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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Loony Left

Yesterday a 4th tier nobody-nothing pseudo-celebrity named Kathy Griffin, held in her hand what was supposed to be a bloody, decapitated head of the President in order to make some kind of political 'statement'

We're sure she felt rather brave and smug doing it

Then once even liberals turned on her for crossing the line, she like so many zealous loons like her showed herself for the frightened little coward she (and they) are, and apologized..
Some might shrug it off because she's semi-famous and thus harmless but remember Lincoln was killed by an actor

Think of the hatred that has to go through the mind of a person to even conjure up such an action; the lunacy and derangement to believe that everyday people, even those who don't like Trump would fete her and celebrate such an action

The woman needs serious psychological help and medication
Problem is there are many, many out there like her and when you get beyond all the psychobabble, there are two culprits for all the irrational and dangerous Trump hate permeating in so many disturbed minds..

The first culprit was/is the Democrat party apparatus which germinated with the Hillary 2016 campaign...

When you have a genuinely rotten, deviant, rancid woman as the representative of your party running for President based on nothing more than the argument that it was her turn, the operatives have to focus on instilling fear and hatred of whoever the opposition is
It could have been any Republican nominee...

It happened to be Trump.

So they tried every dirty trick in the book to portray Trump as dangerous, unsound, unfit, racist, misogynist, xenophobic, anti-gay, anti-Semitic, and every other 'anti' one can dream up

To many, all their bullshit was transparent which is why Trump defeated the witch soundly

Problem is a lot of her most rabid dog supporters believed every word the despicable woman said about Trump which is why there was so much hysterics and lamentations across the blue states
And nearly 7 months since the election, these emotionally retarded snowflakes still see Trump more for how he was described during the campaign than the real person inhabiting the White House

This connects to culprit #2..  The shit mainstream media

Thanks to Wikileaks, everyone got to learn first hand how many members of the media worked directly with the Clinton campaign and the DNC to bend over backwards to help them win including providing debate questions to her through 'black buffalo' Donna Brazile (Hillary called her that)
Then when Trump called the media to Trump Tower while President-Elect then bawled them out as basically lying pieces of garbage, their delicate sensibilities couldn't handle the truth

So they double down then double again the Trump attacks which only serve to excite a certain disturbed group of Trump haters who want him gone by Christmas

In fact, before Trump left for his overseas trip, ultra left news media like the Washington Post, NY Times, CNN and MSNBC were ratcheting up the 'impeachment' drum beat so loud and incessant based on nothing but anonymous sources that the average American imbecile must have thought Trump would be impeached and removed within a week
However will these mentally sick Trump-hate fuckers cope once they truly realize he is Not going to be impeached or removed from office and at the very least will get a full 4yr term while the Democrats continue to fail to stop the President in any meaningful way??

Only so many coffee makers that asshole celebs like Tom Hanks can give the Press Corps..

Only so many meaningless vents that extremely wealthy celebrities can spew about Trump at award shows while they directly benefit when he ultimately passes his tax cuts..

Only so many unfunny SNL skits and late night monologues one can express before it just feels so futile for them..
The Democrat Party is in war with itself..

The normal vs the fringe; the sane vs the loons

Right now it seems the irrational Trump haters have taken over their party and if this continues to be the case, expect Republicans to win midterms then Trump to win a 2nd term..

And however will those Losers cope?