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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Barbarians At the (White House) Gate

~ If Democrat Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was a real man (which he is not), he would be the person in the above illustration..

Last night (Wednesday evening), President Trump posted a great video tweet  - a 2.5 minute compilation video of piece of shit Democrats saying how then FBI Director James Comey should be fired by Trump

Then Trump rightly calls them all out as hypocrites

Black brillo-pad haired bitch-dog Congresswoman Maxine Waters, probably the biggest Trump hater in Congress expressed it the most honestly after the firing was done..

She said basically had Hillary as President fired Comey, she'd fully support it but because it was Trump, she does not..

As they say in the LA ghetto Waters represents, 'Nigger, please!'
Trump has been in office nearly 4 months and though we support him, we just do not get him sometimes

Why does he pander so much to groups that did not vote for him last November while continually ignoring the group that did.. i.e. whites?

Why does he seem so surprised a group of vermin (Democrats) who want him impeached or put into a box and buried 6 feet under would not cheer his decision to remove Comey?

Why does he do interviews and communicate with a press corp that wants Trump to suffer the same fate?
Where is Candidate Trump?

Where is the man that viciously and correctly attacked Jeb & George W Bush, rightly called out John McCain, repeatedly ridiculed Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz and treated Megyn Kelly like the arrogant bitch she is, as well as put rancid Hillary in her place as the power hungry cunt she was?

Where is That man because this country needs him desperately

Reminds us so much of that scene from Superman 2 where he decides for no sane reason to stop being a powerful superhero and become this mortal soft-spoken weakling just so he can be with Lois Lane while the world is being taken over by evildoers
The political structure of Washington DC is wild animal; a tiger..  You either go on the attack to tame it or it attacks and destroys you..

Its always been.. Always will be

Some Presidents get it and those who do not become one-termers

Its been 110 days or thereabouts and it does not seem Trump fully gets it yet
Oh, he knows the media are a pack of worthless dogs and that everyone in Congress is out for themselves and would do anything and everything possible to take him down if they could

But Trump still does not know who he is and is portraying himself as someone he really isn't (or candidate Trump was the bullshit act)

At this moment, who knows..
Whether its true or not, the feeling we get so far from the Trump White House is one of chaos..

Nothing seems thought out and a lot of reaction to opponents seem genuinely surprised which should be the opposite; Trump should expect the Democrats to be complete bastards and obstructionists on everything..

Then plan his moves accordingly..

We do give Trump credit not just for firing Comey but doing it in such a way that shocked everyone in its timing
Everything in politics and finance is so orchestrated and telestrated like when the Fed Chair decides if to raise interest rates or not, he/she confers with nearly everyone in the corporate world to make sure they're happy and only then announces to the public

So this was rather refreshing..

We want Trump to succeed and want his enemies destroyed..

Hope to God the President understands, he can not have the one without the other..