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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A US President Who Dealt With Far Worse than Trump..

For most Trump supporters such as ourselves, its been quite a brutal, exhausting past 6 months (we are going back to the day after his Election victory when the 'Never Trump' nuts came out of their loony bins to start the 'Impeach Him' protests)

Of course legally you couldn't Impeach and remove someone not even yet sworn in, but these are the same idiots that think interracial love & bi-racial children are 'cool', gay marriage is perfectly normal and Judeo-Christian values are BS but Islam is 'beautiful'..

So to them, facts never get in the way of zealousness
Most would also say this is unprecedented..  Never in the history of the Presidency has someone been more attacked and the opposition more determined to remove a sitting President within the first 120 days of a first term

In modern times, sure..

But there was a President who actually had it worse and survived the political barrage of attacks, sabotage and desire by Both political parties at the time to remove him from office by any means necessary..
He ultimately found himself a man without a party and thus a one-termer but he did survive the initial fire.

This name is John Tyler, our 10th President

Now if that name means nothing to you, think of the political slogan we all remember from history class but not sure why:  "Tippacanoe & Tyler Too"
Well "Tippacanoe" was William Henry Harrison, an Ohioan and former General who won the 1840 Election as a Whig (the future Republican Party) and John Tyler who really was more Democrat, was selected as the VP candidate because being from Virginia balanced the ticket.

And as surely you remember, Harrison gave a very long Inauguration Address in the cold rain without wearing a hat or standing under any kind of covering and died 30 days or so later..

So now VP Tyler was President Tyler..

And chaos ensued..
Harrison's death while in office was an unprecedented event that caused considerable uncertainty regarding presidential succession.

Article II, Section 1, Clause 6 of the Constitution, which governed intra-term presidential succession at the time (now superseded by the 25th Amendment), states that:   In Case of the Removal of the President from Office, or of his Death, Resignation, or Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office, the Same shall devolve on the Vice President....

Interpreting this led to the question of whether the actual office of president devolved upon Vice President Tyler, or merely its powers and duties.
The Harrison appointed Cabinet met within an hour of his death and that Tyler would be "Vice-President acting President".

Tyler on the other hand firmly asserted that the Constitution gave him full and unqualified powers of office and had himself sworn in immediately as President, setting a critical precedent for an orderly transfer of power following a President's death.

Fearing that he would alienate Harrison's supporters, Tyler decided to keep the dead President's entire cabinet even though several members were openly hostile to him and resented his assumption of the office.

So right here, you can see how Tyler had it worse than Trump because at least Trump's Cabinet supports him (we assume) and if anyone didn't, we assume they' be fired..
At his first cabinet meeting, Tyler was informed of Harrison's practice of making policy by a majority vote. The Cabinet fully expected the new president to continue this practice.

Tyler was astounded and immediately corrected them:  "I beg your pardon, gentlemen... I can never consent to being dictated to as to what I shall or shall not do. I, as president, shall be responsible for my administration...  When you think otherwise, your resignations will be accepted."

Tyler delivered an inaugural address before the Congress on April 9, 1841 in which he reasserted his belief in fundamental tenets of Jeffersonian-Jacksonian democracy and limited federal power.
Tyler's claim to be president was not accepted by many opposition members of Congress such as former President and now Congressman John Quincy Adams, who felt that Tyler should be a caretaker under the title of "Acting President", or remain vice president in name.

The 'Great Compromiser' Senator Henry Clay also questioned Tyler's authority especially since he had planned to be the real power in the Senate while Harrison was alive, and intended the same for Tyler.  Clay saw Tyler as the "vice-president" and his presidency as a mere "regency".

Many others in Congress also looked at Tyler as a mere VP pretending to be President and not worthy of being taken seriously but fortunately there were enough members who did agree with Tyler and because of it, the line of Presidential ascendancy was established which is still used to this day
Tyler's opponents nonetheless never fully accepted him as president.  He was referred to by many mocking nicknames, including "His Accidency" but Tyler never wavered from his conviction that he was the rightful President; when asshole political opponents sent correspondence to the White House addressed to the "vice president" or "acting president", Tyler had it returned unopened.

