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Monday, April 10, 2017

Trying To Understand Syria or 'Who Do We Support?'

~  A fake, photo-shopped photo of Syria's Assad wearing a Trump 'Make America Great Again' cap..

When we wrote this past Friday on Trump's good week, it was before his decision to attack Syria in response to their chemical gas attack which killed many civilians including women, children and infants..

So we would now say Trump had a very good week last week

Now many on the soulless political left have either given praise to the troops while intentionally and purposely avoiding giving credit to the Commander in Chief who ordered the missile strike or outright blamed Trump because..  well because he's Trump
These parasitic mother-fuckers (sorry but there's just no G or PG rated word to describe Democrats anymore) would have emphatically cheered and demanded a Nobel Peace Prize if Obama or Hillary ordered the strike

Of course the lil brown monkey had many opportunities while in office to do something to curb Syrian President Assad's aggression..

But like everything else in his Presidency not involving being pro-Iran and anti-Israel, the colored man was all talk and no action, and his followers loved him for it because they all share the same 'D' affiliation
In that conflict over there, its all such a confusing mess and its impossible to know who to root for especially when Trump repeatedly campaigned that Syria was a mess we should stay out of and tweeted such only two days before launching the strikes

So its just a big head scratcher all the way around

Assad is supposedly fighting ISIS so every time we do anything against him or aiding the rebels, we're aiding terrorists yet Russia who supports Assad also is closely allied with Iran who is a major funder of ISIS and other terror organizations in the Middle East..
So do we the US assist in removing Assad which just leaves another region of destabilization like Iraq and Libya ripe for terrorists to grow and flourish?

Or do we support a dictator so he can defeat the terrorists and yet we are on the side of someone who gases civilians without conscience, much like we did when we allied with Saddam back in the 1980s during the Iran-Iraq war?

Or do nothing as the Oreo cookie did?

No easy answers..
One could argue we had to do something to respond to the chemical attack because to do nothing would be to condone it and slide down a slippery slope where poison sarin gas upon civilians becomes a norm like it was during the Western Front of World War I

Another can argue what made last week's attack different than any previous attack worthy of a missile strike?  Or different from any cruelty a leader perpetrates upon the weak in any part of the Middle East or Africa or Central/South America?

Hitler killed 12 million in Concentration Camps during the Holocaust, Jew and non-Jew alike and no government including the US fought Germany with the purpose or intention of liberating the camps
In Cambodia back in the late 1970, their leader Pol Pot exterminated around 2 to 3 million of his own people..  No one did anything including the US

The civil wars over the decades in Africa leading to mass starvation from Ethiopia in the 1980s to Darfur, Sudan today..  Nothing except for the impotent UN

So it would be fair to ask with emotional detachment what made last week's attack so unique or distinct that Trump felt the need to attack Syria?

Maybe the answer lies in the question..
Perhaps all that happened last Thursday night means that a Trump Presidency is not going to be like any of the others which have come before and he is not going to deal with certain world issues or events the same way as the others

So where do things stand now?

Well Putin certainly hates Trump, which only goes to super-emphasize that there was no Russia-Trump connection to get him elected as the mother-F'r Democrats have tried to allege without evidence for months..
We can understand Russia's ire -- they have a lot of time and financial resources invested in Assad as well as Putin's prestige plus its major egg on their face that they swore Assad didn't possess chemical weapons then watches as he unleashes them

So will this escalate into a major military confrontation between US and Russia?

Honestly, we don't know and no one can pretend they do know because you're dealing with two strong men who clearly at this moment in time do not like each other, and neither has a reputation for being weak or timid

Things should become clearer once Sec of State Rex Tillerson meets with the Russian counterpart later this week for what is sure to be a tough, contentious 1 on 1 talk
We would hope things calm between the two nations but really, who knows?  

Assad may use chemical weapons again to dare Trump to respond and does anyone really think the President will sit on his hands in that scenario?

But all this clearly shows that Trump is in charge of things here at home..
When you get beyond all the spiteful Congressional Democrats resisting everything, the emotionally fragile Soros-bought protesters with their 'Never Trump' protest signs and everyday imbeciles with idiotic 'Hate has No Home here' yard markers, that they are completely outside of the power & policy dynamic

Trump makes decisions that affect them (and us).. They do not do anything that affects him

We don't know if this coming week will be another good one for Trump or perhaps not but it sure will be another interesting one..