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Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Constant Fight to Protect the 1st Amendment

Early Wednesday morning we read that eBay founder Pierre Omidyar donated $100 million to fight "fake" news and hate speech which got us thinking...

The fact that any person is so wealthy that he/she can willingly toss away $100 million on this idiocy is really disgusting
He could have spent that money combating poverty & homelessness or creating new jobs (especially in customer service where now its pretty much all Filipinos and Indians with broken English...) or paying his workers a fairer wage

Then again this is the same French born Iranian-American who donated over $100,000 to create an anti-Trump PAC during the election so we know how this fucker thinks and votes

So its very important to understand what Omidyar is really financially supporting

In the 21st century, liberal-minded people in the US and rest of western world have embraced the same mindset of Kings, Czars, Emperors, Fascists, Communists and Banana Republic 3rd world Dictators..

The only speech tolerated is speech they agree with

The First Amendment was not created to protect and celebrate what is popular or conventionally accepted

It was to protect the thoughts, opinions and world views that made some people frustrated, angry or offended; the unpopular or minority points of view..

And yes, even extreme points of view..
You must remember and understand what the American Revolution was really about..  The historians love focusing on taxes on stamps and tea, etc..    Um, No..  That was the elitist merchant class of the day who cared about that

Everyday colonists did not take up arms in violent revolution against the Crown and engage in the shooting and killing of British soldiers at Concord and Lexington over having to pay a tax to buy stamps, newspapers, dice and playing cards

Their basic rights were being continually infringed upon including the right to speak out or write criticism or satirically mock in word or caricature King George and Parliament because if the Crown took offense, you were to be imprisoned and if you owned a newspaper, it would be seized and torn down.
That is why our early leaders made freedom of speech the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights instead of 6th or 9th..  It was most important

Now these immature fuck liberals if they had their way, any speech They personally deem offensive or 'ill-informed' would be censored and punished..

Who the hell are They to judge others as to what is acceptable speech or news that is real v 'fake'?   Of course they are the same people that demand you not judge other people's immoralities and moral/ethical bankruptcy

Everything a double standard.. Everything a one-way street..
Perfectly OK for blacks to be racist bastards toward whites..

But can't call a black person 'Nigger'..  Nope..  No no no..  No.. No.. No!

It is not that the word should be used.. We simply resent others telling us not to because whether we like the word or not isn't important.. No individual or entity should have the power to set standards and coerce others to abide..

A person in a sincerely free society is free to say it if so choosing or else the free society no longer exists
Also seems we can't call them colored or negro or even black anymore...

It has to be Afr Am..  Their sweet delicate sensitive feelings can not handle anything but a hyphenated term giving them the illusion of exceptionalism

Now a black calling a black a Nigger?  Oh sure.. nothing wrong with that and if you're white and complain, then you're called 'racist' or made fun of for pointing out how absolutely bullshit that is

Those people even have a cow when referred to as 'those people'

For being so athletically gifted, blacks sure are emotionally weak
Then there's Muslims who teach children in their religious schools to hate anyone different than them and in the case of Jewish people, that they're dogs and rats deserving of being killed which would greatly please their prophet...

They deeply hate Christians and wish them dead too but since believers of Jesus aren't the statistical minority Jewish people are, they force themselves to keep their wicked thoughts more to and among themselves

Yet god forbid a Christian or Jew accurately says those things about Muslims
Not only is this society conditioned to knee-jerk attack those speaking it but Muslims with even thinner skin than blacks will commit violence and terror over the slightest insult

A painting of Jesus covered in elephant feces?  Art..  Muhammad covered in same feces?  Death to Everyone..

A painting of liberals covered in feces?   Where do we buy?
As stated many times before, those parasitic liberals who champion 'tolerance' and 'coexistence' and pretend they do not hate are disingenuous, hypocritical bullshitters

Those people Hate the President, Hate conservatives and their beliefs, Hate organized religion, Hate anyone telling them they're wrong and in the case of Caucasians, deeply Hate themselves and their ancestors!

You better believe if they have their way, there'd just be one political party - the Democrat party, and every belief, worldview or value that conflicted with their PC one-world, globalist, uber-tolerant, white-shame based dogma would be politically, economically and socially ostracized, if not outright jailed
The worst part of this is the President we elected to viciously fight this PC social engineering scourge instead embraces it by saying Afr-Am a million-billion times and pandering to every group under the sun (even more openly than Obama did)

And these liberal fucks still want to destroy him!!

So how can we fight this?

On a macro or broader level, we fear it may be a lost cause..
So much brainwashing of our young over many decades through the school system to teach them to speak and choose words that are absolutely unnatural to a free-spirited person and being PC is very good business for corporations - no one offended about anything so everyone shopping and spending $$

On a micro level however, you can fight back by not altering who you are, what you think and how you communicate with others
Now its just common sense that you don't go up to total strangers and say things that are vicious or cruel..You do have that legal right but really that would be idiotic and pathetic

We are saying you need to be in full control of your word choices and if anyone ever dares try to correct you, to remind yourself you are an adult, not a child and will express yourself as you wish

We also say you have just as much right to express your thoughts and beliefs outwardly as the people who think the opposite and want to keep you quiet and crush your spirit
People just seem to give up so many liberties and freedoms to others voluntarily..

A lot of this is based on the behavioral conditioning that goes into having a job

It is like 'OK, you're hired...Now come to work at X o'clock and This is how you are to dress and This is where you park and This is where you sit and This is how you answer the phone and you can go on break at This time and lunch at This hour and....

So we get conditioned not to fight back but now more than ever we really must.
When you have some free time, pick up George Orwell's 1984 (even the Cliffs Notes of the book) and instead of reading it like you were told in school, focus on all the subtle parallels between the book and the liberal PC society we're now suffocating through

Ugh..  Just so many rotten, evil people in this country who are so mentally unhinged over an election loss and desperate to try to re-exert power and control over others..

From those asshole neighbors with worthless bumper sticker slogans on yard signs to liberal toilet paper rags like Washington Post with their post-Trump inauguration 'Democracy dies in darkness' slogan to pricks like the eBay founder donating millions upon millions to censor opposing views..
It never ends because the left are pretty much all emotionally retarded snowflakes accustomed to having it their way for so long and never content

If you value your 1st Amendment rights and don't want to be told what to think or say or what words or terms you can or can not use, you are going to have to start really fighting for it because in 21st century PC society, no one is going to do it for you..