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Friday, June 23, 2017

Ethnic Diversity and Tolerance in the Confederacy

It's Friday.. End of another long week..

Sorry we didn't write anything yesterday but we simply will not write empty fluff filler when there is nothing actually relevant going on in the news to talk about..

And right now there is truly nothing meaningful going on to report, though of course those 24 hour cable news networks do not have the luxury of being particular so they have to report and sensationalize everything to keep the eyeballs glued or the advertisers will be most displeased

Just more filler and fluff from them, so when nothing is worth writing about in the present, one always can go back into the past to find something interesting as we did by looking at what happened in history today June 23rd
Most events occurring today are not very earth-shattering or memorable but one event stood out and well explain why in a moment

Today in Oklahoma back in 1865, Confederate Brigadier General Stand Watie was the last major officer of high rank to surrender to the Union and put down arms

So who is this Stand Watie?  Kind of an odd name for a Caucasian

And that's what make it so interesting and special for Watie wasn't white like all the other Generals on both sides of the Civil War but was a full blooded Cherokee and leader of his people.
And the justified hatred of American Indians toward the bigoted, intolerant northern Union was so intense that he not only took up arms and raised an army of brave Cherokee, Muskogee and Seminole  but was given that very high rank while doing so

The Cherokee and allied warriors under Watie became a potent Confederate fighting force that kept Union troops out of southern Indian Territory and large parts of north Texas throughout the war, but spent most of their time attacking other Cherokee who for no sensible reason sided with the bluecoats.
So many examples where diverse groups of people were given opportunities to succeed in the Confederacy that never ever were allowed in the Union and yet they created that bullshit narrative that the CSA was about hate and the north was about tolerance and equality

For instance, Jewish people served in very high positions in the Confederacy including Sec. of War, Sec. of State, Attorney General  (Judah Benjamin served in all thee capacities at one time or another) and Quartermaster General

The first Jewish person to serve in a US President's cabinet did not take place until 70 years later under FDR

The first two Jewish people to serve in the US Senate also came from Southern states that eventually seceded
We express this not to cast any kind of negative light on Jewish people but just the opposite.. To show that the CSA was a culturally diverse, tolerant society and the Union was not

Nearly 1,000 Hispanics also served in the Confederacy, mostly fighting in Texas while a couple thousand served for the Union

Probably the most famous Hispanic to serve and kill the enemy was a woman!

Loretta Janeta Velazquez, a Cuban woman, claimed to have fought in the war disguised as a Confederate soldier, Lt. Harry Buford. She chronicled her amazing and harrowing adventures in an account called "The Woman in Battle".
Even Chinese Americans served in the Confederacy..

While there were only a few hundred Asians living in the South at the time of the War for Southern Independence, records exist for several of these men becoming Confederate soldiers.

Charles Chon, a Chinese National, was a private in Company K, 24th Texas Dismounted Cavalry Regiment, C.S.A. He was killed at the Battle of Franklin, TN, on Nov. 30, 1864, and is buried on the battlefield at the McGavock Confederate Cemetery.

Another Asian-Confederate was William Henry Kwan of Co. B, 15th (or 12th) Virginia Battalion of Light Artillery.
Another verified Asian Confederate is John Fouenty, a native of China, who was a cigar-maker in Savannah, GA, when the war broke out. He served in the Confederate army for a year, then was released because he was under age.

You will never ever hear of this by those bastards (most white-guilt liberal pieces of shit) who want to treat the Confederate flag like its a hate-filled racist symbol because it contradicts their carefully created lies

They always leave out the historical Fact that over 100,000 blacks willingly served and fought for the Confederacy including some under the direct command of General Nathan Bedford Forrest who historical revisionists love to demonize.
When the war started, Forrest asked 45 of his slaves (which he considered as servants) to join him, offering them their freedom after the war, no matter how it turned out.

They all joined him and although they had numerous opportunities to desert him, 44 stayed by his side until the end of the war.

