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Sunday, April 23, 2017

When A Liberal Paper Can't Stand Admitting Something Positive About Trump

We (and others) say often that the liberal media are petty, pathetic pieces of shit that will do everything humanly possible to discredit Trump and give the appearance that he is un-liked, unstable and a threat to global peace

So many examples we can cite but a recent article in the Washington Post written on Sunday is as good as any..
The article happily trumpets that Trump is according to them "the least popular President in modern times" based on their polling data and comparing their findings to others in their first 100 days

They gloat over their finding that 42% look at Trump favorably (they polled more Democrats than Republicans.. that is their M.O.) while briefly glossing over that Trump's base supporters are still fiercely loyal

But here's where the Washington Times shows itself once again to be a worthless liberal bias rag not worthy of wiping dog defecation upon..

After paragraph upon paragraph of Trump trashing, the prick writer states in the 2nd to last paragraph that based on the same poll, Trump would still beat Hillary Rodham Clinton if the election were held today and not just Electoral College..

He'd win the popular vote too!

"The new survey finds 46 percent saying they voted for Clinton and 43 percent for Trump, similar to her two-point national vote margin. Asked how they would vote if the election were held today, 43 say they would support Trump and 40 percent say Clinton."
So you see that when something was favorable toward Trump, it gets buried at the bottom of the article

The Washington Post like the rest of the liberal media is evil to the core..  Always trying to manipulate public perception for their own political and social-progressive ulterior motives

And goodness how they tried to help that cunt Hillary
On October 23, 2016, ABC News/WP polls joyfully stated that Hillary was ahead of Trump by 12 points...  Twelve!!

They must have felt like cocky bitches and bastards as they knocked the final nails in Trump's political coffin

Then the WP headline from October 28, 2016:

'Clinton lead shrinks, even as nearly 6 in 10 expect her to win, Post-ABC tracking poll finds'

See how they put in the reader's mind that she is EXPECTED to win..

No wonder so many emotionally weak liberals had mental break downs after the election after being told for basically two years that she was next and it was all locked up
Then the WP headline from November 6, 2016:

'Clinton leads by five points nationally as Trump personality concerns persist, Post-ABC Tracking Poll finds'

Not good enough to just present their poll..  WP needed to inject concerns and fears in voters of Trump being unstable and unpredictable

And of course we know the end result..
Another 3 years, 9 months left in Trump's first term and it is obvious these fuckers will not stop the Trump-hate propaganda

Problem is Trump himself really doesn't seem to care

He should be using his office as being the most powerful person in the free world to severely punish the media every chance he gets..

But he doesn't.. Just some tweets here and there...

Big deal..
So we the everyday people are forced to be exposed to this intentional daily deception in our news as if we live in Nazi Fatherland Germany or Communist Mother Russia without any power or ability to shut these 'news' entities down or sincerely hurt financially and otherwise those with axes to grind

We're just supposed to ignore it..

Well fine.. But where is one going to turn for national news that's fair?
Used to be Fox News but you saw how they treated their #1 top producing talent, Bill O'Reilly.. Advertiser appeasement and profit came before loyalty and principle

They may present a more conservative point of view but its quite insincerely done..

All the other networks including cable are liberal parasites, many having hosts and other on-air 'talent' who worked previously in the administrations of Bill Clinton and that black boy
Trump is not perfect and there will be times he makes decisions that you or we will disagree with and question..

But when you read or listen to any piece of news that is negative toward the President, just remember to check the source then that will tell you its validity

The Washington Post as a middle finger to Trump put the quote 'Democracy Dies in Darkness' on its front page a few months back

Truth is the paper like the rest of the left media IS the Darkness and God know how they tried to kill Democracy in the last election