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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Double Standards & How Media Makes a Winner Look Like He's Losing

Sure feels like we've been gone forever..

That's what happens when you have a long holiday weekend.. All the staffers and writers just flee for the nearest beach, lake or watering hole..

But we're back so onward we go..
Remember how much of a stink those pathetic piece of garbage liberals made a couple weeks back when President Trump met with former Secretary of State Kissinger to get his views on world affairs?

And remember how overall the narrative by those Loser Democrats in Washington and media is that Trump is secretly working behind the scenes to forge a relationship with those evil Ruskies?

So let's hope in our time machine and go back to December 31, 2014 and take a look at the following article from Bloomberg entitled 'Inside Obama's Secret Outreach to Russia' which followed with the following:
"The U.S. has been working behind the scenes for months to forge a new working relationship with Russia, even enlisting Henry Kissinger."

But.. But..  We thought Kissinger was an anathema to Democrats and that the Obama/Hillary policy was to go after Russia at every opportunity to ensure there never was any kind of working relationship..

That was the narrative the closet-dyke cunt was pushing back in 2016
From the 12/31/14 article:

"President Barack Obama's administration has been working behind the scenes for months to forge a new working relationship with Russia...  Obama made a decision to continue to look for ways to work with Russia on a host of bilateral and international issues while also offering Putin a way out of the stalemate over the crisis in Ukraine...

Leading the charge has been Secretary of State John Kerry. This fall, Kerry even proposed going to Moscow and meeting with Putin directly...
In a separate attempt at outreach, the White House turned to an old friend of Putin’s for help. 

The White House called on former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to discuss having him call Putin directly, according to two officials. It’s unclear whether Kissinger actually made the call. 

The White House and Kissinger both refused to comment for this column."

Why let truth and honesty get in the way of a Trump-hate fueled witch hunt to get him ultimately impeached and removed or so hated by everyone, he loses in 2020
If you only read mainstream media, you would think Trump has been a complete failure and incompetent fuck-up, that the Republicans are breaking ranks with him and are doomed in the midterms and next general election

Now the reality..

Since Trump's inauguration, there have been 3 special Congressional elections held around the country with massive amounts of money pouring in from those super-wealthy liberal pieces of shit who pretend to care about working people and the poor

All 3 elections, the Republican candidate won including a guy in Montana who body slammed a reporter (Good for him!!) and another election to be held in late June in Georgia

Victory - Trump..
Trump got Obamacare overturned in the House and succeeded in getting a conservative Supreme Court justice approved in the Senate while yet to have any bill he's pushed for be overturned or where he's had to veto

Victory - Trump..

He has successfully defunded Planned Parenthood and will not allow any US taxpayer funds to any entity domestic or abroad that funds aborting children

Trump also kept his word to overturn the law passed by LBJ where religious institutions like churches and synagogues could not talk politics for fear of their tax-free status being revoked..
He's also cracking down hard on illegal immigrants who do not belong here and should not be allowed to stay and although its a slow process, incremental steps are being made to get the ball moving with building the much-needed wall

And not only did Trump keep us out of the Trans Pacific Partnership and force Canada & Mexico to renegotiate NAFTA but it is widely expected he will reject the  job-killing Paris Climate Agreement which that black piece of shit Obama wanted

Win.. Win.. Win..  Win..
Think about it like this..

If Trump was failing badly as President, would the media and all the legions of ignorant bitches and bastards calling themselves liberal be so completely bonkers-nutty to get him out of office?

The only area where Trump is not yet victorious is his Executive Order vetting and keeping out Muslim filth from 7 nations but both the lower court and appellate court decision have been made by liberal activist judges basing their decision not on Constitutional law but Trump's campaign speeches

We assume he will appeal to the Supreme Court and there it should win 5-4 giving him another reason to middle-finger his political opponents

The most important thing he needs to do now is stop the leakers in the intelligence branch and within his own branch as well as somehow punish the mainstream media very hard..

How he does both, we don't know..

We just know he better do both Soon!

John McCain may think Russia is more dangerous than ISIS but America's true Enemy of the State is Democrats