In fact, part of his special command escort later called "the green berets", consisted of the most elite and best soldiers available, and among them were 8 black men.
We leave you with a diary entry from a  Corporal Robert Watson, 1st Florida Cavalry (parenthesis are ours) which reads:

"Diary: 1862---Feb 23. Sunday.  Truly this is a cosmopolitan company, it is composed of Yankees, Crackers, Conchs (term used back then to describe people from the Florida Keys), Englishmen, Spaniards, Germans, Frenchmen, Italians, Poles, Irishmen, Swedes, Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian; but all are good southern men. There are also Scotchmen, Welshmen and some half Indians, surely this is the greatest mixture of nations for a small company that I ever heard of."

Have a good weekend

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dems: So Much Noise & Bluster.. Nothing But Failure

Last night there was a congressional run off election in the suburbs of Atlanta. Ga that under normal circumstances, no one outside of that district would have given a darn about or spent 2 seconds following

Of course since those parasitic Democrats dumped millions upon millions of dollars into the race in the desperate hope of giving President Trump his first political defeat, the election took on a life of its own, especially it being the most expensive congressional race ever

Guess who won?
Yep..  The good guys, or in the case of the victor, a good gal.. The Republicans

The Republicans also won a special election in SC so Trump  is now 4 for 4 in post inauguration congressional victories

WSJ described it as "a big blow to Democrats, who were hungry for a victory to demonstrate that grass-roots, anti-Trump energy gives them a shot at taking control of the House in the 2018 midterm elections"

Well of course it is..
Let's put aside the fact that as a party and individuals, they are Losers, what is it that liberals stand for besides political correct fascism, globalism where America is to be brought down a few pegs, and bending over backwards to accommodate every depraved sexual lifestyle and backward archaic fundamentalist Muslim belief?

Sincerely..  What does that rotten party stand for?

And as we've said before, in 6 months, the Democrats in Congress have not defeated Trump once.. Not on anything..
His confirmations and appointments.. Approved.  

His legislation thus far.. Approved..

They couldn't stop Trump from not entering the Trans-Pacific Partnership or the horrible Paris Climate Accord or correctly re-establishing the travel ban to Cuba as long as its run by a Communist dictatorship

One by one, all that was Obama policy-wise is being eradicated from memory and not a damn thing the Dems can do to stall or stop it

The only road block has been activist judges appointed by Obama and Bill Clinton who have delayed the vetting and blocking of Muslims from entering our country

The assumption is the Supreme Court will agree to hear arguments on it or it could delay deciding until next year..  One of those 'who knows..'  but if that's the only 'victory' the Dems can claim, its pretty pathetic as a petty obstructionist party

We predict that if the Republicans in the Senate can get their act together and unite to overturn Obamacare and if Trump's tax reform bill is passed by next summer, the GOP should hold on to both houses of Congress

If they can not succeed in this, they open the door to a lot of messiness as those verminous Democrats are drooling all over themselves at the opportunity to impeach and remove Trump simply because the man breathes

But for now, last night's results were very positive and will make the Dems even more insanely furious

Which isn't a bad thing..

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Markets Be A Climbin' Into the Air Based on Air

Today as of this writing, the Dow is at 21,524 

Honestly 8 years ago when it was 8,539 on June 19, 2009, we'd never imagine it would get this high 

Of course we never imagined all the tricks and schemes of the central banks of the world, foremost the Fed to prop it up so dramatically to enrich all those who caused the 2008 crash

Think about that number for a moment...  In 8 years, it has risen 12,965 points
On election night 2016 before the cowardly, greedy investors had a mini-panic attack and dumped stock, the Dow was at just about 18,000

So it has gone up 3,524 or thereabouts in 6 months..

Now where did this new found wealth come from?   Certainly nothing tangible or you know, Real..

Guess that's why the vast majority of Americans' economic lives are not much better than when the lil' brown monkey became President
As stated a moment ago, the reason the market is so high and keeps rising is because central banks have intervened in the market in an unprecedented fashion for over 8 years. 

They have transformed stock markets into signaling devices that are intended to boost the perception of increasing wealth, whether earnings and productivity are actually increasing or not.

