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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Understanding Why FBI Director Comey Had To Go

The big news story from Tuesday was President Trump firing now former FBI Director James Comey

Good..  Trump did the right thing..  He was both incompetent and a political stooge

And of course the same hypocritical piece of shit liberals that mercilessly attacked Comey last November for what they felt was the sabotaging their rancid bitch Hillary's anointment to the Presidency, now act upset that Trump got rid of this worm

Last summer Comey laid out a very detailed account of all the ways Hillary broke the law with her private email servers as Secretary of State set up purposely to bypass Congressional oversight yet Comey did everything he could to ensure she never be held accountable under the law for her illegality

The video above is from Fox News' "Hannity" - Opening Segment aired on 5/9/17..  It is 10min and lays out clearly why in Hannity's words (and we agree), Comey was a 'national embarrassment'

Since Hannity articulates his points so concise, there's really very little for us to add so we'll just recommend you click on the above video to watch..

** Some may have to click twice to get it to play but it should ultimately do so...

If it does not play for some reason, click on this link: