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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Did President Trump Read Our 4/17/17 Blog?? lol

Sometimes it feels like President Trump is reading our mind..

Or blog..

We're sure he isn't but it was funny that yesterday we wrote how profit-first companies like Boeing circumvent the hiring of Americans by firing as many of them as they can get away with, then bringing people in from overseas via work permits and visas to do those jobs for less
So they get the 'credit' of keeping factories and plants in the US while avoiding penalties and fines for relocating and instead just bring the 3rd world workforce to America while putting these workers at the head of the legal immigration line..

And today we read that he does not like this practice either..
President Trump will sign an executive order today that aims to overhaul the H1-B visa program used by tech companies to bring high-skilled workers to the U.S., directing a government-wide review aimed at putting new teeth back into decades-old “Buy American” and “Hire American” directives.

The administration says this order will make it more difficult for U.S. companies to look overseas for workers to fill middle-income jobs.

The current H1-B visa program is pretty much a lottery system that indiscriminately hands out work visas to contracting firms that recruit low-skilled, low-wage workers to replace working-class domestic laborers.

Large Indian consulting firms are by far the largest users of the H-1B visa program
Tech industry insiders expect Trump will direct the Department of Homeland Security, which runs the H-1B visa lottery system, to start a rule-making to re-prioritize the visa allocation to give preference to higher-paying firms. This pits tech firms against the Indian IT-staffing firms.

Prioritizing by salaries means visas for more senior, higher-paying jobs will be granted first, and visas for lower-paying jobs (such as those being filled by Indian IT services firms) would fall to the back of line, perhaps not getting allocated at all if demand for the high-wage job visas is strong.
It does not stop companies from hiring people overseas to be brought over to work here in the US but it makes it so the most specialized, advanced degree related jobs with the highest pay get first dibs so that it becomes such a chore for companies to hire low to mid-level foreigners, that basically their Forced to hire or retain Americans..

Pretty fucking sad that US companies that make the vast amount of its profit from American consumption can't stomach hiring American workers and if necessary taking the time to train, and thus must be forced to do the right thing!
A short personal story which ties in..

A long, long time ago in what feels like a galaxy far, far away, yours truly was applying for a bookkeeping job at a medium sized company so to be hired, a major prerequisite was you are knowledgeable on computers, which I was (and still am)

So the interviewer goes through a litany of different software programs to see if I know how to do them..  The software names are dated or outright obscure in 2017 lingo so I will skip listing them
One by one, I mention I know how to work such n' such and then there's one program I wasn't familiar with so the interview abruptly ends and the woman interviewer says basically 'Sorry.. we need someone who can do X'

Normally someone would just do the phony smile and handshake, then leave but that's just not my way..

I said directly.. "Why don't you take 4 hours and train me?!  Is your company so god-damn cheap that you can't commit half a day to teaching a new employee who is computer proficient or do you expect an applicant to know 50 software programs ahead of time just to earn $12/hr?!!"
Back then $12 for bookkeeping wasn't such a terrible salary but wasn't that 'wow' either

She seemed offended by my outburst which was the point since really there was nothing to lose once she said I wouldn't be hired

The greater point of all this being that companies, big and small are all extremely cheap bastards that will toss you aside the very second you are of no use to them, or not even let you in the door if they think they have to spend 10 seconds of their time training you

You are the one expected to get into countless tens of thousands of dollars in school debt to learn all the skills necessary to be work something to another while doing so as cheap as possible, all for their benefit
And if it had been cost effective, I am positive this company like so many others would have brought over someone from a third world nation to do the bookkeeping instead of bothering to put the ad in the local paper for Americans to apply for..

Absolutely no one should feel any loyalty or emotional fiduciary to the place where they work unless they personally own it or its family operated as in your specific family

But back to Trump' executive order..

The much needed order will also call for a review by federal agencies aimed at stricter enforcement of immigration and other laws governing the entry of workers into the U.S.
In addition to the visa program, federal agencies will be asked to review and minimize the use of waivers and exceptions to Buy American policies as well as assess the degree to which waivers included in free-trade agreements have hurt American workers.

If those waivers, which are part of trade agreements with nearly 60 countries, are deemed to have put the U.S. at a disadvantage, as administration officials believe to be the case, those deals are likely to be renegotiated
The order also will demand the use of American-made steel in publicly financed infrastructure and other construction projects. It clarifies that steel slab imported from and primarily constructed in foreign countries but finished in the U.S. won’t meet that directive.

As a senior administration official said Monday, "This ensures that the benefits of Buy American are felt throughout the supply chain,”
Good.. Good.. Good!

Buy American is nice but if Americans are not making the products or providing the services, then what does it really matter if the physical factories and plants are located here or not?

Corporations are rotten, disloyal, selfish dogs and if you don't treat them very roughly and firmly control them, they will do what they want for their own benefit and not feel slightest guilt for contributing nothing to their communities or society at large