Remember in this world we live in, perception is reality.
The idea was/is to generate a "wealth effect" and calm people so they don't take their money out of the banks in droves or even worse, try to save

This perception of a growing economy encourages people to borrow and spend more as they feel their wealth is increasing. This will (so goes the assumption) overcome the stagnation of wages and spending, and spark a gloriously self-reinforcing consumer credit-spending binge.

In other words, a self-fulfilling prophecy so everything gets back to a central bank controlled 'normal' where the 'haves' continue to have in abundance and the 'have nots' believe the con that one day they will have too

This is how governments and banks have dealt with recessions for decades
This is considerably different from a stock market which accurately reflects where the economy is at the moment based on a open market of decentralized buyers and sellers, which reflects statistical data and sentiment regarding the real-world economy of sales, profits and productivity.

In other words, a thermometer that keeps accurate temperature reading

Traditionally speaking, the stock market is a discounting mechanism

What that means is the market absorbs data about the present and projects that into the future. If growth appears to be slowing, the market discounts future earnings and stock valuations decline accordingly.
If growth appears to be picking up, the market increases its expectations of earnings and valuations expand accordingly.

But even though global growth is visibly slowing, stock markets keep going up.


There are several dynamics in play. One is that human players now account for no more than about 10% of market activity; the rest is robots and ETF (exchange traded funds) buying and selling.

Yes,, only 10% of investing is done by living, breathing creatures
Another is that central banks have been major buyers of ETFs and stocks, and this is unprecedented. 

For instance, the Swiss Central Bank is now a major shareholder of Apple and Amazon, and the Bank of Japan owns a significant chunk of Japanese ETFs.

Central banks once bought assets such as bonds and futures as a temporary plunge protection team tactic to stop a downturn from accelerating into a rout or crash. 

Now they are buying trillions of dollars in bonds and stocks during so-called "good times" to keep the market lofting higher even as growth slows.
This permanent intervention via buying stocks has distorted what the market can tell us so rather than communicate a sense of how the real economy is doing, the market now reflects the will of central banks to keep the market lofting ever higher on the back of central bank purchases and liquidity.

This has created a disconnect between the market and the real economy, a gulf that widens daily.

Can it continue? 

Unfortunately yes, as long as central banks keep buying stocks and increasing liquidity.
Good luck getting this truth from mainstream TV and print financial news

But there is a cost to this manipulation: there is little information left in the market other than the enthusiasm of central banks to push valuations higher and suppress volatility.

This lack of reality-based information and the homogenizing of sentiment leaves traders and owners alike with a false sense of confidence, and sets up a Titanic Mindset

Something like "Hey, we can maintain full speed through this dangerous ice field in a flat-calm sea because this ship is unsinkable: the "experts" told me so.  We'll just crash through those little bergs..No worries, mate.."
Pretty much everyone today who follows stocks knows what happened on October 24, 1929 then continued on the 29th...

Trust us.. Very few to none expected it on October 23rd much less on June 20th of that year

We like Trump a lot but if he honestly thinks he is the reason the market is climbing for no real-world rhyme and reason and this is going to continue unbridled, he will find himself sadly mistaken

The moral of this little tale:  Don't get complacent..

Monday, June 19, 2017

Illinois: One of Many Deadbeat States

Today we're going to pick on the state of Illinois and not just because we hate their two 'native' sons Obama (really was foreign born) and Lincoln (was born in Kentucky)..

Well not so much the people living there..

OK, we're going to point out the financial drain a certain minority group has become on the state but otherwise a no-blame zone
We've had many examples in past and present of deadbeat cities such as Detroit and NYC in the 1970s and deadbeat territories (Puerto Rico recently) that had to be bailed out by taxpayer dollars just to keep the governments running and poor ignorant minority populations from rioting

Now it looks like Illinois will be the first US state to have over-extended itself to such a degree that it begs for Federal assistance  (states are not allowed to file in bankruptcy court like cities and municipalities thus far..)

