so erratic and viciously anti-Trump at every turn but he really was a bastard toward his own party for decades and not really a good guy

Anyone who calls his wife Cindy a cunt as he did his current spouse at one point during the 2008 election isn't someone we feel any kindness toward

We can use the word to call out people we despise like Hillary but no spouse should ever say it to another, not even in a moment of rage and why she took it and stayed with McCain, we'll never know
And all this outpouring of love by everyone including that disingenuous black bastard Obama.. Jesus!

If everyone admired and respected McCain so much, why didn't he win in '08?

You see, we're not politicians or Washington insiders..  Everyone here at A&G are normal people with passion and able to see things as they are and not as we're supposed to

We don't see politics as some game..

The decisions these assholes on both sides of the political aisle make affect millions of people, occasionally for the better but mostly for the worse
None of them really care about the middle or working classes because they're all obscenely wealthy so they haven't had to cut coupons or go to a store and tell themselves 'No' because the budget won't allow it

As well they don't give two shits about Caucasian people because it sounds too 'racist' to say that the demographic hurt most by the economic policies of the last 3+ decades are white men and so that wouldn't translate to votes

Identity politics is the name of the game even for the GOP

Even for Trump.
Perfectly OK to have scholarships solely for black children (even mulattos or those with 1% black blood may receive free college money).

Also perfectly fine to set aside $50 million in funding to start businesses as long as you possess a vagina (wonder if transgender people will try to claim the $$ too)

But have something for white Christian and Jewish people only so to benefit and help them then watch the heavens fall
So we don't make separations when we think of McCain, Pelosi, the Clintons, Obama, etc..

Don't give a damn if they're friendly or funny, or give to charity or would make a really great teammate in bridge

They're all parasites because they sought out power, got it then used it to hurt millions upon millions of people so to push their agendas.

So while we don't celebrate McCain's cancer, we don't feel bad either
No one is really representing you out there..  Not fully..

Not politicians.. Not media..  No one..

So if you have something you care about - a specific issue or a greater vision of how you want to see this nation in the near & distant future, you can't sit back and depend on Fox News or your local Congressperson to fight for you

How you get involved is up to you but its all about being pro-active

Goodness knows the enemies on the other side are.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fake News? Nope.. It's 24/7 Non News

We guess the big news of the day for yesterday is the Republicans in the Senate couldn't get a healthcare bill passed

Or maybe it was Trump and Putin meeting a second time during the G-20

Or maybe the top story should be 'Same Ol' Same Ol'..'

So we'll briefly address both
When we heard about the Senate Republicans' failure to get anything done with healthcare we felt neither happy nor sad nor mad

Really didn't feel anything since we've stated many times Obamacare should be repealed but NOT replaced

Healthcare is not a Right; it is a Choice
The vast majority of Americans who didn't have health care coverage prior to this socialist-communist monstrosity could have afforded to buy coverage but chose not to..

Rather spend their money on cable TV, Internet, alcohol, cigarettes and a hundred other wasteful things that the poor and uneducated usually piss away their paychecks or welfare debit cards on

So if you don't have health care and you get sick, well, 'Dem's de breaks'

It's called being an adult, making choices and living with consequences
But since the US government like all other Western nations are nanny states, no one ever has to be punished for their actions and learn the hard way to prioritize

Health care is like life insurance, fire insurance and just about every other insurance - your choice.  It is not anyone else's responsibility to bankroll it to provide for another

So in a way we're glad it didn't pass and we hope nothing gets done..

Of course ultimately something will get done and everyone will continue to get coverage as it has wrongly become an entitlement but we'll let the scoundrels on Capital Hill worry on it
Now as for Putin and Trump meeting again..

So the fuck what?!

They met.. they had dinner..  We couldn't have cared less if they played Connect 4 , arm-wrestled and compared sexual conquests

What matters most and what those fuck Democrats do not want, is perhaps this will ultimately lead to much better US-Russia relations
Funny how those piece of feces liberals are such war hawks when Trump is in power..

What would they like to do to Putin.. drop the bomb?  

Just worthless fucking idiots.  Liberals..
Incredible how much non-news there is out there..  Absolute bombardment

We can not remember the last time we read or saw anything that was actually Important or affected everyday people's lives

Sure Trump is doing things to make people's lives better but it is not reported because why would those elitist media bastards ever give him credit for anything
Non-News is everywhere..  Politics.. Entertainment.. Sports

Most entertainment headlines are either obituaries or press releases by studios or agents which are re-written to look like real information

And sports..  Gawd!
Yesterday out of curiosity and boredom we checked out ESPN headlines..

