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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What's the Bleeping Point of Being President If....?

Gotta warn everyone..  We at A&G are deeply angry today..

We read earlier that one lone federal judge on Tuesday blocked President Trump's attempt to withhold funding from sanctuary cities which defy the government, choosing to protect illegal immigrant scum instead of cooperating with U.S. immigration officials

The fuckhead liberal biased judge said the President has no authority to attach new conditions to federal spending.

And guess which District Court heard the liberal lawsuit and issued the stay?
Yep.. The same 9th District Court on the far-left West Coast that twice used their power to overstep their bound to block Trump's temporary travel ban of Muslims

It made us so Damn incredulous reading that..

What the Hell is the point of someone devoting 2 full years of their lives running to become President of the United States and winning the damn thing just to have piece of shit activist lower court judges control public policy because they personally disagree and/or hate the man in office?!!
If all Trump can do is appeal or re-submit new Executive Orders, then how strong a man is he really?!

And how trivial and inconsequential are Executive Orders that any fuck liberal wearing a black robe can sabotage one?

Legal or not, we'd throw all those judges into Guantanamo and waterboard every last drop of judicial arrogance out of them

We're just so God Damn sick and tired of this!
In a nutshell -- Trump is too Fucking nice!

Maybe we're in a minority but we did not support and vote for the man because we wanted a tax cut , see health care reformed or a wall built..  Those are nice things but that was not in our Top 3

We see a nation in complete social and moral dry rot..  The proverbial stench of political correctness,  social-progressivism, and bumper-slogan 'tolerance' is just intolerable

Too many bad people with left leaning Atheist-secular rottenness in their hearts, minds and souls have been able to take over the culture of this nation with most of the stench emanating from the entertainment industry

And Trump needs to Destroy the liberal media..  Every way possible..
As stated before, we've seen Republican Presidents do little to nothing to stem the tide..

Reagan only cared about trickle down economics and fighting the Soviets and the bastard Bushes only cared about being moderates

So we thought Trump with his rough edges, tough New York asshole attitude and unabashed desire to verbally hurt anyone who came after him, would be the Perfect man to be President at this given moment in time, 8 years after a nigger empowered militant blacks, white guilters and the LGBT community to believe They run the nation

And instead we get..   Jeez, we don't know sometime what we got...
If it was such a paramount necessity to get a travel ban on evil Muslims imposed immediately, then where is the same urgency to put Something into law that keeps that backward cult out of the country?!

And if Trump says its vital to get these illegal Hispanic criminal pieces of feces off the streets and back to their 3rd world wastelands, we sure hope to God he had set up a backup plan to immediate circumvent the 9th District and do what he wants..

Doesn't the President have ANY Constitutional powers to stop the 9th Circuit from having the power to sabotage EVERYTHING Trump tries to do in office?!!
Who the Fuck is running the nation.. Trump or the Pacific coast courts?

It is very frustrating..  What really has been done in the last 100 days other than the Supreme Court selection?

Obamacare is still law of the land as that mulatto continues gloating while preparing to receive $400,000 to give a speech at a Wall Street financial firm in a few weeks; one of many he bailed out

The tax cut was pushed back.. Funding for the wall pushed back..  Fighting sanctuary cities is stalled as is the vetting of Muslims
We have absolutely no idea why we're starting a confrontation with North Korea all of a sudden or why Trump and Putin have not had a face to face meeting yet (every other world leader of any importance [and some un-important ones] have already had sit-downs)

All we've seen so far is Trump panders far too much..

If we had a dollar for every time he needlessly went out of his way to show those people respect by referring to blacks with that bullshit hyphenated name Afr-Am, we'd be wealthier than the President!

Trump is also not aggressive enough to deal with genuine domestic threats to his Presidency and the nation (they're called liberals) and he seems to like playing golf almost as much as that lil' poop colored monkey did
We still support Trump especially since the 2016 election alternative was just so much worse, but just Very disappointing and Very frustrating..

Used to be if you were a parent, you'd tell your child that he/she was beautiful, special and could affect change by one day possibly becoming President

Perhaps now parents need to modify that and encourage their children to one day become District Court judges because being President sure as shit is not what it used to be
We say this as blunt as possible..

Just absolutely Sick and Tired of this 'President' Trump.

We desperately want 'Candidate' Trump back and quickly because we honestly do not know too many people who passionately supported and voted for the Trump we have now