Here's some recent example of how their continued financial mismanagement and their nanny-state system of giving money to all those inner city blacks who keep making babies and getting more checks is destroying the state:
Roadwork Could Shut Down Across Illinois Due To Budget Impasse  (Chicagoist) – "Roadwork across Illinois may grind to a halt at the end of June due to the continued state budget impasse, a representative for the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) announced Wednesday. IDOT will be unable to pay contractors on July 1, unless the state passes a stopgap funding measure...

Illinois has gone almost two full years without a state budget, which has hit education funding throughout the state and generated more than $14 billion in unpaid bills."

Powerball, Mega Millions to Halt Illinois Lottery Due to State’s Inability to Pay Winners (Mish) – Both Powerball and Mega Millions Lotteries Will Pull Out of Illinois on June 30 due to the budget impasse.

Without a budget in place, the state is not authorized to make payments to the association or Mega Millions.

Lottery proceeds are about 2% of state revenue... Revenue corporate income tax collection is down 41.3%. 

Could Illinois be the first state to file for bankruptcy?  (CBS) –  A financial crunch is spiraling into a serious problem for Illinois lawmakers, prompting some observers to wonder if the state might make history by becoming the first to go bankrupt. 

At the moment, it’s impossible for a state to file for bankruptcy protection, which is only afforded to counties and municipalities like Detroit.

Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection could be extended to states if Congress took up the issue, although Stanford Law School professor Michael McConnell noted in an article last year that he believed the precedents are iffy for extending the option to states. Nevertheless, Illinois is in a serious financial pickle...

Ratings agency Moody’s Investor Service earlier this month downgraded Illinois’ general obligation bonds to its lowest investment grade rating, citing the state’s growing pile of unpaid bills and its mounting pension deficit. 
Illinois, by the way, has the lowest credit rating of any state. Lower ratings mean higher borrowing costs, since lenders view such borrowers as riskier bets...

As noted by the Fiscal Times, Illinois is the only state that’s been operating without a balanced and complete budget for almost two years.

Gov. Bruce Rauner said after the Illinois Legislature failed to produce a full 2017 budget earlier this month, “We’re like a banana republic. We can’t manage our money,”

Yes you are & No you can't
A lot of the financial drain is due to a black population that is a whopping 14.5%  (and an absolutely disgusting 33% of all Chicago residents!)..

While to some, it might not seem fair or nice to pick on them, let's compare that state to a couple others with low black populations to see how their economies are doing..

In South Dakota, only 1.3% of the state is black and it possesses the 6th lowest unemployment rate in the nation at 3.8%.. It is also ranked 13th in education
In North Dakota, only 5.8% of population is black and it was ranked by Business Insider as the strongest state economy in the nation with the 2nd lowest unemployment rate (3.1%) and highest growth rate in nation (7.1%)..  It's also ranked 6th in education

Illinois is 30th..

We will never ignore truth or facts for political correctness

So back to deadbeat land of Lincoln..
Based on the immensity of its pension obligations, the legal barriers to simply cutting benefits, and falling tax revenues, Illinois is a lock to default on some or all of its obligations in the next few years.

This affects pensioners, state contractors and pretty much anyone who cares about or depends upon local public services.

In other words, life is going to get a lot harder for people living in the state, and especially for those living in double-bankrupt sanctuary city Chicago.

But the real question is once Illinois is magically bailed out, who is next?
If Illinois defaults, how far behind can New Jersey, Kentucky, or Connecticut be?

The next big question is: How will stronger governments respond to the implosion of weaker ones? If the failed states are bailed out by the still-solvent, what does that do to the latters’ balance sheets?

It becomes the haves giving to the have-nots which is exactly what socialism is

But at the end of the day, it becomes the fault of the voters of Illinois

Instead of caring about real-world problems like this, so many especially in the media are only focused on Russia meddling, alleged 'obstruction' and Impeachment-mania

Such a mess..

Friday, June 16, 2017

Where is the 'Bastard' Trump We Love & Need?!

