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Monday, May 1, 2017

100 Days.. A Big Whoop or 'Woop Woop'..

Short post today..

Well it is Monday May 1st which in many places means 'May Day' which is both a traditional spring holiday in many cultures and the date for International Workers' Day by the Socialists and Communists

More Trump protests are planned by the loser element of our population today because, well how else do they continue to receive those weekly salaries from the Soros Foundation
Really not quite sure what the bottom feeders are protesting since Trump has gone back on a lot of his campaign promises or at the very least made major modifications

Just over the weekend Congress agreed with preliminary bipartisan support (always a bad thing) to keep government operating until October and all Republicans had to give up was their stance to not fund the evil institution known as Planned Parenthood or seek money at this time for the needed wall with Mexico

But work is work, a salary as a paid protester must be earned and so they go back to demonstrating
It would be hard for Republican citizens to do the same since by and large, they're working in real jobs so they don't have the time or inclination

Anyways, over the weekend Trump spoke to a massive crowd of very enthusiastic supporters in Harrisburg, PA to celebrate 100 days while the hate-mongers of the Fourth Estate were stewing in their spite juices during their unimportant White House Press Correspondence Dinner

We didn't watch it but we heard they picked some little known foreign born comedian (hope they checked his green card) then bellowed to each other how important and vital they all are to democracy

Democracy is not alive in this nation because of the corporate media..  It is alive in Spite of them
So everyone wants to make a big deal of 100 days..

Dare any of you to remember anything of the first 100 days when we get to day 200...

OK, the dropping of the 'mother of all bombs' was pretty exciting..

Quick..  Name the nation we dropped it on?   No, not Syria

Even we forgot briefly and we write on this stuff every weekday..  It starts with an 'A' and ends with 'fghanistan'
But if we had to make a big deal over 100 days and grade him, our honest mark for his Presidency so far would be a B bordering on B-

We know those garbage Democrats are rotten obstructionists and political saboteurs but some of Trump's "wounds" are self-afflicted

We stated this before..  Some of his executive orders regarding preventing Muslims from entering and stopping Federal funding to sanctuary cities was not well thought out because there was too much assumption there'd be no roadblocks and not enough contingency plans for problems
We also believe the initial push to get Obamacare overturned in Congress was a failure not because the Democrats are bastards (they are) but because there was too much assumption all Republicans would go on board

There's that word again..  Assumption, as in "when you assume, you make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'

If the Presidential campaign was based on the desire to 'drain the swamp' then once inaugurated, he can't be so naive to act like that same 'swamp' won't try to fuck him up at every turn!
But no need to go over all the plusses and negatives..  Still plenty of opportunity to make his Presidency something consistently in the A to A+ range

He's just got to stop the compromising and the pandering

Surely Trump knows this..

We assume..