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Friday, April 7, 2017

Trump's Good Week..

By the end of today (Friday), Neil Gorsuch will be approved by the Senate in a straight up-down vote where only 51 votes are needed and become the next US Supreme Court justice..

Now the Court will be 5 Republican, 4 Democrat..

So a nice congratulations to him and to President Trump

We also sincerely thank all the Democrats in the Senate who chose this specific candidate to obstruct and block through a filibuster because it allowed Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority leader to use the so-called 'nuclear option' and preventing the ploy from being used again decided to write an article on it entitled 'RIP US Senate: 1787-2017 because they're liberal, assholes and its just in their nature to respond as such

Of course if Politico wasn't so biased, they would have written RIP US Senate back in 2013 when then Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, a Democrat used that nuclear option when trying to get Obama justice appointees through for lower court positions thus setting precedent for Thursday's decision

So what's good for the goose, should be good for the gander yes?
When polled, some Democrat Senators rejected Gorsuch based on ideology differences (as if Trump was going to pick a liberal Justice??!) while were bitter that Repubicans blocked Obama last year from selecting a Democrat..

Others simply sought to block confirmation because Trump made the pick

If the greatest judicial minds of nation came back from the grave (John Jay, Louis Brandeis, Oliver Wendell Holmes, etc..) and Trump selected that person, these same liberal pieces of shit would have still sought filibuster
The goal for them is simple..  Resist Everything!  

That's what the ultra leftist hard-core radical elements want (3,000 losers actually went to Charles Schumer's home and protested on his lawn to block Gorsuch when the pick was announced!) and that's way these zealots are getting

So we're happy because hopefully when a liberal Justice like Bader Ginsburg, Sotomeyer or Kagen steps down or dies, Trump can then pick someone even more Conservative than Gorsuch whom now the Dems won't be able to stop..
From this, maybe finally this repulsive, repressive tide of PC social-progressivism can be overturned in the courts..

Roe v Wade?  Gay Marriage?

At least now one can hope and dream again..

It took the Supreme Court over 60 years to overturn their decision from 1898 that blacks were to be treated as 'separate but equal' so its just how that institution works so it takes time for them to right their wrongs
Those smug Democrats had been feeling like they were on a winning streak prior to this Trump victory..

The over-reaching 9th District court twice decided to make policy instead of enforcing law by blocking Trump's vetting policy to keep Muslim trash out of our country (at least temporarily)

The Dems also took it as a victory when Trump and Paul Ryan had to pull their Obama repeal and replace bill off the table due to lack of votes in favor and they're loving the civil war going on in the party between Republicans who care about everyday people and establishment Reps who don't..
So between the discovery of black Susan Rice's involvement in spying on then President-elect Trump's advisers (which liberal media refuses to talk about because they know the full ramification to their party and black Obama's legacy) and Gorsuch's confirmation, Trump can rightfully celebrate

And who knows, maybe the discussions at Mira Lago with China will be fruitful which would be a cherry to the sundae of a good week

We often get annoyed at the continual cavalcade of non stop Trump hate by everyone from the political left to the media but there's one thing we admit we have to be constantly reminded...

It absolutely does not matter!
All the rotten, biased coverage, the evil, disgusting 6-part editorials (LA Times), the asshole comments and tweets from the entertainment industry..  the continual mocking by the most immature and disturbed in our society...

Just does not matter..
Trump is going to be President for At Least another 1,390 or so days, making the nation far better than it was when the lil brown monkey tainted it and not a damn thing these bitter people can do about it

Not protests or venting to therapists or lawn signs or bumper stickers or T-shirts..

It is ime liberals take the pain and we enjoy it every moment of it

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