Overall, we at A&G have pretty much consistently supported Trump

However it does not mean there are not times he deeply frustrates and irritates us with what seems total imbecility and/or naivety

For example, as we stated yesterday after being constantly attacked and wished dead by every piece of shit Hillary supporter over the last 6 months, he had a golden opportunity thanks to the shooting of that Congressman the other day to finally go on the attack a la Godfather and just deal all his enemies a severe strike:
To shut down that Central Park "play" depicting his killing..

To severely punish and impede the mainstream media who are his enemies

To get SNL and shows like that to curb its content or get taken off air

To get a law passed where any depiction of the hurting or killing of a President even under the guise of 'art' is a felony and you will be arrested and put in jail for a very long time..

Instead we get Nothing...  Nothing!
We get 'let us all come together..'

Sorry but Fuck that!

When you deal with bullies, you have to beat them down swiftly and roughly

Remember how everyone on the evil left kept calling him 'Hitler.. Hitler' during the campaign..

Well sometimes you need a little bit of that mindset
We don't advocate or seek violence but it was the policy of Hitler and the Nazis that among civilian populations they interacted with, for every one of theirs that got hurt or killed, they would punish 100..

That '100 for 1' mindset needs to be incorporated into the war (and there is a war) with the mentally sick liberal left to shut them down by all legal means necessary at a President's disposal..

Turn the other cheek just is not acceptable..

They're going to hate and despise Trump no matter what so why this 'Mr Nice Guy' routine?
Then yesterday afternoon he unleashes a bunch of tweets about that cunt Hillary and how crooked n' corrupt both she and the rest of the Dems are concerning the email scandal and mentions this continuing 'witch hunt'

And yet what did the Donald say almost immediately after he won?

He's not going to go after Hillary and direct the Attorney General or Justice Department to prosecute her even though he kept saying he would on the campaign trail -- repeatedly!

Sorry but can't have it both ways..
If the closet dyke bitch is 'corrupt' and did criminal needs, then do whatever is needed to start an investigation and prosecute her!  Otherwise, stop bringing the deeply ugly looking woman up!

And if its a witch hunt, which it certainly is, why did you Trump agree to a special prosecutor?

And if the guy handling it, Robert Mueller is a Dem who was Comey's mentor and is filling his staff with Democrat attorneys, why are you not requesting someone else be appointed?

And yet complain, complain in tweets..  Jesus!
He's the most powerful man in the free world.. He dropped the 'Mother of All Bombs' on Syria and holds the nuclear codes..  And yet such a fucking weakling where it counts..

Like Trump bitches n' bitches about how unfair the mainstream news treats him..

OK, then why do you let those fuckers on-board Air Force One when you travel domestic or abroad?

Why do you still have daily press briefings and take questions from them?

Why do you do exclusive one-on-one sit down interviews with those networks?
It really makes absolutely no sense why Trump who seems to love to go on the offensive when it comes to stupid tweets, does not go on the offensive where it counts

He keeps calling the Democrats 'obstructionists' as if that word means anything to them

Well they are..

So cut them out of the political loop..  Stop being respectful and civil toward them..  Stop showing the Democrats deference and making conciliatory gestures..

Can't have your cake and eat it too when dealing with vermin.
On policy, we've been more than happy with the President thus far but we have to say in some areas like this, he just makes us sick to our stomachs

Why is the only person on the evil left to suffer in any way for treating Trump and conservatives like trash is 4th tier D-list so-called comedian Kathy Griffith?

Why has everyone else escaped payback?
We wrote on this before..  We supported and voted for 'Bastard' Trump; the vengeful man who went for the proverbial 'kill' toward Megyn Kelly, the Bushes, Marco Rubio, McCain, Ted Cruz and rotten Hillary

And Eviscerated them..

Where the Hell is that man!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Really Understanding WHY Thursday's Shooting occurred?

We're putting out Thursday's posting early because we're just so angry..

We hate liberals..     Deeply.

