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Monday, May 22, 2017

Gotta' Keep Up the Fight..

When it comes to free speech and expression, liberals have become the new fascists

Surely you must know this by now..

Say something they don't like at a Commencement Address at a College/University or just simply have a person with conservative beliefs deliver a speech and they'll boo or outright walkout as some Loser students did this weekend to VP Pence's Address at Notre Dame

Or at some radical places like Berkeley, they'll resort to violence and if need be, burn down their institution before an Ann Coulter type gets to speak
And if you ever leave a negative comment about an article written by an idiot liberal or which celebrates something those pieces of refuse do, the hate just pours out of them

For fun and giggles, yours truly decided to experiment by leaving some negative comments about Saturday Night Live and what a putrid show it was on a couple sites

I wasn't trolling.  Everything I wrote was sincere but I did it to see what kind of response I'd get

Goodness the hate I received..    Made me laugh I admit
The funniest was this Hispanic guy calling me a "Republi-Cunt"..  I responded back for him to wait until he was deported back to his home land before writing to me

They can dish it but sure can't take it..

I don't know..  Just made me snicker at the time and energy it took absolute strangers to need to personally curse out someone they never met just because their mental sickness and retardation about their warped political beliefs still had not calmed 6 months after an election

So I did the only thing possible in that circumstance...

I doubled down on the Democrat hate
I accurately called them Losers and addressed other topics how SNL hired token black women years ago because the black actors resented dressing as women (of course Caucasian actors have done so since Shakespeare without complaining) and addressed PC cowardice and how they lacked any true individuality

And then whewwie, the bile just came back in droves

Admittedly it got boring very quickly because calling me a 'bitch' and to fuck myself lacks originality and just does not make for a very interesting read

So I stopped reading the comments, but the experiment just reaffirmed everything we here at A&G have written about liberals
They are very emotionally weak, frail, conformist people who are just unable to think for themselves

They are also bitter, power-hungry people who for the most part hate America and its history, feel guilt and shame in their background (liberal whites) and want to revise and blot out the past while creating a fantasy 'Utopic' world where the US like Caucasians are put in a secondary status

Quite sad really

To be clear, we are not 'White Pride' by any means because it is absolutely silly to feel any sort of pride or self-respect for things that have nothing to do with Individual accomplishment or achievement
Want to be proud that whites created this nation including our Constitution?  OK.. we understand that..   But much more satisfying wouldn't it be to focus on your Personal victories and successes throughout your life, then being part of a grouping?

That's why any kind of racial or ethnic pride or shame is idiotic

No one goes around saying 'I'm a right hander and I am proud!' or needs to set aside a 'heritage' month so they can celebrate having red hair and lots of freckles

Yet make it about race, sexual orientation or religion and they so many desperately need it..   Sad.
Generally speaking people of the political left are greatly unhinged..

Now to the Conservative media, this is cause for a giggle or snicker then they move on to covering other sensational fluff

We see it as far more serious because in many, there is deep violence in their hearts and all they seek is a catalyst spark

They can't personally get atTrump directly so they go after the next best thing - you and I
There is no other reason for douche bag liberals to keep their 'Hate has..' signs on their lawn 6 months after the election..  There's no other reason shit shows like SNL and late night TV continually go for the kill

Used to be the goal was to be political but not alienate because people of all backgrounds watch and spend money buying the products advertised

Guess suddenly Republicans aren't worthy to court even though as people of a political party, we have a much higher median income and greater disposable cash flow to buy big ticket items than Democrats
Notice it's OK to offend Trump and the Silent Majority..   

Notice weeks after saying basically that our President orally pleases Putin, that dog cum swallower Stephen Colbert has never been punished - never suspended or fined or even made to apologize

Had he said it about the black boy President we had before Trump, Colbert would be fired then probably have hung himself knowing he'd never work again in the entertainment industry

We recently read that Jimmy Fallon refuses to do bitter Trump-hate jokes not because he's a Rep, but because its not his nature to be that vicious and Trump supporters watch his show too..

Good for him
So we know its deeply frustrating but you can get these bastards back with comments and do it in a G rated way (and if you don't want garbage sent directly to your personal email, Twitter or Facebook, just create 'dummy' accounts)

1)  Directly tell liberals all their values and beliefs are wrong

2)  Taunt them that no matter what they say or do, Trump still has at least 44 months left.. 
3)  Mention you can't wait for that wall to start being built

4)  Whenever an article is overtly-PC, mention that 'Afr Ams' are really blacks, gay marriage is 'pretend', etc..

You get the point..  
Some would say its childish and immature to sink to their level which of course would be a rather snobby-snotty thing to express, so just ignore them

There is a cultural civil war going on and it is to be fought on all levels from high to low brow

The liberals are full-in..    Conservatives overall seem oblivious
And because Trump is not going after the visual and print media in particular as he needs to because there's so much chaos around him, and outlets like Fox News only really care about profit, it is up to every individual with conservative belief to fight in all venues comfortable to them for their right to be heard

Because believe us, if the left had their way, we would all be like small children to strict parents..

Seen and not heard.