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Thursday, April 13, 2017

More Trump Hate & The Insignificance Which Is Cannes.

We saw a headline this morning from the Guardian UK entitled 'Cannes takes on Trump with highly politicized lineup for 2017 film festival'

Partly, we reacted with some annoyance because the paranoia by the left over Trump is just so old and boring..

But mostly the reaction was a shrug

Nonetheless we still felt on writing about this trivial festival because it allows us to touch on broader points..
The reason we call Cannes 'trivial' in spite of the fact it is recognizable to many, is that movies themselves as political and social propaganda to change hearts and minds has become more trivial than ever before

They can make a million-billion movies depicting interracial couples with bi-racial children as 'normal', depict Islam as something beautiful and peaceful and promote gay marriage & the transgender lifestyle as if valid until blue in the face

But in spite of all the outward PC double-talk of hyphenated names and uber-tolerance for every deviance, deep down people still know right from wrong and express those thoughts privately to others they can trust
The Cannes Film Festival is really nothing more than wealthy movers and shakers of the international film community on the French Riviera peddling crap films to entice producers and distributors to take financial losses on in exchange for award prestige

Think of it like a glorified flea mart for films except everyone dresses up with expensive gowns and tuxedos

To show how completely inconsequential Cannes is, here is a list of its most recent winners of the Palme d'Or which is that artsy-fartsy French way of saying 'Best Picture':
2016 -- I, Daniel Blake

We never heard of this winner from last year and guarantee you did not either. since the film was not even released in the US a full year after winning that um, so-called prestigious award

It's about the self titled character who is denied employment and support allowance despite his doctor finding him unfit to work; we've no idea if it is a true story or not, but really who cares..
2015 -- Dheepan

Once again, a film that pretty much no one has ever heard of about Sri Lanka refugees fleeing to France.  

It made $248,000 in US box office meaning based on $8 per movie ticket, 31,000 people in a nation of over 320 million people bothered to see it
2014 -- Winter Sleep

Yet again, bet you never ever heard of it..   The film deal with wealth and power inequality in Turkey..  Another film never released in the US

Notice the pattern?   None of the films are joyous or uplifting and all deal with political/social issues rather than seeking to enlighten or inspire

We will do a couple more just to re-emphasize the point
2013 -- Blue is the Warmest Color

A few may know this one because of the soft-core porn intense sex scenes vividly depicted between two young women and probably because of it, the film was able to make $2.1 million in the US which is still very paltry

Wonder if it would have won if the film tackled lesbianism in a negative way?   You know the answer..
2012 -- Amour

If you've ever seen this film and are not French, you are a liar; the film is about an elderly French couple and one suffers a stroke and partial paralysis

Did you notice that not only did you really never heard of any of those films, they weren't even good enough to be nominated for Golden Globes much less the Oscars in any major category..
The last film that won Cannes' major prize that anyone other than film snobs heard about was in 2004 when that ugly liberal corpulent fuck-pig Michael Moore made 'Fahrenheit 911' which all the Bush haters gushed on..

By the way who won the 2004 election?  

Yes, Bush so guess the fake documentary was not too influential was it..

And neither will any of the Trump-hating shit that will be shown at the 2017 festival..
Free speech and expression is one thing, but movies are product and no different than potato chips or hot dogs..  They are meant to be consumed which in the case of film, the 'consumption' occurs via people paying money to sit and watch the film on screen or TV

Every film made, no matter big or small, quality or crap has costs - actors, the crew behind the scenes who do everything from costumes to set design, caterers, location costs, insurance, etc

There is an expenditure of money going out and unless these propaganda peddlers can find super-wealthy people willing to invest in something they know beforehand will be a major financial loss for purposes of tax write-off, it is all a big waste of time and energy

Much less expensive to write an anti-Trump manifesto and circulate via email to like minded liberal morons..
But the part that is most pathetic in all this is the media reporting the happenings of a film festival as 'news' while trumpeting the fact the focus will be against our President..

We're still waiting for someone with the guts to submit to Cannes a film about what total unethical, corrupt and/or criminal pieces of garbage Obama or Hillary was/is or how every single value and belief held by liberals is Wrong

Yep.. We'll be waiting a Longggg Time on that..
But since Trump couldn't give a damn, neither should we..  

In fact the more negativity that comes from the entertainment community and media, the more we should take great comfort Trump is keeping his word and doing as promised

So if/when he gets praised, that's when its time to feel queasy..