There were 4 articles about this ugly mulatto prick basketball player recently drafted by the Lakers named Lonzo Bell

One 'headline' was that he was going to wear a specific brand sneaker for a Summer League game..

Another was his intrusive asshole father Lavar Bell predicting great things for his son..
Two others about how he's mentally preparing for the upcoming season

Does that bi-racial bitch work for the network or what is going on??

Then there was a video of former NBA great Charles Barkley shanking a golf shot and that was 'news-worthy' to a network that repeatedly panders to the inner-city colored population
And of course more Colin Kaepernick shit even though the Malcolm X wanna-be is not signed to play on any NFL roster this year as of this posting

ESPN should be Called Entertainment Sports Programming for Niggers..

One article after another about blacks reported by blacks
Recently the network fired dozens and dozens of reporters and TV personalities..  If you were Caucasian, educated and spoke with articulation, their ass was kicked to the curb

No place for that in a black-centric sports network..

Just really disgraceful how much non-news there is..

How much absolute clutter and crap fills these websites and 24 hour cable because they know if anyone ever talked specific policy or peeled back the veneer to see how truly corrupt and profit-hungry the entertainment industries and sports leagues are, they'd confuse and lose their audience

News simply put, is information that impacts or affects your life in some way..

Information about a road closing on your way to work is News..  Information about what the G-20 talked about and how Trump and Putin got along really isn't

What an ingenious way to keep the masses in a perpetual state of dumbness..  Instead of depriving or censoring, information, just overload everyone with nothingness so people want to cut and detach from it

And you thought the media was dumb..

Monday, July 17, 2017

Always Be Thinkin', Stinkin..

Over the weekend yours truly popped in a DVD to watch and as all DVDs and Blu Rays say at the beginning, it warns against piracy and states its a Federal crime and then punishments if caught

I am sure most who rent and buy movies don't even think of doing it and for those who contemplate it, the fear of the legal consequences discourage such action

Then I thought for a moment

What if it said piracy was a crime against God rather than the State; something like if you commit movie piracy you will be sinning against the Lord..
Just have a sneaking suspicion there'd be a lot more illegal copying and distribution of such materials than whatever goes on today

Because to be blunt about it, unless your one of deep faith in whatever your religious beliefs are, God's laws mean pretty much nothing and secular law always is to be most feared

How many would obey the speed limit because 'God' said it is wrong to drive too fast vs fear of a $75 ticket and possibility of higher insurance costs
People pretty much don't kill others because the 10 Commandments say not to..

And they don't start crying their eyes out full of fear over His wrath but more about real-world consquences

We don't kill others because we don't want to be arrested, incarcerated and have some AIDS-ridden cellmate butt-fuck us every hour of the day
On the other hand, people commit adultery left and right without much of a thought..  

Once again the 10 Commandments say its wrong but to my knowledge, no one has ever been sent to jail for having consensual sex with another adult while in a marriage or long-term relationship

So secular law reigns supreme

The State certainly prefers it that way..
Scenario:  Your parent commits a crime and police want you to rat out your parent so they can arrest them or want you to testify in court against..  If you don't give that person up, you will be the focus of the law's wrath

God's law says 'Honor thy Mother & Father' ..  Secular law says 'Fuck that.. Turn him/her in or get in our way and we'll destroy you'

What do you do?

If you don't believe in God or religion and think its bullshit, the decision isn't too difficult when enough pressure is applied
We don't know if this is still done today but it used to be in court when you took the stand, you had to swear under God that you'd tell the truth..

It wasn't that anyone really cared about God..  It was just a way of saying, in case you are one who puts God before State and would lie so not to go against your faith, we're adding 'God' so you have that over your head

The purpose of all this is not to convert you but to inform and make aware because nothing about a secular society and by extension secular progressivism is innocent
It all has a purpose, mainly to diminish belief in anything but the State and what IS; belief is bullshit and that is the society they want to ultimately have constructed for future generations and beyond..

Let's take the belief in aliens and life on other planets

It sounds very innocent.. Some people believe extra-terrestrials have visited Earth and many including the same people believe there's life on some distant planet, galaxy or universe and that we're not alone

In other words, we are not special or exceptional
You heard the arguments.. We're just grains of sand among a large cosmic beach..  We think ourselves superior but there's other life-forms far more technologically advanced..

