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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

T-Minus 1 Day, 23 Hrs or 'Seven Questions to Democrat Loyalists'

Well its down to less than 48 hours before the Inauguration ceremony that will push a really putrid black man out of the White House and put someone into office who actually wants to make America better for Americans..

As the days have been slowly counting down to this eventual moment and we've seen the left act like everything from emotionally retarded imbeciles to deeply immature toddlers, we've been thinking of some questions we'd like to ask these rotten Democrats if given the chance

Maybe if you the reader wish to, you can copy/paste the following Q's and ask yourself..

Question 1:  If given the choice, would you rather have events play out as they have i.e. eight years of Obama followed by Trump or that McCain/Palin won and ran the nation the past eight years (this means no bullshit gay marriage, no Obamacare, etc..) but a Democrat wins in '16 (not Obama or Hillary)?
Question 2:  Putting aside all that bullshit that Russia gave Trump the victory, who do you think was most to blame for your failure as a political party to win -- The Democrats anointing Hillary as their nominee as far back as 2 years ago, discouraging any major candidate from running, the fact she was/is such a deeply corrupt and unlikable person or that her political strategy was to middle-finger working whites while sucking up and pandering to the handout classes?

Question 3: Knowing what you know now that Trump is going to be your President very soon (whether you want to admit it or not), had Russia supposedly "meddled" to help Hillary win, would it have upset or bothered you in any way as you claim it does now?
Question 4:  There have been 3 Congressional elections since Obama took office in 2008 and each time the Democrats lost more and more seats, going from controlling both Houses in '08 to controlling nothing in '16..   Do you blame your boy even a little bit?

Question 5:  Do you have any regrets you backed Obama knowing full well deep down that he was so racially divisive that more people deeply hate & despise blacks today (collectively speaking) than since the 1960s and this nation will in all likelihood because of him not have another black President in many, many generations?
Question 6:  If  Hillary had won and Republicans kept shouting 'Not my President', GOP Congresspeople boycotted the Inauguration & all that nonsense, would you say 'no worries--that's democracy' or would you accuse those people of being hateful sexist and misogynist pigs?

Follow up..  If people acted like this in 2008 would you have laughed it off with a shrug or call those people 'racists' and wanting to destroy them so they were unable to ever find employment and treated like social piranhas?    Don't lie now...
Question 7:  If God-forbid we ever suffer through another 9/11-like attack and Trump's approval ratings spike up to 90% approval like W Bush did at the time, will that make you sick to your stomach?  Or will you rally behind him?  Or will you still mock him as the nation deals with tragedy?

There's probably more things we'd like to ask a Democrat if we could stomach doing so..   You just can not talk to zombies

T-minus 1 day, 23hrs, 4 minutes till Trump is sworn in..

We don't know what the weather will be in your part of the world this coming Friday but we will predict it will be sunny