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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Lamenting Air Travel of Days Gone By..

Of all the news stories which inundated airwaves the last 10 days, the one that bothered us the most was involving a United Airlines passenger being forcibly pulled off the plane because he didn't just quietly acquiesce to the powers that be when they wanted him removed..

We admire that the guy did not just passively agree to leave his seat after United overbooked (which all airlines constantly do) and wanted to make 4 passengers suffer for their greed

And we greatly respect the guy that he was so determined to stay in his seat, that it took that much physical force to have him removed..
Most people would have ultimately cowered before it got to that point and left the plane as instructed like good little boys and girls

Admittedly, we probably would have to which is why we give the guy kudos and hope he sues United Airlines into bankruptcy

Personally I made the decision a long time ago that unless it was an absolute emergency I would never fly again until all the BS post 9/11 changes, both in faux safety and to maximize airline profit were rescinded
The last flight yours truly took was Christmas Evening, 2001, so that was over 16yrs ago..

It was three months removed from 9/11 and two months from when Bush Jr gave the airline industry a $10 billion bailout which at the time was a lot of money, though it seems small potatoes compared to the Trillions spent in 2008 and beyond to bailout the financial industry and banks...

And though there were military personnel standing in the terminals with machine guns, in many ways the flight was quite traditional and pleasant; probably the last of its kind..
TSA agents had yet to position themselves at security check-in to frisk passengers' breasts and crotch regions with lingering hands so it was still standard walking through the checkpoint and extending arms and so on so the magnetic wand could detect anything

You were also still allowed to lock your suitcases so not to worry that the people who put them on the plane weren't rummaging through with their dirty hands to possibly steal valuables

You were also allowed to bring half-opened bottles of water on the plane and one did not have to take off their shoes to see if explosive devices were hidden inside
The Christmas flight I took was around dinner time and whether it was due to the holiday or people just very hesitant to travel, the plane was at best 25% full

At one point I was offered a seat up to First Class during the flight but since there was absolutely no one on my row or the rows in front or back of me, I was quite content to stretch my legs and recline across three seats as I watched the TV monitor

The food provided was free..   So was the non-alcoholic beverage..  And the peanuts..  And the use of a pillow and blanket..

The only thing I remember paying for was rental of the headphone set
I remember not having to be charged for bringing two bags upon the plane for stowing and didn't have to concern myself with its weight for purposes of the airline trying to charge a fee

Overall it was quite a nice flight and as I was sitting and reflecting on the journey while occurring, I was astutely aware that there'd probably never again be another flight like this for myself or any other passenger flying commercial

Now everyone is packed in like sardines and God help you if very tall or overweight..
Everything also now costs extra..

One day the airlines will figure a way to charge people to breath 'clean' air vs the generic air circulating the cabin..  Just you wait n' see..

And really its pretty pathetic that in 30+ years of modern air travel, it now takes Longer to fly from one destination to another than it did in 1987
I also remember a wonderful thing back in the day called red-eye flights so a person didn't have to necessary go on a packed plane in the day time but instead could take a midnight flight where perhaps the plane was half full at best..

Remember how air travel was advertised as getting better as we moved further into the future?


The combination of fear of terrorism and the incessant desire of airlines to profit every way imaginable off passengers has made flying a horrible experience
 God forbid the airlines just do the obvious and profile Muslims and Arab people since they are the ones who are most likely to commit terror using a plane as a weapon or for purposes of hijacking

Remember every person responsible for 9/11 was a Muslim Arab from Saudi Arabia

Sorry PC people but its not black elderly grandmothers, Hispanic children or White businessmen in $2,000 suits we need to be worried about in the air
It's also the fault of passengers themselves for the terrible flying experience because few to none want to ever make personal sacrifices or alterations to their lives in order to take a stand

If people by and large stopped flying except in emergency situations, the airline industry would lose so much money that they would be forced to scale back their draconian policies and made sincere effort to once again make flying an enjoyable experience
As long as people passively put up with the inconveniences and put their immediate needs above a bigger picture, the airlines will never have any incentive to curb the petty gouging or take steps to make flying more comfortable..

But really that goes for everything in life..

The squeaky wheel Always gets the grease; all others get ignored
If I never fly in an airplane again for the rest of my life, I will not miss the experience nor have any regrets..

Been boycotting the airlines for 16 years and counting..

Just wish others would do the same