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Monday, May 8, 2017

French Voters are Imbeciles

Over the weekend, the voters of France basically sabotaged their future by voting a far-left pro-European Union, pro-globalist and pro-multicultural candidate named Emmanuel Macron to become their next President

The better candidate for France's economic and social woes, Marine Le Pen lost pretty decisively and it was a shame because the EU, more specifically Germany who runs it, will continue to squeeze the economic lifeblood of the nation until it is truly nothing but an economic puppet state
Back in the early 1990's then French President Fran├žois Mitterrand argued for the the EU and the single currency of the Euro because he hoped to bolster French influence in Europe.

But by the time of the 2008 global economic crisis, France had ceded leadership to Germany and their economy has been increasingly vulnerable since

For years it had been losing competitiveness to Germany and crisis broke open the economic waterfall
Without the option of currency devaluation, France had to resort to public spending and debt to the point that it consumes almost 57% of GDP, the highest share in the euro zone.

Because France has failed to balance a single budget since 1981, their public debt has risen from 22% of GDP then to over 90% at present

This was what Le Pen was trying to warn the people about
But most French voters were ignorant cowards, really no different than the Greeks, Italians, Portuguese, Spanish and any other EU nation too scared to cut from the Merkel controlled union, default on their debts and work towards once again being an autonomous, free nation

In addition the French people like many liberal Americans are deeply moronic people living in a fantasy illusory world of multi-cultural tolerance and believe that diversity is always a positive thing

It is sometimes..  not always.
Most of their Muslim population intentionally insulate and ghettoize themselves, refusing to interact or acclimate with the rest of France or respect their culture, history or traditions

They don't respect French law, prefering Sharia and their worthless, their backward women willingly wear head coverings in public to alienate themselves from modern 21st century society and happily let their men dominate, beat them and control their finances like it was 1217

And these vile animals perpetuate many violent attacks on Jewish people living in France as well as sexual assaults and raping of innocent Christian French women
Just last year a French woman was lured by a date to the Eiffel Tower where she ended up being gang-raped by these these pieces of shit Islamic savages

Its an epidemic widespread in Europe, especially in Germany, Belgium, Sweden and of course France

In fact, thanks mostly in part to the Muslim scourge over the last decade, according to, France had more casualties from mass public shootings in 2015 (532 casualties) than the entirety of Obama's 8 years in office (527 casualties)
France is a violent, dangerous place to both live and visit and every single violent terror attack perpetrated on French people over the last 15 years has been perpetrated by Muslims

Le Pen promised to stand up to these backward people but the French voters were too scared of being perceived as insensitive Islamaphobes so they backed a 39 year old (the youngest French President ever) who was heavily supported by the banks and European power establishment

Just something in the French DNA where they can not bring themselves to stand up to German might
It reaffirms how strong and resolute Trump supporters were to unite to defeat that rancid cunt Hillary representing that most evil political party of emotionally weak & morally bankrupt supporters i.e. the Democrats

Just a shame how France had a real chance to take control of their destiny like the British people did by voting for Brexit and the American voters did by electing Trump

And they just let it all slip through their fingers
Their economy will not get better; rather it will get worse and when the next financial crisis does hit, and the EU is not able or willing to protect all its member-states from the shock,  France will be among a half dozen nations hit extremely hard

Well that's on them..

As the saying goes, 'You make your bed.. You lie in it..'

Or in the case of French civilians at the hands of Muslim filth, you die in it..