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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Short History of Modern Economic Trading Blocs

We thought yesterday would be pretty much the one and only time we'd be speaking of France and the EU unless some major event occurred which we felt comment worthy..

But the more we think of the complete cowardice of the French people to throw off their economic EU shackles, the more we felt like making a few points on Europe as it relates to us and world at large
Once upon a time in a world far, far gone there used to be something called nations

These were independent of one another with their own unique leaders and the populations did a very good job preserving their culture and customs

It wasn't perfect and at times one nation would fight another (or get drawn into conflicts due to treaties) but barring a military force invading and taking over, each nation's people retained their political and social autonomy
Then the end of the Cold War and fall of the Soviet Union around 1989..

And from this, a very mediocre US President named George H W Bush came up with some real catching slogans like 'New World Order' and 'Coalition of the Willing'..

The mindset became one of all nations converging as one for the greater global good and this would bring eternal peace and strengthen trade & commerce because instead of individual nations negotiating with each other, there'd be greater strength in numbers and decisions would be made in blocs
The first was NAFTA, where both Republicans and Democrat leaders sold out the American people by agreeing to an economic merger with Mexico and Canada which has decimated the US workforce and has caused the closing of over 70,000 US factories in the last 20 years

The nations of Western Europe felt nervous and decided at the insistence of Germany to formulate their own group called the European Union but unlike NAFTA, they'd all share a common currency and open borders and all the nations in it would basically be satellite states with power stripped to make economic decisions independent of the EU
And copying the US model of the Federal Reserve, they created their own central bank called the European Commonwealth Bank which basically would control the valuation of the Euro, lend money, etc..

Problem was this was an economic union but not a political one, so the wealth was not spread equitably and decision making became less and less democratic

Nations like Germany and Belgium and Netherlands did quite well..   Southern European nations like France, Italy, Greece, etc struggled mightily
Since they willingly gave up their economic autonomy, each 'country' had no power to adjust their currency for inflation or to slow down the interest on their national debts like we do here in the US

So Germany grew in wealth, power and control,  most other nations grew weaker and more in debt and other than Great Britain who never replaced their pound with the Euro, everyone is scared to death to do what is necessary long term to survive..

Default and/or outright leave the EU
And you see that the modern world is not so much independent nations making decisions for their survival and benefit of their people but instead its all globally interconnected

Had Hillary won, the US would be locked into this multi-nation Trans Pacific Partnership..   ~shudders~

Economic trading blocs and everyone pretending the United Nations is the ultimate superior governing body (which it is not); the insatiable push for globalism and international open borders where nations become mere states of the UN much like Texas and New York are mere states of the USA and anyone can enter at any time with or without documentation and stay forever if they wish..
Now when Trump takes a stand to say 'No, the UN will not be under the thumb of the US, American interests must come first and we will not allow illegals to do what they want', the pieces of fucking shit liberals label him racist and xenophobic

During the last economic crash in 2008, the US basically bailed out the world.. Trillions of dollars..

We lent money to the EU.. to Japan.. To countless national and international banks and corporations..

This allowed the global collectivist mindset to flourish even more..
If/when the next crash hits, it will be an economic tsunami and the world is truly unprepared; its too complacent and has voluntarily given up the tools for self survival

When it happens, nations like France will suffer and sorry to say but deservedly so..

And then you will see nations one by one start to take back their autonomy and once again make decisions for whats best for them
Hopefully from this point you would see Western nations one by one kick Muslims out and recapture their cultural, social and religious identity

This won't come immediately but it is just part of the cycle of history..

France could have averted so much suffering had they not had a collective Stockholm Syndrome toward the Germans
It is a good lesson for the US

NAFTA needs to be eliminated, not modified because our economic survival can not be so closely attached to other nations unless we're the primary beneficiary

One of these days, those in power will learn..

Or not..