After the events of Thurs. morning where a pathetic piece of shit Bernie Sanders supporter opened fire on Republican congresspeople practicing at a baseball field for an upcoming charity game injuring 5 people after asking which political party's team was on the field...

Well we guess its possible to despise them even more..
The news will treat this as a closed story especially since the fuckhead loser shooter was shot dead and it does not help the 'remove-Trump' narrative but it is not..

Far from it.

The first question that has to be asked is why?

Now the media will mention he held a lot of Trump anger in him and there will probably be some psychological profile released showing the man to be unhinged or going through personal traumas, etc..

But that's not the 'why' we are talking about?
Why is it a man in his mid 60s felt so violently angry that Trump was President that he felt the need to do what he did, knowing at least in the back of his mind he'd be arrested or shot dead?

The blame for the victims of Thursday's attack lay Squarely on the feet of the Democrat Party and mainstream media because they working in tandem over the last couple years have intentionally spread the continuing lie that Trump is evil, horrible, the devil and he winning would mean essentially the death of freedom and democracy!
They provided the 'food' that perversely nourished the warped, sick liberal minds around the country to cry hysterically when Hillary lost and start protest riots in the streets and embraced the mantra of "Resist.. Resist" as if they were patriots against a fascist leader

Then once the election was over, they've non-stop put out this bullshit lie that Trump colluded with the Russians to manipulate the results in his favor then obstructed justice to stop the 'truth' from coming out and that for the nation to be saved from tyranny, he had to be impeached and removed before Memorial Day.

That's the shit that god-damn political party along with their mainstream media hench-people were feeding their mentally sick left-leaning ilk
And after Thursday, they will never admit they were in any way responsible

Of course not..  It's only a power-grabbing game to them..

Keep whipping their stupid bitch n' bastard commoner supporters into a constant frenzy so they keep donating out of anger and fear and don't forget to vote in midterms in another 15 god-damn months..

Fucker Democrats..
And while most people will not pick up a weapon and literally try to assassinate the people in office they politically disagree with, the left hopes and dreams for it..


You really think Kathy Griffin is the only fuck liberal who ever thought of wished the President was beheaded?  Or said it privately?
You really think those liberal mother fuckers in Central Park were giving standing ovations to Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' where he is depicted as Trump being stabbed to death, because the acting was good?

You really think the NY Times and American Express would defend the right of the company who put on the play to express themselves as they wished if Caesar was played by a black man supposed to be Obama?

Of course not..
The left are deeply Evil, Despicable people

They are so full of hatred and lunacy toward Trump thanks in part to a bitter election where their party poisoned the man in their loyalists' minds, that they need to see/think of him or Republicans in general being killed to feel some kind of mental orgasmic catharsis

And don't you kid yourself for a second otherwise

No coincidence that pieces of cowardly liberal trash went on Twitter after the shooting to cheer it and express hope the President is next
We thought it was so pathetic that after Speaker Paul Ryan spoke in front of Congress, Democrat Minority Leader and cunt Nancy Pelosi expressed that even more than ever she prays for the safety of Obama and his family..

Oh yes, then she mentions the President..  No secret how she ranks priorities

We really do not have the slightest clue why Trump does not go on the warpath against the left and shut them down the way other Presidents in the past have when groups of people show themselves to be a great danger to the safety and security of the State

Just makes no sense how much he tolerates

In this this country you're not allowed to profile by race, ethnicity, etc but there's no law saying you can not profile by political affiliation and that starts with every Hillary or Bernie donor of time or money
We are so glad no victim who was shot Thursday died (as of this writing)

We are happy the shooter was killed by police of course..  His corpse should be fed to dogs

Unless that god-awful Democrat party and its corrupt, morally bankrupt leadership start telling their followers to 'cool it', we fear some other liberal loon will try something else to someone else..

And even more, we fear the President will still hold back striking down the Hammer of Thor and viciously go after that political party and the media that wishes him so much ill..
Just a sad, sick country

Thank God Trump is President..

Just imagine how horrific life would be if those vermin were in power..

Be back Friday with something hopefully more uplifting to write about