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Friday, April 14, 2017

If Only We Could Drop a MOAB on Liberals

If you were of teenage years back in late 1981-early 1982 or just paid attention to top 40 music, you might have noticed a dramatic albeit temporary shift in the lyrics of a lot of hit songs

Suddenly it seemed every artist was writing songs about nuclear war, from Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Two Tribes" to the Fixx's "Red Skies" to German one-hit wonder Nena's "99 Luft Balloons"

What made this social-political ultra liberal music artists suddenly care about this issue when both the US and then Soviet Union had possessed a nuclear arsenal since the 1940's and the closest the world came to World War III was the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962?

Oh that's right.. Reagan became President in 1981
Recent history has shown that when a Republican is in the White House, the media along with the garbage entertainment industry tries as hard as possible to inject fear and loathing of that President nd create a narrative that the world is dramatically worse

And once the US won the Cold War in the late 1980s, you didn't hear these asshole music artists utter a peep about nuclear war, and were especially mum during the Clinton and Obama years

The lyrics were back to dancing and loving and fucking..
Of course now the evil media is banging the drum to eventual war

Liberals actually Want us to be militarily involved in Syria  -- its OK for liberals to see America bogged down for years in another nation's civil war and toss away trillions for 'humane' reasons while ignoring problems at home)

It is just not OK for us to deal with North Korea or Iran in a manner we should have a decade ago and prevent rogue nations from possessing nuclear capabilities..

Times like this, we wish the Rosenbergs were still alive so they could be re-executed as Communist traitors to the nation for giving away our nuclear secrets to the then Soviets
So yesterday Trump unleashed what is called the 'Mother of All Bombs' on a specific part of Afghanistan where ISIS and Al Queda are located amid the complex mosaic of tunnels which cost a Green Beret's life last Saturday when US forces manually tried to infiltrate

The major bomb killed 36 ISIS militants while no civilians were harmed  and a yr old resident of Achin district where the attack took place, was quoted by CBS as saying he welcomed the attack on ISIS:  “I want 100 times more bombings on this group.”

Then the piece of shit media decided to manipulate all this into a negative
They fact twist to make the argument it is morally wrong for America to bomb other countries indiscriminately, especially without UN approval; the same UN that allowed Russia to veto a Resolution stating Assad was responsible for the sarin gas attack last week

But see how those fucking globalists think..  We the United States need the Approval and Consent of the United Nations, who to them is Superior to us before we are Allowed to do anything

This is just one of a million reasons why the Democrats are such a cancer upon this nation
Of course one wonders how history would have been different if President Jimmy Carter had been a real man and invaded Iran and overthrew their putrid government in 1979 in response to the US hostages taken instead of letting them rot for a full year

Or if in some alternative-history universe, we declared war on Germany and Japan as soon as Poland was invaded in 1939 instead of waiting on the sidelines for 27 months

As said before, the US should have engaged in heavy repeated military strikes upon N Korea prior to them getting nuclear weapons much like we should take our Iran before they do
But overall politicians do not think long term..

They care about re-election, then Presidential library then legacy which end up being shackles to doing things more obvious and expedient

Trump thankfully does not seem to which is why everyone around the world, even many allies are so scared or wary of him

The tomahawk missile attack on Syria's air force base and the use of a 23,000 bomb in Afghanistan that creates a crater one mile in circumference was really intended as messages to North Korea and by extension China to be much more pro-active in getting that little nation into line
Life whether on a micro or macro level seems to be the same..

So many times a person is in a situation where one needs to deal physically and aggressively with a school bully, neighbor, co-worker or just anyone you accurately perceive as a threat

They need to be dealt with very harshly and immediate or else the problem will only get worse;  The term 'Regime Change' can also apply to individuals dealing with others

And yet there is this 'System' in place that controls all people and nations' survival instincts where one is just not allowed to hurt who needs to be hurt and punish those needing punishing..
They like to call such things being 'civilized' but its really being placed in permanent pens of powerlessness

Trump does not seem to be imprisoned by this control mechanism

Perhaps that makes him an even more important role model and inspiration for our everyday lives than we realize.

We may not get to be billionaires or sit in the Oval Office like Trump but if only we can inspire in our daily lives to have the courage to deal with our personal irritants and remove them as matter of fact and to the point as he does..

Happy Easter Weekend..