Because Tyler was not a political ideologue of the Whigs but followed his own conscience, he was constantly dealing with battles especially within his political party and Cabinet, especially when he successfully fought to have the charter of the 2nd Bank of the United States vetoed and thus revoked (a precursor to the evil Federal Reserve)
On September 11, 1841, following the second bank veto, members of the cabinet entered Tyler's office one by one and resigned—an orchestration by Clay to force Tyler's resignation and place his own lieutenant the Senate President pro tempore in the White House.

The only exception was Webster, who remained to finalize what became the 1842 Webster–Ashburton Treaty (which established borders with what is now Canada), and to demonstrate his independence from Clay.

Imagine if President Trump had to deal with bullshit like that?!!

Everyone expects Democrats to be soulless pieces of garbage desperate for power at least as of this moment, his own Cabinet is not turning on him en masse..
Later in Tyler's administration, he vetoed tariffs which Congress had passed and once again going against his political party so they in the House of Representatives initiated American history's first impeachment proceedings against a president.

Other than Andrew Jackson, presidents back then rarely vetoed bills, and then, generally only on the grounds of whether or not something was unconstitutional, and not based on policy differences which Congress felt was their domain...

So a resolution of Impeachment was submitted on July 10, 1842 just 14-15 months into Tyler's Presidency..
It levied several charges against Tyler and called for a nine-member committee to investigate his behavior, with the expectation of a formal impeachment recommendation. Some found it prematurely aggressive, so the resolution was tabled until the following January, when it was rejected

The Whigs tried again to impeach him after the new members of Congress were sworn into office in early 1843 were unable to pursue further impeachment proceedings because during the 1842 midterms, they retained a majority in the Senate but lost control of the House.

So you see that throughout our history, Washington has been a disgusting swamp filled with evil, rotten people who only cared about themselves and their political ideologies and were willing to destroy their President and put the nation into chaos at a snap of a finger..
The constant battles between Tyler and the Whigs in Congress resulted in a number of his nominees being rejected. He received little support from Democrats and, without much support from either major party in Congress, a number of his nominations were rejected without regard for the qualifications of the nominee.

Four of Tyler's Cabinet nominees were rejected, the most of any president even to this day.

Does all this sound familiar when you hear/read about fuckhead Democrats stating they will not even consider whoever the new FBI nominee is until a full investigation is given into Comey's removal, and how to this day they continue to stall and impede every Trump nomination for anything...
Two vacancies occurred on the Supreme Court during Tyler's presidency, as two Justices died in 1843 and 1844, respectively.

Tyler, ever at odds with Congress—including the Whig-controlled Senate—nominated several men to the Supreme Court to fill these seats. However, the Senate successively voted against confirming every person Tyler tried to appoint..   One nominee was actually rejected 3 times in one day!

One reason cited for the Senate's actions was the hope that Clay would fill the vacancies after winning the 1844 presidential election.

Tyler's four unsuccessful nominees are the most by a president, so at least Trump can claim some success on that front by getting his Supreme Court nominee approved within his first 100 days
Finally, in February 1845, with less than a month remaining in his term, Tyler got a Justice nomination confirmed by the Senate.  The other seat remained vacant until the next President James K. Polk's nominee, was confirmed in 1846.

Tyler was able to appoint only six other federal judges, all to United States district courts.  Every one appointed was blocked or voted against outright

With no political party wanting him as President, Tyler never ran for re-election in 1844 and finished as a one-termer but Texans and any other American living in the US Southwest especially should feel very grateful to him -- three days before leaving office, he annexed Texas which lead to the Mexican-American War and acquiring all that territory which is now California, Nevada, Arizona, etc...
The morals of the story is this:

1)   John Tyler was a tough, determined man and Trump needs to be too

2)   No matter how bad it seems Trump is having it, the President could be dealing with far, far worse..

3) If Trump does not wake the hell up and go after his political enemies while reassuring his party that he's competent a John Tyler-like fate could await him too