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Friday, May 5, 2017

Obamacare Dead.. Yes.. Yes.. Yes..

~ Ace Ventura celebrating the repeal of Obamacare

Thursday was a very special and momentous achievement for President Trump as the first step toward putting Obamacare into the policy dustbin was passed by Congress

A major political victory and a great opportunity for Republicans to fiercely middle-finger their Trump-hate filled Democrat friends and foes

So we all should be doing the Ace Ventura dance today
All the particular changes and alterations are too long and detailed to go into and ultimately the Senate needs to agree so there will me more adjustments before all is said and done

But what matters to us is that no longer will it be mandatory that a person buy health insurance if he/she does not wish to

Personally we think everyone should have coverage but if there are individuals that for whatever reason do not wish to do so, that is their right and no person, entity or government itself should make someone do otherwise in a free country
Health insurance should not be like auto insurance where everyone is Forced to carry simply to protect the 'other' person in an accident and thus many who are not well off are deterred from driving a car because the expense of insurance is too high

And a person with means should Never be forced to pay more in premiums to cover someone else who gets to pay little to nothing for same benefits

That is called socialism.
So good that Republicans finally stepped up to the big boy n' girl table and did the right thing

We hope Democrats, especially those in Congress are deeply sick to their stomachs and feel completely utterly powerless today

They absolutely deserve it
Of course being the um, mature dignified folks they are, after the vote was officially read, many Dems especially the colored women started singing .."Na Na Na Na.. Hey Hey Hey.. Goodbye!" and waving their hands in a 'bye-bye' motion

We did not make this up..

Supposedly they were inferring Republicans kissed their political careers goodbye
Said it before.. Say it again..

That black bastard Obama should Never have been elected back in 2008 but he played his mulatto race perfectly, and got enough white-guilt votes in Dem primaries against a most detestable woman in Hillary then beat a senile Rep cadaver in John McCain

Wonder if Stephen Colbert would have had the guts to refer to Obama as a black cock-sucking bastard, which is basically the 'joke' he made about Trump which CBS refuses to discipline him on and which Colbert defiantly says he'd say again
Speaking of Obama being someone who perhaps might like dicks in his mouth:

An interesting book is coming out soon called 'Rising Star: the making of Barack Obama' that said he once entertained a gay fling with one of his professors, cheated repeatedly on Michelle before marriage with white women and used cocaine into his early 20s

We've no doubt a big reason he ended up marrying Michelle was that she was black and he figured it would harm his political career to have a white wife thus making the chocolate string bean a woman of strategic political convenience
It would not surprise us a bit if all the allegations in the book are true since we're talking about a piece of trash; someone much lower than Trump could ever be though guess which one is mocked and degraded daily and which is revered as a black Lincoln?

So anyways, yesterday was Trump's first big victory involving Congress and the second when including the Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court confirmation

So its kinda ironic that today in the UK newspaper 'The Independent' they were saying there are secret meetings among Congress members as to how to remove Trump..

Of course that can only happen through criminality or if they can successfully argue he's gone mad..
Aren't Democrats just evil pieces of fucking shit?!

Apologize for the profanity but there is no more sincere way to describe the people who want to destroy our President

We could pick up our Roget's Thesaurus and say a couple dozen long 25-cent words that are more elegant and refined but 'pieces of fucking shit' just encapsulates those people just too succinct
Every day Trump is in office, it is going to be a battle and the media is going to figure new ways to attack him while censoring or banning his defenders in their comment pens of powerlessness

By day one-hundred and whatever we should all be used to it

So celebrate and rejoice.

Some very bad people are unhappy today thanks to Thursday's vote and we could all take some sadistic pleasure in their unhappiness