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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Relaxing More & More into the Trump Presidency

Have you noticed the liberal crap media trying to scare everyone that World War III is imminent?

That we're all going to die from bullets, chemicals, WMDs or the Big One..

Yep..  That must mean Trump is still our President
Now had everything occurred exactly the same late last week into this week with a Queen Hillary attacking Syria, they'd be writing endless articles of her bravery & courage as a woman, and moral resoluteness to make this a safer world

Trump could personally save the lives of children drowning in a well and those liberal fucks in the media would report it as 'Why is Trump not in the Oval Office doing this job?'

You know what we say is 100% true
Fortunately Trump genuinely does not care..

Admittedly it took us some time to understand this but...

We honestly believe now that when the President tweets or expresses some anti-media sentiment, it is not because he is bothered in the slightest but that he knows that his sincere supporters are, which of course makes us rally around him more than if the press was neutral

Funny how you'd think the media would also get that by now?
That the best strategy to make Trump look weak and ineffective (which is obviously their goal)  and not have his base constantly on alert, would be to just report straight accounting of his policies and actions fairly

You know.. without all the Democrat propaganda and personal venom injected, much less the personal op-ed hit pieces like the 6 part series the worthless LA Times wrote about him last week..

That's quite a lot of Trump hate when you think about it..  6 super long articles, one each day viciously attacking a sitting President who has only been in office about 80 days

Perhaps the Times could have written a part-7 where they bitch and moan that Trump breathes
The truth is the world is no closer to war today than it was last Tuesday

There's a lot of posturing going on by a deservedly embarrassed Putin and North Korea's leader has always been a little fat yapping dog

So all the power-hungry peacocks puff their chests and display plumage while strutting toward each other in circles

Cooler heads then prevail, continued detente wins the day and everyone forgets what happened last week by next Monday
Putting aside the media's obvious bias and hate toward Trump for a moment,  never ever forget that news is a business and their goal is to get you angry, fearful or both

Informing without provoking those emotions is a waste of time.

Used to be many decades ago where the news division of a TV network was expected to take financial losses because its goal was primarily informing the public truthfully..

Then it became a business as network heads demanded it be just as profitable as other programming so in came the female anchors who still to this day are mostly just teleprompter reading eye-candy, expensive newsroom sets and colorful graphics galore
As for newspapers, well..  They've always been shit but at least there was a time where they were more open about their rooting interests, calling their publication the 'X Democrat' or 'Y Republican'

But now more than ever, news is about getting attention and in the case of online news, getting people to 'click' which is why news headlines are so sensationalistic

All about the advertisers, baby..

Of course it used to be they were somewhat conservative so they didn't embrace bullshit like social progressive causes and if news agencies did then what they do now, there would be a massive pull of ads

Now those bastards only do that when its Breitbart or Bill O'Reilly
Unfortunately no person or entity can shut these outlets down for good so the next best option is to treat them like the empty noise they are and block those news outlets out which irritate you

Trump will still be President for at least another 3 years, 9 months no matter what these pricks say or do, so let them stew in the brine of their bowel-stenched juices

It had been so long since a real man was in the White House who actually shared our world view that we at A&G forgot that it absolutely does no matter what the media or bitter everyday people think about the direction of the nation
So let's strive (us included) to relax more and enjoy both the Trump Presidency and the complete mental meltdown of all his detractors..

Goodness knows they deserve the suffering and we deserve the joy..