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Monday, April 17, 2017

Always A Way Around Everything..

One thing about the political stance of A&G which sometimes puzzles our readers on occasion is that overall, we are more conservative and traditional leaning, but not Republican per se and in no way, shape or form are we fiscally conservative.

Yes we hate Democrats collectively (there's always some good individual liberals out there somewhere..) but over the last few decades, we have not been too impressed or pleased with many factions within the party that act as self-interest serving mavericks
For instance, the reason Obamacare got passed in the first place about 8 years ago was scummy Republicans like current GOP Maine Senator Susan Collins and then GOP Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Spector (who was mad he wasn't given a Committee chair by GOP so switched Democrat) made side deals with Obama in exchange for their votes for passage

And we've always despised Wall Street, banks and corporations which is why we haven't been actively rooting for the stock market to keep climbing as it has overall since Trump's win
None of them were ever punished for 2008's market crash as they deserved and when you have an election like last year where both candidates looked very favorably at Wall Street, then one must just block that part of of mind and vote on other issues or concerns..

Corporations are soulless profit making machines..

Nothing more or less
If they must pander to every group under the sun, use sterile PC language like 'Happy Holidays' to give the impression of inclusion and make strategic charitable investments in the community to appear human to maximize profits, then so be it

All those companies that President Trump touted because they agreed to stay in the US and not ship jobs and factories overseas..  None of them did it for patriotic reasons, much less the slightest care for American people

They are anticipating heavy tax reductions along with increased financial incentives which they will use that increased profit to pay to shareholders and/or invest heavily in automation so to ultimately make even more US workers redundant..

And they won't hesitate to lay off as many people as possible in the meanwhile so to improve their bottom line
Take Boeing..

Two months after Trump visited their SC plant and repeatedly touted them and how he saved the tax payers hundreds of millions of dollars through negotiations with them,  Boeing's VP sent a letter to employees announcing that the company will lay off "hundreds" of engineers as soon as this week, affecting Washington and "other enterprise locations."

These aren't the people who work in the food commissary or clean the toilets..

These are the jobs that require in many cases masters and doctorates..  You know.. the good paying jobs that aren't easily replaceable in your local want ads
When a business fires people for profit-motive reasons during a recession or depression, its called Downsizing..  When its during an economic boom, its called Restructuring..

The intent is the same.

You see in business, there's ways around Everything..
For instance, let's say we at A&G own a major corporation that is heavily dependent on US sales and we really want to relocate our factories elsewhere but certainly don't want to pay a 15% excise tax...

So what do we do?

First we make a big statement that we're staying in the US which gives us good press and maybe even some face time with the President..

Then after figuring all the money we're going to save through a dramatically low tax rate and other incentives, we fire hundreds if not thousands of people making serious money whom we can ultimately replace with foreign workers with advanced degrees
Next we secure work visas and follow all protocol steps so these people from other nations are Legally entering the country, and now our factories have hundreds if not thousands of foreigners from around the world doing the jobs of US born people at maybe 10-15% less wages which is probably still 35% more than they'd be getting at their nation of origin

And everyone is happy..  Factories are staying in the US (of course our corporation is still expanding with factories overseas).. No 15% Tariff kicker..  The President looks good and helps for re-election..  The everyday person is none the wiser..

Everyone happy..   Well except for those American born people with advanced degrees now working at Best Buy and Target
Remember two things folks...

1)  Always a way around everything for corporations & banks

2)  If not for credit cards, the global economy would crash within 8 hours upon itself because most people do not possess the immediate funds to pay for even the most basic things..

Credit cards for the vast majority are either buffers between paychecks and/or a means to survive another day while having just enough to make the minimum payment
If we suddenly became a society where the only methods of payment accepted were cash and debit cards, there'd be no more society..

Such a crazy world how we're conditioned to root and cheer for the entities that enslave us...