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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Trump's Never-Ending Pander Party

~ No No, we said Pander Party, not 'Panda' Party!    lol

We glanced at President Trump's Twitter feed earlier and read something that made us feel a bit sick in the stomach

The man we actively supported for two years as someone we hoped would destroy the iron grip of political correctness which has held the nation hostage for decades, was once again needlessly playing the role of Panderer in Chief

Because we guess someone somewhere decided May would be "Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Heritage Month" Trump tweets:  "This month we celebrate the contributions of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders that enrich our Nation."

Um, No we don't!!
No disrespect to people of those backgrounds who as individuals we actually think very highly of, but NO, as a group or collective, we do NOT honor them or anyone else!

What the Fuck is wrong with Trump?!

Really..   What the Fuck is wrong with him?!

Usually someone kisses ass and plays group politics while trying to get elected and then once in office, tosses away those shackles and focuses on things that actually Matter

Trump is doing the opposite
He spent the election alienating one group after another by talking honest and blunt and then once inaugurated, has spent a lot of time sucking up to every background under the sun (except Caucasians of course) 

He's gone out of his way repeatedly to coddle and caress blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jewish people, Italians, Greeks, Poles, Irish..   

Do they really need This to feel good about themselves?

Is that what this nation has devolved into?   Where people can not simply be judged, liked and respected as individual people but where someone in public office has to exaggerate the importance of groups?

Modern history teaching does this crap all the time..  We'll give a few examples to make the point.

Everyone has been taught about the Boston Massacre on March 5, 1770 where the British shot and killed 5 colonists and every teacher emphasized that a black named Crispus Attackus was among the dead
We dare anyone for a million-billion-zillion dollars to name Any of the other 4 white men who were also killed!  

What were their names?  Any of them..   

Samuel Gray, James Caldwell, Samuel Maverick and Patrick Carr..   So there -- you learned something..

The black man's death matters.. the white men's deaths do not.. 
Next example..

If we ask what was the significance during the Civil War of the 54th Massachusetts infantry, we are sure there will be some out there that know because they're history buffs or saw the film 'Glory' that they were one of the first all black fighting units during the war (the commanders were white)

Now why were no movies ever made on the 53rd Mass. or 55th Mass regiments?

Obvious..  They were all Caucasian units..  Their heroism does not matter.. 

Their lives mean nothing
Also, for those who knew correctly what the 54th Mass. regiment signified, name one other unit of any state representing either side of the conflict and state one thing you remember as meaningful?

Unless you are a true Civil War buff, probably the only other response would be the 20th Maine that basically turned the tide of the Battle of Gettysburg and that was once again because a movie highlighted them

But that's what this society does nowadays..  Emphasize the history of minorities even if their involvement and participation in historical events was minimal or trivial
Another example:

Over 4.7 million American men and women served in Europe during World War I and yet who gets honored on the box cover of a recent hit video game called Battlefield 1 depicting WWI fighting?

Yep.. A black man depicting those 'Harlem Hellfighters'..

Doesn't matter that only 7% of US forces were black and most were safely in the back lines..  

Just 14% of the population and in 2017 only their god-damn history matters..  
A black could squat down and take a shit in the woods during the WWII Battle of the Bulge and there will be some movie made about it and that guy's heroism

God forbid a white soldier be on the box cover of a historical military game in 2017

On and on..

So yes, Trump makes us sick to our stomach on this
Just curious why there is no month to celebrate the achievements of English-Americans to our nation?   

Is their list of accomplishments not long enough..  They only built the damn country from scratch..

As we said.. Just curious
Really though, there should be no English-American history month like there should be no month honoring blacks or Asians or Hispanics or gays or Muslims or anyone else

This nation was based on a concept where you are not judged negative or positive based on your background, heritage, titles, family name or any of that old-world Europe garbage

You were judged on your personal achievements and accomplishments.

So now in today's world, the President.. a Republican President mind you, who got elected mostly because of white working-class Americans who were sick and tired of Obama making everyone else more important than them should not be leading the pander brigade!
You have to honestly ask yourself:

How can we as a nation where people are supposed to look at each other with true equality and respect and judge on the content of one's character do so when groups are constantly demanding to be treated as exceptional to others because of skin color, possessing a vagina or wanting to put their penis inside another man's anus??

And worse part, those in power happily acquiesce because of suffocating political correctness and the absolute mortal fear of offending anyone

The big joke of course is these groups are going to despise Trump and vote Democrat in the next election no matter what..
According to NBC on Nov 9th, 2016,  92% of blacks voted for Hillary along with 61% of Hispanics and polling at the time stated 2/3 of those groups and Asians were scared at the thought of Trump as President..

So why the Fuck is Trump trying to court them, especially when there won't be another Presidential election for 3.5 years?!

Either Candidate Trump was a complete phony or President Trump is

And honestly we're not sure at this moment the answer to that