And of course Superior to us as humans

You never hear these jerks even propose that even though the possibility of life exists elsewhere, we are still Superior to it;  nope the narrative has to be the other way

This is an extension of America v the world argument..  America is Not #1..  We're not moral or a good nation.. We should be humble and stop trying to lead and join the league of nations where others decide our fate..
White European Americans are of course 'Bad' and 'Evil' and 'Insensitive' and no better than anyone else in spite of the fact they created the Nation and were the adventurers, architects and artists who took vast amounts of land settled by primitives and created a strong, vibrant nation

And if there's a God or Jesus as many say skeptically of course he has to be black because you know how blacks are.. ~eyes rolled

Do you see the similarity in how secularists think?

If they allow God to exist, then Providence must exist
That means that they can not refute that America was founded, colonized and was created then developed for good, noble intentions by a higher power

That means there will always be a challenge to man made law and thus people will always be prone to rebellion if they feel it interferes or contradicts holy law

And it means that since those of faith believe God created the Earth and everything and everyone in it, that their masturbation fantasy of superior beings in other worlds showing us how terrible we are as humans won't come to pass..
And it means that science in itself is not the end-all, be-all of existence and does not provide all the answers

Plus there never was a battle of God v science..   Who do you think created all the laws of gravity, physics, etc?   It wasn't some outer space being from a universe 10 billion-million miles away..

People are always trying to control how others think and mold society into their image

Historically the Church did that and even today fundamental Islam doesn't allow its followers to move beyond the 11th century

But Secularists have picked up the baton and they've worked hard for the last few generations to mold everyone to their world view..

Maybe in some ways, they are correct in how they see the world but they sure as shit won't allow you to decide that for yourself if they had their way

Just gotta always be aware..  Who's telling you what and why..

Always be thinkin', stinkin...

Friday, July 14, 2017

Another Obstructionist Liberal Judge Manipulating the Law

There's just something about Democrats in any position of power..

You just want to close fist them in the face a few times then repeatedly hit them with a stick

And that's when you don't feel tense.
With Trump out of the country, joining French President Macron at a Bastille Day parade in Paris, A federal judge in Hawaii has ordered a temporary loosening of the Trump administration’s travel ban

The bastard judge decided or 'found' that the administration’s strict interpretation of the Supreme Court’s decision isn’t justified.

The ruling was issued by US District Judge Derrick Watson – a longtime Obama ally and the same judge who blocked the second “watered down” Trump travel ban back in March.

Cocksucker Democrat
So even when the highest court in the land says by unanimous 9-0 decision that the Trump ban on people entering the country is legally valid, there's also some worthless lower court judge from the infamous 9th District who will think of any trick or scheme to manipulate law to their way of thinking

Specifically, the judge’s ruling strikes down one of the key “clarifications” issued by the State Department following the SC ruling: That a “bonda fide” family relationship was limited to immediate family only.
From Wall Street Journal:

“Judge Watson said the Trump administration’s ban implementation after the high court ruling tilted the scale too far in its favor and against those travelers with US family connections. 

He ordered that the ban not apply to “grandparents, grandchildren, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins of persons in the United States.”

The judge also ruled that the US can’t turn away refugees who have already been granted formal resettlement agreements."
Does lesbian and gay pretend marriage count?

Oh that's right - people from those countries which Trump blocked visas to hate homosexuals and wouldn't hesitate to kill one on sight because the sexual perversity goes against Islam

But hey.. let them in..  They mean us no harm.
There is only two reasons this society functions and not quickly turn to chaos and lawless bloodshed at every turn:

1)  People believe that piece of paper with the pretty pictures on it (money) or that colorful piece of plastic (credit card) has actual worth..

They believe it will grant them goods and services and if/when for any reason cards are declined en masse or no one values cash as currency preferring other tender, then you have Max Max world
2)  People believe in the law

They know its not always fair and sometimes in court, the baddie does not always get what is coming to him/her but overall people believe in it

People respect and fear Federal secular law far more than God's law - that's for certain

But when any person in any position of power on a bench can decide for him/herself that an Executive Order or decision from a Department isn't to their liking then alter it, you have chaos
Don't think for a second, this liberal fuck judge did not know the Supreme Court is recessed until October..

Good thing for him that wishing and praying does not actually translate to anything

Here's a little secret you may or may not already know..

There is no 'law'..  It is constantly manipulated, stretched and if need be ignored to benefit whoever is the ones in power who want their policies or worldviews implemented

This goes for both parties but especially Democrats
I'll never forget something an attorney friend once told yours truly..

He said, 'Do you know why there is full integration at places like restaurants, hotels, etc?' and being naive at the time I responded 'The Civil Rights Act of 1964, of course'

He shook his head..  'No..'

