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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Liberal Anger is Always Misplaced

Sorry there was no post for Wednesday..  We don't just like writing for the sake of writing or in all frankness, writing crap just as filler..

Plus with our thoughts intently on what talentless late night talk show host Stephen Colbert said about Trump in his Monday night monologue, we wanted a little time to digest and then cover it from a broader perspective
In case you don't know, Colbert was upset that Trump put a CBS Face the Nation interviewer in his place during a sit down interview aired this past Sunday so Colbert goes on an insipid rant ending with a negative reference to Trump pleasing Putin orally..

Will Colbert be punished for being a despicable fuck head?

Probably not..  Been two days so far and CBS is still mum
Imagine a talk show host telling a joke about Obama being a good cocksucker to another man and guess how many minutes before he would be fired then literally beaten with sticks by the leftist zealots...

O'Reilly lost his job with Fox News because he called an attractive colored woman 'Hot Chocolate'..

Who said life was fair?
Coincidentally that rancid bitch Hillary made some kind of appearance (for compensation no doubt) and said basically had the election taken place on October 27th, she would have won and then blamed Russia and Comey and the whole tired assortment of already familiar characters

Wonder how many Atlanta Falcons fans go around and keep saying out loud "We would have won the Super Bowl if the game ended after the 3rd Quarter.."

It's pathetic really.. But since she is pathetic, one can not be surprised her thought processes

So when we tie everything together - All the intense mentally retarded Trump hate and complete obliviousness by Hillary to all the mistakes she made on the campaign, one question keeps popping into our minds:

Why the Hell do people on the left not deeply Hate and Despise Hillary and want to tear Her carcass to shreds?!!

She cost them their Utopian-like fantasy of never-ending Democrat rule, right?
One can spend a lot of time analyzing why Trump won but when you get beyond issues, policy debate, and which demographics turned out to vote more than others, there's one simple truth..

Hillary took the general election for granted..  

Using the analogy of the famous Aesop fable, Trump was the Tortoise and Hillary was the Hare
How many so-called scandals kept arising with Trump that would destroy most candidates?

How many times did she stop campaigning so she could rest or take breaks to study all the debate questions CNN spy Donna Brazille handed to her?

She would take weeks off at a time from campaigning..  Not days..  weeks!
How many times did the bitch visit Wisconsin, a key swing state in the so-called 'Iron Belt'?   Zero..

How many times did she visit Michigan or Ohio or North Carolina?

Trump was there repeatedly..
Why did the bitch never have the guts to appear on networks or do interviews with those who were not already in the bag for Hillary as an attempt to try to reach out and expand her base of support?

Why did she never admit she was feeling physically ill when video captured her numerous times stumbling or being propped up by Secret Service or her personal nurse?  Afraid she'd come across as human?

She would join with Ellen Degenerate to do a dyke-dance on her afternoon show or demonstrate her health by opening a jar of pickles or peanut butter on Jimmy Kimmel's late night show but not once appear on Fox News to answer questions of substance
And when all was said and done, she couldn't even thank her supporters face to face on Election Night.. Had to send a surrogate out to the crowd of devoted supporters who waited for hours for their heroine to say something... anything..

So why don't these people want to close-fist beat the living shit out of Hillary? (Um.. figuratively we mean)

Why don't all these sycophants go on rants and tear her dignity and humanity to shreds like they do the election victor?
It starts with the truth that Democrats are very disingenuous people who can not handle reality or deal with self-reflection

Hillary lost because of Hillary

She expected to be President ultimately as far back as her First Lady days and after carefully choreographing her Senatorial career representing a state she was not born in or had any emotional attachments to, had to stomach what in her eyes was an upstart nigger stealing her candidacy from her in 2008 then the humiliation of serving under him for 4 years!
The only reason she was pacified was a promise that she was next in line and thus the anointment began and kept building up steam to the point no one other than an old Communist fart dared to run against her in the primaries and everyone including her assuming the Queendom was formality

Now as a Democrat voter, how can you not hate that cunt with every breath in your body?

We do, and we didn't even put all our hopes and dreams into her victory
People still applaud Hillary and treat her with a respect and admiration she does not deserve when really if you were an empassioned supporter, you should be throwing rocks and AA batteries at her head.. (Umm.. figuratively do so..)

We just don't get liberals..  

They're always wrong on everything and support the most vile, detestable people to be their leaders yet can never admit their mistakes

But we guess they're needed in our society

Like worms to tequila...