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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Terror, Tragedy and Questions, Questions..

Whenever there is a senseless tragedy like what happened the other night in Manchester, UK what usually happens is everyone wishes to give opinions and answers to explain or rationalize

But instead we're just going to ask some questions..

Take your time and answer each one..  No one is going to know your responses..

It is important in moments like this that instead of being dictated to as to how to think, feel and believe, you as individuals make up your own minds which ultimately is A&G's reason for existing..
Prior to the other night, when do you recall was the last time someone of the Islamic faith committed an act of terror that killed innocent men, women and children?

When was the last time do you recall the perpetrator of such a violent act was to be a Christian?

Or someone Jewish?  Or Hindu?  Or Scientologist?

Or even Atheist?
When was the last time someone of genuine Western European descent and heritage committed an act of terror against innocents like what happened at the concert?

Do you feel in any way the West is at fault?

What do you think the terrorists ultimate goals are?

Do you believe Western society should concede and conform to those goals in order to ensure there be peace?
Do you feel in any way the violence toward Western European and American people is deserved?

Do you feel Western people are historically evil?

Do you feel Arabic Muslim people are historically evil?

Do you feel we are not tolerant enough of the Muslim faith and culture?

Or are we as a society Too tolerant?
Do you feel our general attitude of tolerance and inclusion toward Muslims emboldens them to want to hurt others?

Or do you think things would be worse off if we did not as a society bend over backward to accommodate them?

Do you still hold a very positive view of Islamic people?

If so, had thousands of innocent people died the other night, would you still be determined to embrace Muslims as good people?
Is Islam a religion of peace?    Or is it a religion of hate?

Do you feel safe going to a concert, sporting event or outdoor activity where lots of people converge after this event?

Lastly and we mean this very honestly, who do you see as the greatest danger to the overall peace, safety and stability of the United States and its people-- Terrorists, President Trump or Democrats?