He then explained that there was this case that went up to the Supreme Court in the mid 1960s where blacks from Georgia were denied being served at a restaurant in Georgia and thus were sued (we're specifying this for a reason...)
The restaurant responded that they were a private business and had a right to refuse service to anyone just as they would if someone came in without a shirt and shoes or visibly intoxicated

So how could the Court manipulate the law to accommodate the newly passed Act and side with the blacks?

Simple..  Being skillful former attorneys themselves, the Justices basically pulled law out of their Ivy League anuses and sided with the black couple based on the Interstate Commerce Clause to the Constitution
Their weak argument was if you prevent blacks from eating in restaurants or sleeping in hotels, then you prevent people from travelling across state lines and since it is a business transaction taking place, that impacts and hurts Interstate commerce..

Thus the restaurant was going against the Constitution -  Didn't matter that both parties were from the same state..  Besides, did you think the negro Thorogood Marshall would ever side with the restaurant?

And now this is a case taught to every wanna-be attorney in 1st year Constitutional Law
That's what law is.. manipulation

X kills Y.. But was it self defense?  Were there extenuating circumstances?  Was killer of sound mind..

President is a 'R',,  Judge is a 'D' so do everything to fuck with an Order so to stall, delay and play political games..

And that's all it is..  A game

America is a beautiful country but it is also such a rotten one.

And a far too tolerant one, especially of people of liberal belief

Thursday, July 13, 2017

100th Anniv of US in WWI - Celebrating What is Not Deserving of Such..

For the next couple days Trump is going to be in France to meet with their newly elected leader Macron and celebrate Bastille Day which is tomorrow, 7/14

It is also meant to celebrate America's 100th anniversary of entrance into World War I

Why that event should be celebrated is absolutely idiotic and asinine..
Over 4 million men back then were conscripted into service and sent over to Europe where 110,000 Americans died in basically 6 months of actual combat.

It averages to 611 men a day for a war no one today knows or cares about..  (60,000 died in the 11 year US involvement in Vietnam, a conflict where a trillion movies and documentaries were made on it.. That averaged 15 dead a day)

So much suffering and so much loss of life to ensure that US bankers got paid the debts owed by the British, French and their bankers who would have never been able to repay the loans had Germany defeated them which it looked like when the US was arm-twisted to enter the fray
There's never been a war fought anywhere at any time in world history where the primary motivation was not financial


No, not the American Revolution..

We didn't go up against the Crown for liberty and democracy..
We didn't want to pay their taxes, merchants resented Parliament interfering in their business and no one wanted to repay Britain for the Seven Years war which was really to protect colonialists from the French and Indians in the west

In addition, we resented that they prevented us from continuing to print and circulate our own colonial currency which caused countless people then to economically suffer
And, No not the Civil War..

If you really think it was fought to keep Union together and free negroes, then.. We'll be nice and suggest you stop watching the now diluted History channel

Back then as now, Wall Street controlled commodity prices..  So they continually artificially devalued cotton, rice and other Southern staple crops i.e. what the farmers could actually charge while making a financial killing with the processing of these things into food, clothing, etc..
Southern cotton growers actually found it cheaper to send their cotton to Liverpool England to have it processed than a northern US state..

Its too detailed to go into all the similar examples of what economic life was like in the decade or two prior to secession but basically we had a Feudal state but just of slave master-slave and Industrialist-immigrant worker but sectionally as South was under the thumb of the North
And WWII?  No that was economic too

Everyone knows FDR was trying to get America into the war since the Nazi invasion of Poland in Sept. 1939..

We economically benefited from policies such as Land-Lease where we sold Britain war munitions in exchange for some of their territories around the world

And every historian will tell you that what eventually got us out of the Great Depression was mobilizing the civilian population into 24/7 war production
So once again..

No war ever in the history of man was ever engaged where economics was not the primary focus

Because things like religion and 'doing the right thing' may feed the soul but its money that buys what is needed to feed the belly

We sometimes wonder what would have happened if the US never got involved in WWI and Kaiser Germany won?

Since they'd have been the victor, we can't imagine their economy would have gotten so bad to allow pieces of shit like the Nazi party to take over thus the chances of Holocaust and 12 million people of all faiths dying for no reason would not happen

And if there's no Hitler, perhaps there is no World War II where counting Holocaust totals, 50 million lost their lives

Of course we'll never know..  No such thing as a time machine, darnnit
But sometimes the things we celebrate really are not deserving of it and what we think of as good outcomes actually might not have been.

History is funny like that

So the President may be there in France to 'celebrate' US involvement in WWI and the beginning of continual meddling in involvement in global affairs but we certainly are not.