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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Life Lessons from How Fox News treated Bill O'Reilly

So its Thursday morning and yesterday Bill O'Reilly was fired from Fox News

All the mindless animals on the left feel quite proud of themselves for forcing the parent company 20th Century Fox to let go of their #1 rated host after 21 years of him being almost single-handedly the reason Fox News was #1 in cable ratings..

They basicallyoffered O'Reilly's severed head on a silver plate to the liberal maggots because loyalty means absolutely nothing to the Murdochs and the only core conviction that network possesses is appeasement to pressure groups

But there are still some good lessons  everyday people can take from what happened to O' Reilly and the unfairness of his dismissal:
1)  Never compromise your core values/beliefs..  Not one iota!

O'Reilly tried so hard to be both fair and balanced throughout his long tenure as host..

He would say needlessly complimentary things about liberal pieces of shit like Obama and Hillary, expressed his support for gay equality and pretend marriage, repeatedly call blacks by that complete bullshit hyphenated Afr-Am name the white-guilt PC crowd demands..

And in the end it did not matter a damn..
Unless he was a full fledged anus-liberal like that dyke Rachel Maddow or atheist prick Bill Maher, O'Reilly was forever going to be an enemy to the left no matter how much he tried to  be middle of the road..

Sean Hannity on the other hand never concedes any point to that rabid, rancid rabble on the left and he's smart for never doing so because when the enemy smells weakness, they go for the kill
2)  Never devote your life energy or passion to your employer

We talked about this the other day..

Unless it is your business or your family owns it, you are expendable and disposable as a piece of trash the moment that corporation has no use for you and can no longer be a benefit

Does not matter if you're a great salesperson who wins numerous company awards for generating most revenue or a loyal employee who never takes a sick day off, much less be tardy and has been with the company 50 years..

You are Nothing to your employer..  That is why your employer should be Nothing to you
According to from April 10th:

“The O’Reilly Factor” averaged more than 3.7 million total viewers and 652,000 in the key 25–54 demographic last week.  When compared to the same week in 2016, O'Reilly's prime-time program was up 28% in total viewers and 42%  in the key demographic that advertisers covet most, according to Nielsen Research."

And the fuckers at Fox News still fired him unceremoniously 9 days later..
3)  Life is not fair

Pretty obvious one but still..

The same fuck liberals that passionately defended President Clinton while he was in office when he sexually harassed every woman who breathed from showing Paula Jones his cock to pushing his penis inside intern Monica Lewinsky's mouth then ejaculating on her face and dress...

The same fuck liberals that had no problem with CNN giving a TV show to Eliot Spitzer After (not before) it was found out he repeatedly had sex with an expensive whore while married..
The same fuck liberals that had no problem with MSNBC giving that nigger race-baiting parasite Rev Al Sharpton his own show even though he was actively involved many years ago in this common black trash girl name Tawana Brawley who lied by saying she was raped by white guys back in the 1980s..

The same fuck liberals that absolutely adore Alec Baldwin for degrading Trump on SNL even though he once called his then 11 year old daughter a 'pig' and repeatedly have called paparazzi 'faggots'..
The same fuck liberals that love child rapist Roman Polanski so much, they gave him an Oscar for best Director a few years back and Hollywood still jumps at the chance to work with him; same for Woody Allen who had sex with his underage adopted daughter and eventually left Mia Farrow to be with her..

The same fuck liberals that gave actor Casey Affleck, half brother of Ben a Best Actor Oscar a few weeks ago even though he sexually harassed a woman in his past
The same fuck liberals that still hire John Travolta in films even though he is a closet homosexual and was accused of sexually harassing a cruise ship worker in 2009, paying him $12,000 to shush up , who allow X-Men director Bryan Singer to keep making films even though he sexually assaulted an underage teen boy, and who love/adore former LA Laker Kobe Bryant even though raped his masseuse in Colorado (that act actually gave him positive street cred) and paid her money not to press charges...

They all get a pass..

And yet O'Reilly had to be destroyed...
There's probably more life lessons to be gleaned from this but three is plenty for our purposes

We hope Fox News loses a ton of viewers and is hit very hard financially for this decision to dump O' Reilly as they did

Tucker Carlson, who will now move to 8p is a whiny lightweight while the afternoon show 'The Five' will move to 9p,  and really who finds that to be compelling TV?

Hannity is still on at 10p and the only thing on that network worth watching..
O'Reilly deserved much much better and if he was to be punished, it should have been at worse a suspension..

As we said before, we hope this really bites Fox News' financial bottom line hard, so much so that they beg O'Reilly to return...

And he tells them to fuck off..